Microsoft takes on the iPad yet again, in its latest tablet commercial

Microsoft isn't letting up on its release of commercials shunning the iPad and touting its own Windows RT Tablets.

The latest commercial from Redmond compares the thin form factor of the ASUS VivoTab (.32 inches) vs. the iPad’s .37 inches. Microsoft also doesn’t forget to point out the weight of the lighter ASUS tablet (1.16 lbs.) vs. the iPad’s 1.44 lbs.

After drooling over the ASUS' hardware and mentioning that you don’t need a micro SD card adapter, as the VivoTab has one built in, Microsoft begins to talk about their own operating system’s capabilities. Windows RT’s ability to multitask in snap view and ability to print to a larger array of printer’s without the need of Airplay, are all mentioned.

Sure, the company doesn't mention the lack of Windows Store apps, but it’s a Microsoft commercial, so get used to it.

Check out the latest commercial and let us know what you think!

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Michael Archambault
  • I know some fanatics think otherwise, but I feel like someone in marketing finally gets it.
  • I dunno, this sort of advertisement reminds me of this
  • Yes, the jaguar was awesome...too bad something better came out not too long afterwards and that's how technology goes. =P
  • Dreamcast was always better than playstation and look at where it got them but at least there controller lives on in the xbox
  • Thanks for nothing Kwajr now I'm going to think about Dreamcast all day (I miss her)
  • Loved the dreamcast. Still have mine hooked up. Think I'll play it when I get home.
  • Still have fond memories of playing panzer dragon, the original tomb raider and street fighter on the Dreamcast. It was the first time I realised that being the best product in the market is not enought for it to be sucessful. Still have a grudge agaist sony because of that too lol
  • I'm pretty sure that Panzer Dragon wasn't released for the dreamcast... mmm...
  • Lol I think you are right, it was on the Sega Saturn and not on the Dreamcast that I had panzer dragon. My bad
  • Kwajr- the dreamcast was dropped because the man in charge of Sega wanted to focus on games
  • yes but they wouldnt have done that if it was a success
  • <3 Dreamcast and <3 this commercial.
  • Was the Jaguar really good? I never even sniffed using one. So I wouldn't know. I just remember no one (meaning gaming experts) ever taking it seriously
  • I like mine and it's still in the attic...however it was mostly weak...Aliens Vs. Predator wad quite good as well as Tempest 2000 but mostly it was just OK...
  • Man I use to love aliens vs. Predator on the jaguar! That and Bonks. Lol. Good ole days.
  • I had one with a couple games on it. I thought it was quite good, but they never got much software support for it. Battery life was pretty terrible though.
  • Never heard of the jaquar thanx for that cool to see old consoles I remember the gameboy,gameboy color,Sega genesis,Sega Saturn,Dreamcast,both Nintendo &super Nintendo,GameCube,ps1 ,ps2 ,Xbox,and 360 ,that's what I had growing up my dad was a gamer so I had all those over time
  • You forgot to add the Sega Nomad (hand held), Turbografix 16 and the Turbo Grafix Express (hand held).  I always thought the Turbo Grafix Express was the BEST hand held game around at the time.  I still own these systems and games and many of those systems.  I still own my original Atari 5200 and it still works.  My only regret was getting rid of my original Atari 2600 and Nintendo (original) system.  My wife convinced my to donate these to some friends with younger kids and I did so begrudgingly.  :(
  • Nothing beats the old Matell Intelevision, that was hardcore gaming at the cradle.
  • Game Gear FTW
  • Game Gear?  LOL!!!!  Game Gear came out a decade+ after Intellivision.  We're talking about one of the original game systems in Intellivision.  And a classic it is indeed.  I would say you had to be there.  But maybe you were old enough to play one in 1980's.
  • LOL, I mentioned the Gamegear since you mentioned the Nomad. Oh, and my uncle had the Intellivison (which I played alot with him).
  • Got it!!!  I still have two Nomads and lots of Sega games.  Those used to be the days! :)
  • Oh yeah I remember Intellivsion.  My favorite game was NFL football.  It was a fierce competitor to the Atari 2600.  I had a friend who owned the Vectrex but other than that didn't know too many people with this system. 
  • Watara Supervision was what I had... My Grandma got talked into it instead of a Game Boy by some sales rep at the mall. Loved it tho except none of my friends Game Boy games would work on it.
