Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse now up for preorder

The powerful Surface Book 2 isn't the only Surface device going up for preorder today; Microsoft has a new mouse available as well. The Surface Precision Mouse, which was introduced alongside the Surface Book 2, is also now available for preorder at Microsoft (opens in new tab) for $99.99.

The Surface Precision Mouse is a bit of an upgrade over the standard Surface Mouse, offering up a more ergonomic design and some more customization options. Above the Surface Precision Mouse's thumb rest, you'll find three buttons that can be programmed to do things like open specific apps. More interestingly, the buttons can be customized to perform actions on a per-app basis.

Perhaps more impressively, the Surface Precision Mouse can be paired to up to three different computers and run on all of them at the same time. Using the mouse's companion app, you can set the mouse up to seamlessly continue from one PC to another when mousing over the edge of the screen. The feature worked pretty well when we tried it out, but it's worth noting that it's only available on Windows 10 because the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center app isn't available for Windows 10 S or macOS.

The Surface Precision Mouse is up for preorder now at Microsoft for $99.99 ahead of its November 16 release.

See at Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • Love it, got one
  • Can you change the screen pointer (curser) color to any color beside white thru software?
  • I'm deff going to check this mouse out. I've had 2 Logitech Anywhere, and although I love the feel of that mouse, a button switch went on both of them within 2 yrs..
  • Would love to see a comparison test of this vs the MX Master 2S
  • Does this have a matching keyboard that switches computers with it?
  • I take it this is the next gen of Mouse Without Borders?
  • So I've currently got the Logitech MX Master 2 and am using Synergy to go between my thee devices on my desk, would this be worth switching to?
    Equally, any news that Logitech all the dynamic switch as I can connect to 3, devices with that mouse.
  • I like ms mice i have 3 arc touches and a blue track for my desktop but for some reason this mouse looks unfinished. It looks like the concept mice you see in those videos that show how they test the mice.
  • Looks like a solid mouse, but I'll be waiting for a deal before I grab it.
  • It's a shame they can't price this competitively with the Logitech MX Master mouse... It has more functionality and looks quite awesome too. Not saying this mouse doesn't look good and work well, but just from a consumer's standpoint, even a MS fan like me can't be sure I want this mouse because of the price..
  • Looks like my good old wireless MS blue track explorer in white, loved that mouse.  $99?  seriously?
  • I ordered it last night. Hopefully I like it.