Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is now available and shipping

Best Microsoft Surface Book Accessories of 2017
Best Microsoft Surface Book Accessories of 2017 (Image credit: Windows Central)

The latest iteration of Microsoft's laptop-tablet hybrid is now available at Microsoft and Best Buy, and other retailers around the world. Prices starting at $1,499 and topping out at $3,299, depending on your configuration.

Launching just after the second anniversary of the release of the original Surface Book, the Surface Book 2 packs a number of improvements over the original. The most obvious change relates to an upgrade to the machine's base horsepower, offering up Intel's eighth-generation quad-core processors and the option for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or 1060 graphics.

The Surface Book 2 is also the first Surface to include a USB-C port, something that fans have been hoping for since USB-C has started becoming more ubiquitous. The fulcrum hinge has also been reworked to be sturdier, and Microsoft is claiming a lengthy battery life of up to 17 hours.

Perhaps the most outwardly noticeable change, however, is that the Surface Book 2 now comes in two sizes, with a 13.5-inch model and a 15-inch model on offer.

If you're on the fence, be sure to check out our reviews for both the 15-inch model and the 13.5-inch variant. Otherwise, the Surface Book 2 is now available in stores. If you preordered, your shipment should be on the way now, unless you've been hit with a delay, that is.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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