Microsoft takes on the iPad yet again, in its latest tablet commercial

Microsoft isn't letting up on its release of commercials shunning the iPad and touting its own Windows RT Tablets.

The latest commercial from Redmond compares the thin form factor of the ASUS VivoTab (.32 inches) vs. the iPad’s .37 inches. Microsoft also doesn’t forget to point out the weight of the lighter ASUS tablet (1.16 lbs.) vs. the iPad’s 1.44 lbs.

After drooling over the ASUS' hardware and mentioning that you don’t need a micro SD card adapter, as the VivoTab has one built in, Microsoft begins to talk about their own operating system’s capabilities. Windows RT’s ability to multitask in snap view and ability to print to a larger array of printer’s without the need of Airplay, are all mentioned.

Sure, the company doesn't mention the lack of Windows Store apps, but it’s a Microsoft commercial, so get used to it.

Check out the latest commercial and let us know what you think!

Source: Windows Videos

Michael Archambault