Microsoft slashes Surface RT pricing in the UK to £279 and $349 in the US

Microsoft has slashed its Surface RT pricing in the UK. Through official channels, the Windows RT tablet (32GB model) can now be picked up for just £279, a massive drop from the usual £399. If you're into more storage, the 64GB version is available for £359. This is the base price point so if you're wanting a keyboard and other accessories, you'll be further adding the cost up.

We've previously reviewed Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet, which is well worth checking out. It's good to see the price drop for the tablet, making it a more affordable option for consumers. Note that this is the RT version and not an installation of Windows 8.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I have the 64G RT and it's really great! Can't wait to see what's next for this device!
  • Waiting for pro
  • I think this is happening in many country's because in the Dutch store the price is also cut down!
  • Brilliant price for a brilliant device which will only get better with the 8.1 update.
    Will the next generation of Surface be out this year?
  • If they dropped it to $299 in the US I would buy it just for kicks.
  • Its $349 for the 32GB, spend the extra $50 and go for it!
  • Might have to do that...
  • They dropped it to $350, and dell dropped their XPS 10 to $299.
  • Dell dropped theirs in May.
  • I dropped mine yesterday, but my GF told me to pull them up.
  • US has a break in price too; starting at $349. Any opinions out there about RT vs PRO? I want to use it for work use when traveling and for school. Office suite is a must but besides that I don't need much else. Is PRO worth the extra cost?
  • I think for the pro you have to buy office separately but I'm not sure.
  • I use my rt for work and just not for office ( 360 office account required by license to use office home/student at work). From network administration to other tasks, my rt has always made it so much easier to work away from the office in time where a PC or laptop were out of reach or to much of an hassle to get out. I love my rt, and replaced it when my first was stolen. The pro, for me, was heavier, hotter, and just just justifiable for me. In any case where I wanted to use desktop software, I also wanted a larger screen and full sized keyboard, which my xps13 ultrabook takes care of. I also vpn/remote desktop to my home or office computers/servers when needed. The rt is a fantastic product which I think is really misunderstood. PM later if you need more info or have questions.
  • RT sounds ideal for you, I have the 64GB RT model with Office onboard and now with Outlook since the 8.1 preview its a perfect match. It might not always be blisteringly fast but the (Although the 8.1 enabled Apps do seem to have improved things no end) long battery life and the "Safe" OS make it a realiable travelling companion.
  • Sell it in 3rd world country please ._.
  • Would be interesting to see the device get re-reviewed by some tech websites following the price drop £279, with the app store the way it is now and with 8.1 preview running.
    Have a feeling review scores would be a whole lot better.
  • Best buy ca has surface RT 64gb at $549 on sale, save $150...
  • Bring it down to $99 and we'll talk. Otherwise, with the Surface 2 behind the corner, this is just throwing money out the window.
  • Pro is the only way to go. RT needs to die and pro price needs to be priced a little less than ipad level. Then the Surface would rule all.
  • Pro needs to go, if you want a full windows experience buy a convertible ultrabook, much more robust option than the surface pro. The RT needs to stay as it is the direct competitor to the iPad. See how I think opposite?
  • Why do you weirdos want options to die?
  • Microsoft does't need a direct compedator to the ipad. They need to kill it. I support Microsoft and want them to have a killer product not just compete with a tiny market share for a couple of years then let it die because it's not making enough money. So how would making the Pro at ipad pricing hurt? Who would buy a toy that does apps while a full PC experience plus apps exsist for the same price and form factor? Answer, no one. Now here is why "options" need to die. The difference between RT and Pro is the real desktop (and obviously a few minor form factor differences). Why put out a product that has less than half the functionallity of what it is capable of? Money is the answer to that. So if the Pro was the only one that existed it would be doing far better. RT came out first, recieved mediocre reviews. Most opinions were basically "it's ok, I wish it was REAL Windows 8." So lackluster reviews gave the Surface name nothing at the start. Then the Pro came out and reviews were steller, but too little too late. If the Pro was the only one avalible from the start it would have been well recieved from day one and instilled a higher market share. So yes Microsoft needs to stop waisting time on RT, reduce hardware cost, re price the pro at ipad prices with more storage. I own both the RT and Pro, my RT hasn't even been charged since the Pros launch day at the Microsoft store. $100 says neither of you own both. So you can't formulate an opinion between the 2 or an "ultrabook". My ultrabook is the Pro, less bulk, eaiser to hold and use, same functionallity. Also when someone says "my ipad has Angry Birds" i can say "So does mine, oh and here is Bioshock Infinite on Steam. Here is a full flash based website, here is a full HTML5 website, here is a PC not a toy" Microsoft doesn't need to be in the toy business.