  • other than those i had atari 2600,coleco vision,turbo graphix,3do,oh and the 32x addon for thegenises,oh and the cd addon on for it also
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  • Yeh, someone in marketing is finally getting real desperate and pretty much missing the entire point of tablet computing.  If Microsoft thinks that all people want to do on their tablet is use Office and Print documents, it´s best they don´t get into the tablet business.  They have other serious "tablet" issues to address.  I think the Windows 8 tablets are great, and I would like to have one, but it has to do alot more than Office, you see, Office works great on my laptop already and I prefer to use that when I have to work.    No, I don´t have an iPad either.
  • You are making it sound as if Windows 8 tablets sacrífice any functionality for the extra functionality of office/printing, etc. You can still do all the web browsing you want and playing angry birds to your hearts content as well (or whatever little else people do on an ipad...) So no, Microsoft is far from missing the point, you are. The tablet will (and already is on my surface pro) completely replacing the need for a laptop altogether.
  • He isn't missing the point. Whilst you and I might know that the Windows tablets can do more than just office/printing, that's not what the advert shows. Microsoft seems to be pushing the productivity angle yet I just don't think that's what people want. How often do people want to print from a tablet really? Or start properly editing Word documents? There must be people out there that see this advert and think the iPad still looks better.
    Tablets should be fun and for content consumption, not about productivity.
  • "Tablets should be fun and for content consumption, not about productivity."
    People also use tablets for work and not only for listening to music, watching movies or playing games to name a few. You use your tablet as you see fit. Even Samsung showcase its Note 8.0 productivity abilities by advertising about autocompleting equations in one ad and its video editing capabilities in another.
    So if you ask me, the ad is spot on when it comes to productivity plus with how light the tablet is, a lot of people would prefer to bring that to the office rather than their laptop, given how some of them tend to be heavy and cubersome, even if you omit the charger.
  • This ad isn't the be-all and end-all.  It's only part of a larger campaign.
  • Agreed. This is just the start of focused campaign...finally. When they start pushing the fun side of W8/RT tablets there will be those complaining about that too.
  • If they want to replace their laptops with a tablet, a lot of people would want the productivity in addition to "content consumption." So, yeah, he is missing the point and so are you.
  • That's a pretty big "if", and one which I think is rarely true. In my experience people who want productivity have a laptop or a desktop alongside their iPad or other tablet (myself included). They're not looking to become productive on a 10" screen.
  • I don't think it's a big "if." I'm pretty sure a lot of people would prefer to reduce the number of devices they carry. Additionally, 10" isn't a limit. Unlike with Apple and iPads, different manufacturers can decide what size of screen they're going to use. There are even apparently 20" Windows 8 tablets out or coming out. While that might be too excessive for many people, it goes to show that the varying range means it's perfectly possible and probably likely that someone else going to make some screen sizes in-between 10 and 20 inches, including 15.6", which seemed to be the most standard size laptop. What's more is, since MS isn't as restrictive in hardward, someone could possibly come up with a convertible tablet where the keyboard/laptop/desktop base provides additional processing and battery power.
  • First, thanks for getting this hijacked comment thread back on topic.
    Second, I find this whole people use iPads for fun and don't want them for productivity argument to be funny. At least in my world, where I see iPads in use is at work. When I go to coffeeshops or shopping or recreational venues I see people using their phones and notebooks. I rarely see iPads. It is in meetings or at conferences that I see people bring out their iPads. That tells me they want them for productivity. Now maybe these are BYOD and they take them home to watch Netflix or play games, but at then a large portion of the use is still work-releated.
    Perhaps your experience is different, but I suspect that a large percentage of iPads (I have never NEVER see an Android tablet at work.) are used in the same way I've described.
    Given that, I think it is reasonable for Microsoft to advertise the productivity use of Windows tablets. They can do ads about the recreational use as well, but there is nothing wrong with trying to sell the product based on what it can do at work.
  • You can still use a device in a work environment for content consumption only. That's what I generally see. I see people showing things and presenting things that have been prepared or written on other devices.
  • Remember, it's better to be fast than to be bitten by a werewolf.
  • Well done, Microsoft!
  • It's a great start keep them coming!
  • Takes me back to Mac vs PC ads.
    Microsoft taking revenge. Anyway a very good ad.
  • I just love how truthful and pleasant those ads are. Now if they would hit back at Sony as well, I'd be happy. That's what E3 is for, I suppose.
  • They are not truthful ads.
  • How are they not truthful?
  • Except for Play Hard part, there are no games in Metro store.
  • Where do you live the there are mo metro games in the store. There are loads of metro games in the Canadian store.
