Microsoft starts promoting switch to new Xbox PC app in Console Companion

Microsoft Recommending New Xbox App
Microsoft Recommending New Xbox App (Image credit: Jez Corden / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft is now recommending Xbox Console Companion users switch to its newer Xbox beta app for PC.
  • Microsoft notes the new Xbox app will eventually replace the older Console Companion app.
  • The newer app includes access to Xbox Game Pass, but still lacks several features of the Xbox Console Companion.

Microsoft began testing a new Xbox app for PC in July of 2019, and it looks like it's finally ready to start pushing people to make the switch. The company recently started promoting the new app inside of the older Xbox Console Companion app, making note of its access to Xbox Game Pass, store, and more. Microsoft also notes the newer Xbox PC app will replace Console Companion eventually.

The message appears in Xbox Console Companion's sidebar, stating:

Discover and download new games with Xbox Game Pass, see what your friends are playing, and chat with them across PC, Mobile, and Xbox console.The new Xbox app is replacing the Xbox Console Companion. Download it today.

It's unclear when Microsoft plans to fully retire the older Xbox Console Companion app, but it says something that the company is now urging users to make the switch. It's worth noting, however, that the newer Xbox app is still missing features present in Console Companion. Namely, there's currently no access to your clips, Xbox Clubs, trending content, or an activity feed. Instead, the new app is mostly focused on allowing you to access the Xbox store and serving as a central hub for Xbox Game Pass titles on PC.

The new Xbox app for PC is still technically in beta, so we wouldn't expect the Console Companion app to be retired soon. However, it's worth checking out if your an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. The app recently underwent a major change by switching from being built on the Electron framework to being a React Native app, cutting its memory usage and making it more agile.

You can download the new Xbox Beta app now at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

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  • I use the console streaming feature of the companion app all the time! I suppose some version of xcloud may replace that, eventually.
  • Same! Here's to hoping they don't deprecate this feature.
  • I could be mistaken but I think they already confirmed that the console streaming is going to be baked into xCloud. They have UI for it on the Android app already. I think it's just going to be over the internet instead of over the local network.
  • And this is why it's not a replacement. I can use the Console Companion's streaming feature in my house to play from my room while someone is using the TV, but if I try to use xCloud's Console Streaming, I really can't play. I'm not talking about usual delay, I'm talking about a really unplayable state. The input lag is low, but the video stream is glitchy and is like some bursts of 15 frames for every 15 seconds past.
  • I'm fine with them depreciating it as long as xCloud for Windows 10 is released first.
  • Just wish the new app would work on arm devices
  • This is how they (MS) work. Launching the new product that not even close to the old one, then promise they will add functions/improve it over time. However that day will never come. Six months from now, they will make a new "Xbox (Beta)" to get feedback and to experiment new features/functions. The features/functions that will never ever make it to the "Xbox" app.
  • When I clicked the link it made me download an installer. Even more fuel to the "Fix the store" fire. MS has problems executing, and executing cohesively. It's embarrassing.
  • Wonder if this will come to windows on arm devices. Would be a killer app for the pro x
  • They changed the framework, but it still pretty heavy. My laptop gets hot and the fan kicks in when the app is open. And it still lags a lot.