  • Maybe some people only want angry birds and not bioshock infinite. Maybe some people don't want all the extra bulk of a full operating system, instead a streamlined system designed for a tablet. Maybe all some people want is a smooth experience like an ipad gives you but in the windows ecosystem. I won't claim to know why the surface rt did not do as good, but I would suspect it had to do with the underwhelming tegra 3 and a new os that had not been fully optimized. The os will come with time, 8.1 has fixed a number of issues. Look up some surface rt running 8.1 preview YouTube vids. With the rumors of the second gen surface having the snapdragon 800, I suspect if true, rt sales will increase. I for one will buy one. Your right I don't own either, I very rarely buy first gen anything, I have a limited budget, paying bills and putting food on the table doesn't leave me with a lot to spend on new tech, so I read, I watch, I wait for the next revision that fixes the firsts mistakes, before I buy. I want to see Microsoft succeed too, but I don't want to be force fed a full operating system on a device meant for entertainment. I really don't understand the concept of using a tablet for production. I would rather see Microsoft invest in making the rt experience the best it can be. If they want to make a pro two in one or tablet so be it. I think Microsoft would have done better, if they explained the use of the rt tablet better, I guess I'm in the minority on this though.
  • Rt is very limited in what it can do, surface pro is great except battery life but the Rt is really is crap
  • 329€ in Spain. Not bad, but still too expensive IMHO. 200€ would be the ideal, competing with the Nexus 7.
  • I bought the RT and although i am a little disappointed in some respects, overall its a nice device for students or average internet/app users, i don't regret my purchase although i would have obviously prefered ot at this price :)
  • i have been to other websites and ppl still want this tablet to sell like some cheap child device.  this tablet has more functionality than and ipad ipad mini and nexus tablet but together. i went on engadget and the first thing ppl are saying it should be $200 when and used 2 year tablet ipad which still cost around $400. then their quick to say apple has more apps, can anyone tell me if they can install 700,000 on their tablet? after a month half the apps are not even used.
  • Tablets are companion secondary devices people carry to do not so serious tasks on..mainly media,games, and Internet. People don't look at the surface to replace their laptop (average consumer) they just think of it as your phones bigger friend 
  • This exactly. I have a full sizes desktop, or laptop to do production work. I want a streamlined tablet in the windows ecosystem for kicking back and relaxing. Reading news or magazines. E-readers are too basic, and full blown windows too over the top. Rt is just right. Goldilocks of tablet OS.
  • What is the difference between RT and Pro?
  • Thanks!
  • The surface rt in malaysia is also having a price drop from rm1549 to rm1099..
  • I think RT has got a hard time. Sure, if you want to run old applications, then it's not for you. But if you want a light, thin long battery life device for average media consumption, you can't do better. Of course, the next generation will be better, but can you wait? ;)
  • Cut in Singapore too.
    - Microsoft Singapore Facebook page.
  • I'll wait for the next generation Surface in fall. The surface RT is just too slow to open application, it's really frustrating.
  • Microsoft is on the right lines. I am ICT coordinator in a UK high school and all we have been seeing is iPads. MS reduced the price to education of the Surface RT to £139 - we just placed an initial order for 85 units. Now they're going to be all over the place and students will be aware of them. With free MS Office, USB and Micro SD ports and easy printing - none of which exist on the iPad - they're onto a winner. Maybe this is just a start.
  • So, this is now only £10 more than an iPad mini. Microsoft has my attention