  • Name one 3D MMORPG 
  • I don't know buddy, I've spent many hours on some addicting metro games.. :P Mostly the Xbox enabled ones, though.
  • 3D MMORPG isn't just the kind of games. Its one type you like, for me wordament and armed are equally "Play hard" - its all subjective
  • BUT.....we need Microsoft to compare a Surface with an iPad. I showed one of these ads to an Apple fanboy and he said, oh this is not a Surface and that a Pro is more expensive than an iPad, even though it runs W8.
  • And you gave in to this silly argument? Microsoft offers more choices throughout the different OEMs and not force just a single product down our throats.. Also, Surface Pro is an Ultrabook, not just a tablet. It runs Windows 8 Pro, it has kickass specs, you can even play PC games on it.. What does an iPad have on that? Oh yeah, angry birds.
  • Infinity blade 2, NOVA 3, real Instagram, Proper youtube, actual good screen aspect ratio, Apple intergration etc. I love my iPad.
  • Whoever takes photos with an iPad has a certificate of douchebaggery in my book. It looks stupid, it feels stupid, it is stupid.. And then instagram it? No more comments.
  • Yeah people look so stupid taking pics/video with their iPad.
  • I really don't lol. Unless its a photo of some notes.
  • +920 on that douchebaggery.
  • Comparing a Surface Pro with an iPad is Apples and Pears.  Your fanboy friend is right in that a Pro is expensive and a bit overkill and complicated compared to an iPad.  That is where the RT is a better compare as it is within the same price point, just like the iPad in stability and lack of viruses, easy to wipe and reconfigure, etc.
    Then you start showing things like adding more then one login, using a mouse and then RDP into another computer or VNC into a Mac even.  Plug in a hub and then plug in 4 USB devices like keyboards and mice and thumb drives and headphones. Launch about 8+ apps and then thumb swip through them all in seconds.  Do the split screen (which will be better in W8.1).
    Then hope on IE10 and run Hulu, and all other flash enabled sites.
    Then show the price for the higher GB iPad and then what you paid for you 128GB SD card.  Go into your drive management and map that drive as a folder into your C drive and play music, videos, etc from it.
    Then with the HDMI adptor (keep all your USB devices plugged in BTW) and run a extended monitor, mske it the primary, and open Excel, Word, a few IE, etc from the desktop.
    IOS has the apps, great apps, no argument or debate.  But apps are not the OS or the platform.  Apps will come with time and with the increadble platform, all reasons to get an iPad are gone completely.
  • +8 ;)
  • You can swipe between running apps on the iPad witha 4 finger swipe.
  • But you cant run two apps simultaneously..u do need to suspend one to go on to the other..
  • I have used the four finger swipe and the five finger close.  It is funny how people say Metro gestures are obscure with iOS are as well, including double clicking the launch button to get the recent app list (had to look up the double click and watch someone else do the 4/5 finger gestures).  
    The iOS gestures are useful, I do perfer the W8 swiping in that I do not have to take my hands off the device as I am holding it two handedly and I can just use my thumb.  
  • "You can swipe between running apps on the iPad witha 4 finger swipe." Really? Now there is an intuitive gesture!
  • + 1000
  • Phew..boot right in the face of all the apple fanboys.. :D this comment makes me wanna buy a Windows 8 tablet.. ;) +920
  • +1
  • They are getting tougher... :)
  • wow great commercials showing some of the real advantages of surface.
    idk i think my next tablet will be windows-based :]
  • But this was not showcasing the Surface tablet..
  • I love how windows is taking on Apple. Waiting for the apple fan boys to make more excuses as to how Apple is still better
  • Stupid iPad! Stupid Apple... Lol!!
  • I like it. It's simple to the point and there is no obnoxious music.
  • I totally admire this current marketing team at Microsoft!
  • Yeah, it seems like something has changed,, BIG TIME!!!
  • I Like it! :-)
  • Good god MSFT marketing seem to have woken up recently! If you have a better product or even of you don't, shout it out and don't be scared to shame the competition.
    The softly marketing approach only works if you,are the market leader which windows is not so they need to explicitly tell people why not to go with the market leader. Not all members of the public are geeks like us!
  • Wowza
  • Kind of misleading on the printing front, though. There's a more than substantial amount of printers that are AirPrint enabled alongside regular old wireless printing ;-) 
  • At work, I purposely disable AirPrint services to prevent users from printing, lol.
  • Lol!!!
  • And that's why IT people are hated. It's your job to serve, not try to dictate to people what they can or can't use.
