Microsoft Support: Samsung Focus update was supposed to be on Monday

Although we all know the whole 'NoDo' situation, with it being delayed for a few weeks. But going back a few days ago, we first reported that AT&T was scheduled to role out the update to Focus owners on the 7th. Of course that didn't happen, leading many to question whether it was ever legit or not.

At least according to Microsoft Support, it was indeed scheduled for the 7th:

You are right, the NoDo update was suppose to be released on March 7th, but it has been postponed. We don't know a date yet, but Microsoft will push the update soon.

Like previous dates, what is happening here is obvious: Microsoft sets an internal window-for-release, first it was January, then February, then early March, now late March...but due to ongoing issues with carriers, OEM support/Samsung problems, the dates keep getting pushed back. So when these "rumored" dates appear, they are true...for the moment. But things change and they evidently change quickly.

At least we get the "update soon" part, but who knows if that will stick. So close, so close...

Source: Microsoft Answers (opens in new tab); via @AdamUCF (Twitter)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Glad to hear that we were right in the first place about March 8. Looking forward to whenever it actually lands.
  • At least we have that going for us.
  • Not again, I am getting tired. Well, maybe I am not tired now, maybe later, I mean tomorrow, no next month, well who knows...I will just wait until I wither away ...
  • The update wasn't that big of a deal to me...but the more they teased me the more I want it. :)
  • They need to be more transparent and explain what's going on. I'm getting sick and tired hearing "very soon". WTF does that mean, especially since that's all we've heard for two months now. Its obvious the carriers are blocking this thing and Microsoft apparently does not want to sour their relationship with them by not saying anything. It sucks as we are the ones that lose. I squirm at the thought that Sprint will release the HTC Arrive on the 20th (with NoDo) while we early adopters still wait for an update. PR nightmare waiting to happen.
  • It is not obvious that carriers are blocking the update. It sounds to me like the update continues to break phones and Microsoft needs to fix that and work with OEMs before they release the update.Carriers can't block the update for other carriers. So just because AT&T says no update -- that doesn't mean T-Mobile doesn't get the update.Also it is clear NODO works as it is on CDMA phones, so the current delay must be related to hardware.
  • Microsoft Answer Mod are just regular people like you can I. They don't have any special insider info. If you help out and answers questions enough you can be considered for a MS Answer Mod.
  • While I'm sure they are regular people, I'm also certain they get direction, information and access to the Windows Phone team. They are not set loose on the forums just using their non-informed knowledge...I mean c'mon, they're support, they know what they are told but they *are* told things.
  • Delays are not good. Especially for a young os with alot of holes to fill. One delay leads to another. In other words, the longer it takes to release NoDo the longer it will take to release following updates also. NO MORE DELAYS. It is time to fulfill the promise of getting this os at least as feature rich (or greater) as other os's. I love WP7 on my HTC Surround so far especially in reference to what it could be with future updates but right now it is incomplete.
  • Reading statements like, "AT&T was scheduled to roll out the update to Focus owners on the 7th", makes me and my Surround a bit nervous. Does someone need to remind AT&T that they actually sell three WP7 phones.
  • Yea-why all the "focus" on the Focus? Have had my Quantum for a week now and loving it. Only problem so far is Marketplace locks up once in a while. Is NoDo addressing this?
  • Yes, the update fixes Marketplace issues. Those locking up issues should be fixed. Seems AT&T is still testing for their phones. I have a Quantum too (my daily driver), so I'm keeping an eye out for Quantum info ;-)
  • *Throws focus through the window*
  • If all updates ends up like this with delays and carrier issues then there is no hope in **** for WP7. Game Over
  • Don't expect the update in the United States until at least May or June. It was reported on another website that Microsoft France said yesterday the update was being released 3-21. We all know Europe received Windows 7 phones before the US did. With that in mind, that pushes a US released of NoDo until April at the earliest. Chances are, that date will get pushed back even further (May or June) considering Microsoft can't even get a pre-update to install properly that actually does nothing at all. If they can't get a pre-update to work that add no functionality at all, how can you expect they get an update to work that actually chances functionality on the phone? With Microsoft's track record, we won't see Mango until October of 2012.
  • @mvierling You bring FUD to a whole new level, congrats.
  • I don't really care too much about the update. I'm more concerned with getting a windows phone 7 certified sd card (which have supposedly been promised since November '10).
  • At this point the only rumor I'm excited about is the Nexus S with AT&T bands becoming available in March.
  • At this point, the only rumour I'm excited about is the iPhone 5. Don't get me wrong, I love my Omnia 7, but this is the last time I'll ever be an early adopter of a new platform. WP7 and the Metro UI are simply gorgeous, the best UI paradigm for a mobile OS, but it's simply missing to many features compared to iOS and Android, and this update saga has simply worn me down. The Marketplace search and crash bug is a total mess and my pet peeve is the lack of customise ringtones, I mean this is 2011 for christsakes, and no customise ringstones?
  • I'm going to admit that this is starting to wear even my own patience. Carriers unblock stuff and give us what we paid for dangit!