Microsoft starts shipping Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows for $25

First announced at E3 in June, Microsoft is currently shipping the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows to most of its markets. In the US, the price for the adapter is $24.99. It allows people to play Windows 10 PC games wirelessly with Microsoft's current Xbox One controller.

Microsoft stated:

"With the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, you'll simply plug the Adapter into the USB 2.0 or 3.0 port of your Windows 10 PC laptop or tablet and bind the Adapter to your Wireless Controller to enable the same gaming experience you're used to on Xbox One, including in-game chat and high-quality stereo audio. The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows accommodates up to eight controllers per unit, and up to four chat headsets or two stereo headsets."

Keep in mind that this adapter is just for PCs that have Windows 10 installed; it will not work with your Xbox One controller if you have any older versions of Windows on your PC.

Buy Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows at Microsoft Store for $24.99 (opens in new tab)

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • When in India?
  • Wen in windows 8.1?
  • Never.
  • Could be possible seeing how close xb1 os is to w8.x
  • as the Indians do?
  • Wen for Vista?
  • Wen 4 XP?...
  • Wen for ce?
  • Booooring!
  • This is a buy. Posted via Spaceship One
  • This is great. I just hope the driver does not have issues in Insider Builds.
  • Can I use this to play games I'm streaming from my Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC?
  • Yes!
  • I wonder if it would also support Display Dock so we can play UW games on big screen from L950X?
  • What the fuck is wrong with the morons at Microsoft, why the hell would they not support Windows 7 with proper drivers for the adaptor? And before some smartass jumps in and sais I should upgrade to Win10, go tell that to the idiots at HP who refuse to provide Windows 10 drivers for their high end laptops, and No, generic AMD drivers don't work as they break the swichable graphics function. With shit support like this, this is the last controller I ever buy from Microsoft.  
  • So not providing drivers for your HP is Microsoft's fault?  Okay.
  • Not providing Windows 7 drivers for the adaptor certainly is.
  • So microsoft is expected to support every os they release indefinately? It's a free upgrad,e if hp wont release drivers, then bitch to them and stop buying their shit.
  • Get over youself, I can understand not supporting XP or Vista but, current operating systems are 7, 8.1 and 10, I would expect Microsoft hardware to be supported on all current "supported" platforms. This atapaters for a Xbox One controler does not work on Windows 7 ? For get it (I dual boot with both but, use 7 for games)
  • You should blame your woes on HP for shitty support.
  • I bought the controller when Win10 was not even a thing, why should I be penalised because Microsoft can't be bothered to provide xbox adaptor drivers for an OS they still support.  
  • You are not being penalized, your controller has the same functionality it has always had. You are not losing anything, you aren't gaining anything either. So basically nothing has changed for you, now quit complaining.
  • Actually I am, because what this in effect means is that Microsoft does not care about All its customers and they stopped driver support for an OS they still say they support. Just because I am not upgrading to the latest OS, should not mean that I can no longer enjoy all the benefits that come with Microsoft gaming hardware. But I guess Microsoft never cared for PC gamers, all you need to look at is how long it took them to even release the original XB1 controller PC drivers. I wonder when people start calling BS on the crap Spencer spits out about commitment to PC gaming.  
  • You can still run it with the long cable.  I would push HP though as Windows 7 will eventually disappear at none enterprise level.  A lot of developers are already converting w32 apps for the windows store.  New apps in the future will likely not be available like they used to on the web.
  • I pushed them really hard when Win8 came out just 5 months after I bought the notebook, but they disregarded everything and refused to released official drivers. At the end it's their loss, as I will never buy any HP product again.
  • Yah my friend has had bad support with HP.  But look at it this way.  The wireless adapter never existed and you were fine.  And who knows maybe they will release drivers later on or someone will figure it out. 
  • You do realize you can plug the damn thing in right? It's a laptop, it's not like you have to be 10 feet away from teh device while you're using it. You're the one that bought an HP device, and you're complaining about Microsoft. HP is only a little better than Sony was with their Vaio support.
  • Yes it does, thats exactly what it does, you dont expect an xbox one's gaming hardware to work on the xbox 360 do you? mainsteram support for W7 has long ended, W7 is in maiontenance mdoe only now, no new features, only security fixes, MS is not obligated to add suypport for new devices on a 6 year old OS with 3 new versions after it.
  • Mainstream support for Win 7 ended Jan 13, 2015. You're not penalized for anything. Your arguments for bitching are terrible.
  • Very...
  • Ok. Win 7 ended on Jan 13, 2015. What about Windows 8.1?
  • You should really bitch to HP at this point. MS is not resposible for drivers in every variation of PC there exists. HP is going to loose customer support if this carries on. They just want to sell new PCs, I don't completely blame them but retaining customers loyalty might be more important in the long run.
  • You should read my post again, I am not asking Microsoft to release drivers for my specific PC; I am asking them to release the driver for this adaptor for Windows 7, an OS they still support.
  • No, they do NOT still support it. You should really read up on things before you get your panties in a twist.