  • I actually hate people more than IT... just sayin'.
  • Actually, in many cases, it is definitely our job to dictate what people can and cannot use.  Have fun supporting that enviornment where people can connect any random personal device, visit any website they want, buy whatever hardware they feel like or install whatever software package they stumble upon.  Sounds like a logisitcal nightmare to me. I often disable/enable services as I see fit.  I push software, push shortcuts, force updates, etc...  We have approved devices, blocked websites, we set network and security policies, we handle hardware purchases, we have standard software packages all of which comprise a well controlled/managed IT infrastructure/ecosystems.  And it's all done for a reason.... to make sure things work together and that we are able to provide a high level of functionality, reliability and support.  And this is especially true when you work in government, police departments, medical fields or other regulated type industries. People may not always like it, but the job of IT isn't to ensure every employee's happiness 100% of the time... The organization comes first when all is said and done.  People who cannot understand that are short sighted and self centered.  They need to get a clue about how the world works instead of "hating" the IT guy because he won't let you put your ipad on the wireless network or whatever grip you have.
  • Why are wireless printers needed to print wirelessly? I've been printing wirelessly from tablets and laptops for 10 years.
  • AirPrint is really stingy though, you need to have printer that supports it for it to work I think there is like less than 20 printers that support it; I had to jailbreak my iPod Touch to get my wireless printer to work with AirPrint it's a joke. However, Windows supports any printer, even a printer plugged into a router/repeater...Hopfully they bring this feature to Windows Phone xD
  • Apple gets away with doing propriatory stuff though, because they're Apple. I'm not a fan of none standard stuff, but there's plenty of printers that support it. I'm not convinced going after the iPad is the best way of selling a Windows 8 tablet though. Just my opinion, and nothing to do with my job ;-)
  • "Apple gets away with doing propriatory stuff though" is no longer a good excuse (though it very well used to be). Simplified, it looks like "iPad can print to any airplay supported printer" vs "Win RT can print to virtually any printer." Not sure I'd call what the commercial said misleading.
  • Nice way of pointing out weakness of apple products.
  • Fantastic ad!! I love these, and someone finally gets how to advertise this stuff.
  • Great commercial. MS needs to get the word out that having MS hardware is cool again. I am a coach for the younger generation and they seems to think apple and android are for the "cool" kids.
  • Well, to be honest actual Hardware from Microsoft is relatively small in comparison to Apple but maybe you meant hardware running the software of said companies and im talking too much ill shut up now... =s
  • Catchy
  • I like the ad because it isn't saying best this best that like others do its showing you what the differences are and the unique experience you have using a Windows 8 tablet but i see alot of people missing the point and saying oh but apple has more apps
  • +1. Sadly, but that's the reality of the people's mindset. They're always thinking about apps, apps, and apps, but they don't think about the main, especially built-in, features that they may get!
  • Keep going Microsoft! Great stuff
  • But does it have Instagram? (Sorry, someone had to.)
  • No, just no.
  • The iPad doesn't even have real instagram (besides the scaled up iPhone app).
  • Yes...there is instagram in the app store now. Please check before posting...
  • Ha, great advertisement.
  • Editor is there is only one down thing lack of apps .....but it will be over with passage of time.....because patience is virtue..
  • Lack of apps? There are over 78,000 apps to date, with an average of over 400 new apps a DAY. They'll pass 80,000 apps in a matter of days--they're doing well :)
  • I think the commercial is well done and it clearly focuses on the strengths of W8 and the key features professionals and students always look for
  • Nearly brings a tear to my eye... Go Microsoft! Loving the new commercials!
  • Cute music. I like the commercial even though my printer doesn't work with my Surface RT :-(
  • Finally starting to see some meat & substance in the ad's. Wonder why they couldn't do it at launch of Surface. It's never too late. GO MSFT.
  • i love this aggressive move by ms.  its genius.
  • Very nice ad
  • Apple is pretty much like Nintendo.  Their shit peripherals have to be together in order to work.
  • Very nice add. There nothing humanistic, with in 40 minutes I will not remember it...
  • love these ads because this is what i do with my surface to everyone that have an iPad, the only thing they can go to is game..
  • if u wanna make money, or want to make surface an ultimate success, launch it in India :-)
  • True that.
  • Love the video it contrasts the difference between the two tablet. I have the ASUS with the keyboard dock and aside from the broken screen issue it's perfect.
  • Wait, how can you print on a Windows RT tablet? How can you install the printer software?
