Microsoft Surface Book 2 preorders are now live

Next week on November 16, Microsoft will begin selling the all-new Surface Book 2 - now in two sizes with a 13- and 15-inch option.

Preorders were pre-announced as going live on November 9 and true to its word Microsoft threw the switch at midnight Eastern Standard time.

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Starting at $1,499 for the 7th generation Intel Core i5 version - which is also wholly fanless - and going up to $3,000 for the 1TB 8th Generation Intel Core i7 version (the quad-core one with fans and NVIDIA GTX 1050) the 13.5-inch model is likely to be the most popular and abundant.

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CategorySurface Book 2 13 inchSurface Book 2 15 inch
ProcessorIntel Core i5 (3.2GHz)
Intel Core i7 (4.2GHz)
Intel Core i7 (4.2GHz)
Display size13.5 inch
1600:1 contrast ratio
15 inch
1600:1 contrast ratio
Display resolution3000 x 2000
3:2 aspect
267 PPI
3240 x 2160
3:2 aspect
260 PPI
RAM8GB or 16GB16GB
Native graphicsIntel HD Graphics 620
Intel UHD Graphics 620
Intel UHD Graphics 620
Discrete graphicsi5: None
i7: NVIDIA GTX 1050 (2GB)
Storage256GB, 512GB, or 1TB256GB, 512GB, or 1TB
Weighti5 total: 1,533g (3.38lbs)
i7 total: 1,642g (3.62lbs)
Tablet: 719g (1.59lbs)
Total: 1,905g (4.20lbs)
Tablet: 817g (1.80lbs)

Full Surface Book 2 specifications

For those who need serious power, the 15-inch model offers an NVIDIA GTX 1060 with a full 6GB of video memory. The 15-inch model only provides a choice for storage between 256, 512GB, or 1TB varieties ranging from $2,499 to a whopping $3,299.

Other improvements include:

  • Reworked fulcrum hinge — While Microsoft is keeping the gapped hinge, it has been rebuilt to be sturdier, and now both models can easily be opened with one hand.
  • Keyboard — The Surface Book 2 keyboard and trackpad both borrow from the Surface Laptop's design, with 1.55mm of key travel and the same overall response curve. There are also now dedicated keys for display brightness.
  • Display — Microsoft has improved the display with thinner materials and a higher contrast ratio, plus it fully supports that latest Surface Pen and Surface Dial on the display.
  • Improved audio — Surface Book 2 has reworked the speakers, which are now slightly more powerful but also take up less space
  • Front camera for Skype — Microsoft worked closely with the Skype team to make the front-facing camera work well with Skype.
  • Windows Mixed Reality ready — Both Surface Book 2's support Windows Mixed Reality. A USB Type-C to HDMI adapter will let current head-mounted displays (HMDs) connect easily.

Orders in the U.S. will likely ship on November 15th from Microsoft for a November 16th delivery. No word on store availability, but you'll probably be able to walk into a physical Microsoft Store and grab one on November 16th.

Stay tuned for our review in case you're unsure, but Microsoft seems to have pulled off the most potent Surface ever.

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Update: It appears that other markets are also live for preorders as well including Germany and likely the other nine markets in Europe and Canada.

Updated November 9, 2017: The 512GB and 1TB variants of the 15-inch model are already sold out online. You may still be able to find 512GB versions at Microsoft retail stores.

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  • I feel really sad for MS. I really do. I had so much fun the early days of WP. Since Nadulla took over, I feel this company has no relevance. Every news outlet I go to always see and hear google this Apple that. I believe that without a mobile device, the surface will eventually die a slow death and the only thing left for his cloud, azure, office, and Xbox.  MS has become something like HTC. 
  • You need to look past Windows Phone. Once you do it'll become clear what they are trying to do... Mobile is far more than just your mobile phone.
  • Have a couple of Surface Pro 3's one at work and one at home, took notice of the Surface book at the airport while travelling. Was totally blown away by the speed of the machine and the screen, I could not believe how much better the screen was compared to my Pro3. If you seriously think people are not going to buy one of these because there is no phone then you are kidding yourself. I know lots of people with iPhones and Windows laptops and desktops.
  • I want the 15". Love this device.
  • I was ready to pull the trigger on the 15" maxed out model.  Woke up at 4:30 EST and they were already sold out.  If Microsoft is true to form, they will be available again sometime in April.  This bulding in artificial scarcity has really gotten out of hand.
  • Darn, I noticed at 1230 they were up I should gave got out of bed then and gotten my card to order. 15" is going to be amazing.
  • I was able to get the 15" 512gb online 30 minutes ago for pre-order.
  • You took the last one...I had it in my cart and on the final step it said “removed from cart” because it was out of stock.
  • I had that same issue.  I waitied a couple of minutes and tried again and it worked.  I think it was just getting flooded and got a bit confused.  Looking this morning it appears that a couple of the options are "Out of Stock".  I am guessing that they are just trying to figure out how many to build.  Keep checking and I am sure they will be back in stock soon.
  • Burlington MA store won't have them to view until the 16th but ordering is possible today. One thing I have not found an answer to, is there an "enhanced" RGB mode like the Pro 2017 on the 15?  
  • Burlington may, actually, already have the viewing samples on hand. I remember a salesperson at the Burlington Mall store told me that units arrive early in boxes with instructions not to open until a specific date. The boxes are stored away until the day arrives.
  • Thanks for the tip.  Was going to go there to make the order anyway, now 2 reasons to go :)  
  • Nice to see Edu pricing is available too. Probably will get the 15" 1TB when it is back in stock. Funny, the only thing holding me back ATM is whether it will fit in my camera bag's built in laptop sleeve. Will stop by a MS store and try it out.
  • Again, Italy isn't on Microsoft plans for selling Surface Books.
    Spain too.
  • Early next year.
  • Dear Santa and Ded Moroz... 
  • 15" 1TB and 512GB versions still show "Pre-Order" available on Best Buy website with free shipping by release day: Nov 16th. And, $100 BB Gift Card.
  • Just preordered the 15" 1TB on MS Edu Store. But ship date is now Dec 15 for this sku.