  • Or​ better - just throw your shitty Harry Potter laptop in the bin, and buy a decent one from a more reputable brand like Lenovo and such. Oh and also fuck ATI/AMD cards you hobo.
  • Give me the cash and I'll be happy to buy a new one right now, LOL.
  • You do know that Winsted 7 is approaching end of life, and windows 10 is free right? You don't really have a choice unless you want to use an unsupported OS with all kinds of vulnerabilities. I don't agree with closing about backwards compatibility for new products of yours talking about an ecosystem that's head in an entirely different direction.
  • Its not even close to end of life as that is January 14, 2020, and by then I will definitely have a new laptop, that is definitely NOT HP. It does not matter that its free when there are no drivers from HP.
  • Just go to UserVoice and ask if is it possible.
  • Watch out for that language son, you don't have to use those words, we can read your post you know? 
  • The fact that you have HP says a lot...
  • I have had 6 HP laptops in the last 10 years and all but one works now. That one survived being soaked in soda and dropped down some stairs and still lasted another 4 years. Currently typing this reply on an early Vista era machine that now has 10 on it, its on its last legs though.
  • Lol its because of how its attached to hp laptops mb. Companies like dell, sager, eurocomm use the mxm standard which can use reference drivers which is a nice benefit
  • Thats funny. My HP laptop with switchable graphics works just fine with W10 and generic AMD drivers. Also, I want to know what you consider high end. Mine is a Pavilion Dv6-6135dx (if memory serves me) and it was about as high as the AMD machines went on HP and it wasnt what I would consider "HIGH-END" more like a "Mainstream" machine ,but it has discret grahpics and it all works with latest AMD drivers and W10. So you might want to reconsider it not working due to incompatabilty in software/hardware and think more to operator error.
  • Thank god it supports chat through the XO headset!  I'm getting this, for sure.
  • I've been using my XB1 controller via usb cable since Win 8.  Works fine that way.  Given that I sit right in front of my computer anyway making it wireless isnt really a benefit for me. I prefer not having to deal with batteries.
  • I use the same way. And the price is too high!
  • The benefit is that one USB receiver provides reception for up to 8 controllers. I can't think of any normal laptop or PC that has 8 unused USB ports waiting to he utilized.
  • I can't think of any normal laptop or PC I would play on with 8 people.
  • Maybe not 8, but more than one is certainly possible, (any fighting game for instance) or on the many emulators one can get a hold of. Neither are abnormal from a gaming point of view.
  • I'll be picking up a new pad to replace my aging X360 pad. I'm also looking at the chatpad as that also works with Win10 unlike the X360 one. Can't wait :)
  • What the hell Microsoft!? Can you make the wireless dongle any bigger? I would rather use the USB cable than buy that dongle for $25
  • Then, go right ahead. Both will get the job done. This adapter allows you to connect multiple controllers to one USB port though, if that's of value to you.
  • Compatible with PC Xbox 360 wireless controllers?
  • Pretty sure it isn't
  • There's a different adapter for that already available...
  • 360 controller has been doing this for a while now. And it works with any win OS
  • My black 360 controller I've had since 2006-7 still works flawlessly and the fact that I bought a $8 wireless adapter off eBay that works equally as flawless means I wont be upgrading that piece of hardware. Besides to me the 360 controller feels better in my hands.
  • Can the 360 dongle handle 8 controllers like the new Xbox wireless receiver?
  • Exactly, Microsoft trying to push Win10 this hard and disregarding wider OS support is going to screw them with a lot of people. Not just Win7 support, how about Mac and Linux drivers as well.  
  • Well, technically there are other controller partners out there that make wider ranging supports for PC, like MadCats and Logi...What these guys are trying to do now is make everything as Up to date as possible and sadly Windows 7, while sure it works is actually old hat now. So as unfair as it is, they are increasingly moving it and its elder siblings out to pasture. Running a VM of 7 on 10 would most likely be the ideal workaround for anyone wishing to remain a 7 UI user while maintaining a current OS =[
  • Not available in Canada :( At least the cable is long.
  • I order mine from amazon because Microsoft sold out. I hope they start shopping soon
  • Had they gone with the standards, like sony had, there would have been no need for this ridiculous adapter. It's bigger than my damn 2-in-1 :/
  • Like height wise? How small is your 2-in-1? lol =p
  • Actually it is standard(or based on) just an emerging standard thats yet to be fully fleshed out.
  • Ok, in about 3 weeks, the chinese knock offs that work perfect with the Microsoft driver wll show up on ebay for $7, I'll wait....
  • Keep dreaming the hardware isnt widely available due to a slowdown with r&d on the standard its based on. Sure they could hack a wifi adapter
  • Prove me wrong... Dont worry, 3-4 weeks, It will be available... Dont really care personally, I use my Xbox one controller time to time on my PC but, my PC's usb port is less than 2 feet away with a 6 foot USB cable, do I really need wireless ? (and unless I have a few controlers dedicated to the PC, it's pointless, as I have to re-sync to the Xbox one)
  • I'll be picking the Xbox One controller and adapter for Christmas, my wishes to play my games on my large TV using my laptop with a wireless controller will now be satisfied.  Thanks Microsoft for bringing this adapter to all parts of the World.
  • These things can't work over Bluetooth is it?
  • Nope its based on a new emerging standard you may have herd about called white-space
  • Never heard about it. Will check it out though. Thank you.
  • Don't want windows 10! Do want wireless Xbox one controls!