  • Most printer drivers are packaged with Windows RT when it is shipped. There is also a generic printer driver for less known models or before a Windows Update for drivers is pushed.
  • This was an ok ad I guess
  • This has got me interested in that asus tab..i hope to get a hands on soon to really like it..currently, to be honest, I am looking forward to buying the new ipad mini, rumoured to be with the retina display. Good browsing, decent screen size, highly portable, plenty of apps and'd be a good travel companion i reckon. Unless I get a reason not to go for it, i'll buy it. Like while buying the iPhone 5, Lumia 920 came along and i dropped my plan of buying the iPhone. Have been happy ever since, though i'll admit I havent given up my iPhone 4, no matter how less I use it.. :D
  • The word is that we will see alot more 7 and 8 inch Windows tablets later this year.  It will be interesting to see how many of those will offer high-resolution displays though.  Retina iPad Mini is just a rumor... but it seems fairly inevitable.  The only big question is what it will mean for price point.
  • I think its pretty logical for apple to launch an ipad mini with a retina display..if they dont, clearly they are not on the same bandwidth as the consumers..its time for them to launch it..i was surprised at the original ipad mini for having that screen..and about the price point, I think it'll be the same. If it does increase, then may be my 50 bucks at max..because they wouldnt want it to match up with the ipad 4's price point..atleast i'd do has a way of disappointing and surprising.. :D
  • I'm not impressed with the "retina display".
  • Its a pretty good screen..its sharp..i am not a fanboy but I know to appreciate a truly good has been beaten very well in the phone segment, but in the tablet segment, its still one of the best, cuz m scared to say "the best" for the lack of latest news... :)(
  • SD card support is good but should be much better in RT. It is the only device with SD card slot I know of that does not populate your music in native music player. $10 MP3 player does that.
  • Map the sd card drive into C:, it will populate in all players.
  • I know about that, but it is still rediculous that you have to go around it like that.
  • Remember the old Mac vs. PC ads?
    Microsoft does...and it's payback time!
  • I hope the Asus isnt as sluggish as the surface rt
  • Since the first firmware update the Surface RT hasn't been sluggish.
  • I have the VivoTab RT and love it.  It's not sluggish at all and has taken the place of my laptop for day to day usage..
  • Does anyone know that background music?
  • Try using the inbuilt Bing Search Music? If the ad people have done their job properly, you might be able to find it?
  • Now, if only they actually sold these tablets where I live :( I can buy a galaxy S4 at local store - not that I want to - but I cannot buy a windows 8 tablet. The ads are great.
  • FUCK YEAH! liking the tunes to go with the advert
  • THIS! finally MS getting more aggressive this time. love it!
  • So many half truths in this advertisement. Kinda like the old Mac vs PC ads people complained about. Looks like Microsoft can't do anything but help themselves to telling lies or hafl truths like the competition did years ago. Pot calling the kettle black a bit much?
  • Agreed. Nearly all new printers have an AirPlay driver, and who cares about WORK on an iPad anyways? People get an iPad for FUN, not WORK. Typical Microsoft, stuck in the office, no FUN.
  • I like how they left out that the iPad can natively read, write, and export Office documents.
  • Even so who cares? People don't buy an iPad to create documents on. They buy it for Netflix and light gaming.
  • The people Microsoft are advertising to apparently. And all of those here that think this is some kind of meaningful attack on Apple and their 52 million iPads sold last year. Compared to the less than 750,000 Windows tablets shipped in the last six months. There's nothing here of vaue. It's either outright lies or half truths.
  • Everybody thinks they know the iPad these ads challenge that knowledge and turn it on its head. Sure you can call it halves truths although I would call it selective but then what ad points out its negative points.
    What about the latest iPhone advert in the UK for half truths...
    "takes more photos"
    Implication being that more photos are taken on an iPhone than anything else, or is it just more photos taken on an iPhone. You choose the way you want to read it. Pretty cheap but again effective so hell yeah bring on the half truths.
  • Uh, every model of the iPhone has been the most popular type of camera on Flickr. Not *cameraphone*, but the most popular *camera* period. It's not innaccurate in the least, it's the stone cold truth.
  • This commercial is a lie, there is no printer on planet earth that prints that fast.
  • Oh it doesn't have this app or that app big deal. Grow up.
  • Love the add good going msft keep it up. Love the momentum. Choo choo here comes the msft train pulling into the station all aboard leaving for Redmond on track 2. Track bound for apple but its a dead end. LOL.
  • The multitasking aspect is a bit of a waste, everyone knows iPad owners can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time! ;) Seriously though, whilst MS are my bread and butter, there's plenty of things they have missed the mark on - wireless display mirroring would be a big one in our workplace.
  • Marketing is also a feature. And Microsoft is doing a great job at adding that feature to its products. Everywhere you go. Apple advertising is all over the place, Microsoft is only company with the deep pocket that can match that especially with good products too.
  • Wow it is about time MS is finally going after the "rotten fruit company"...Good job MS. ;-)
  • Too bad they didn't mention the ability to have separate user profiles. That would've been a great one to see for families - buy ONE of these instead of 2-3 iPads.
  • ipade have retiena display, microsoft tablets dont have
    ipade have huge number of high quality apps and games while windows rt tablest have only office over ip
    however if the windows RT tablets will have as much apps as ipade with same high quality then it will be better due to office!
  • What's an ipade?
  • and we are supposed to laugh now?
  • Retina, social networking apps and games are in focus for 30+ years old virgin elfs of level 80.
    Decent Office functionality beats all.
  • yes yes thats why the iPad sales are a lot more than all the windows RT tablets together. if Microsoft think that people will buy a tablet or a phone with system Microsoft ignored and does not update it and fix it bugs, then they are dumb. Only Nokia is the reason why wp8 is still surviving...till now Microsoft did not bother it self to edit the wp8 video player which when you click the home button by mistake, you need to re-load the video all over again or it does not even transferred some of the nice Xbox games to wp8 to support the end Wp8 is nice but need real Update that fix all these problems and it will be perfect so stop talking as if wp is perfect just because you have one and try to see the so many disadvantages...
  • +1 thats absolutely true. I am very much irritated by that video streaming bit. I am in love with the 920 and WP8 and i do see its flaws, but i see the potential too, and i am sure that if paid its due attention, it can blossom into something truly beautiful..
  • Funny. The iPad can read, write and export any Office document you want to use. Can't have you knowing what you're talking about can we? Couldn't make those idiotic insults built on brainwashed ignorance if you knew what you're talking about.
  • That was Beautiful. Best yet.
  • It's refreshing to see Microsoft step up its game at the marketing department. Very nice ad.
  • Now.....i can easily say that my first tablet will be Windows
  • I like it.
    Makes the iPad look like a toy & Surface like a tool.
  • Nice Microsoft putting the heat on Apple.
  • This ad tells the truth though and is the reason I will never buy an apple product
  • Like all advertising, there's very little to know truth in this ad.
  • I can connect my guitar to an iPad using an irig interface n use the iPad as amp...and that is Preety i can carry my favourite amp setting everywhere i go....n i don't think it works on window or android tablets...
  • Ipad has large option of Music production\performance apps, if microsoft don't apply to This Challenge they Will loose lot of potential customers!
  • Allso image editing is Said to Be Better on mac, so these categories(music,image,Art) makes lot of opinions in Professional use of computers, and these opinions have large impact on products Marketing!
  • I wish it were that easy.
    I have 2 networked printers, Kodak and Brother. My surface RT won't connect to either.
    If I want to print I have to print to PDF then send it to a PC to print to printer.
  • Can't wait see this on tv commercials. Makes ipad suck even more. IPad is just an entertainment tablet. It is not a work or business tablet.
  • Could Nokia release a Windows tablet already.
  • MS has won a contract from Delta Air Lines to supply tablets (no idea if it will be Win 8 or RT) for all of their pilots for use on the Flight Deck (will replace 30-40 lbs of Paper Manuals).  Even though the iPad is currently approved for this use at other airlines Delta has decided to go with MS.  This is the first major corp tablet contract for MS and it will be interesting to see what OS, what size (7", 8", 9", 10") it will be.  I will update as I get more details.
  • Let's see I have a iPad OG, Ipad3, and Surface RT.
    The RT pwns the iPad3 for everything except apps and screen resolution and colors.
    Hainvg said that WP8 is still one cluster fk of a fail ... killing DRM video was one stupid @ss move.  I'd buy another RT with higher rez and colors.  I'll never buy another iPad except and unless they come out with an active stylus. 
  • On these clips with Windows 8 RT vs iPad, in the bits where Windows is able to do office related tasks (such as using OneNote or PowerPoint) better than the iPad, isn't it upto Microsoft how those tasks/apps work on the iPad rather than the iPad itself underperforming?
  • my only issue with the ad is the print category because you dont need any special printer just a wifi printer i have used iphones with my hp officejet and many other printers.