Teams Workplace IntegrationSource: Meta

What you need to know

  • Meta and Microsoft worked together to integrate Workplace and Microsoft Teams.
  • The integration allows employees to access content from Workspace within Teams without having to switch apps.
  • Meta will also add the ability to stream from Teams meetings into Workplace groups.

Microsoft Teams and Workplace will grow closer together thanks to integrations announced by Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook. One integration will allow employees to access content from Workplace within Teams without having to switch between apps. The other will let people stream from Teams meetings into Workplace groups.

The ability to access Workplace content with Teams is available starting today. Streaming meetings and broadcasts from Teams into Workplace will launch in 2022.

"One thing I learned from the pandemic is that companies don't just rely on one tool to get their work done, so it is our responsibility as leaders in the space to make sure the tools they use integrate and interoperate with each other," said Jeff Teper, CVP Product & Engineering, Microsoft Teams.

By integrating the two communication platforms, people will be able to react to meetings, share comments, and view content from Workplace directly within Teams. A Workplace app within Teams will let users access content.

Teams Workplace IntegrationSource: Meta

Microsoft Teams and Workplace already work together in several ways. Workplace can connect with SharePoint, OneDrive, and the Office 365 suite. There are also Microsoft Azure AD integrations for Work Accounts. Workplace is one of the 15 most used Azure Active Directory apps.

Microsoft Teams support is also on the way for the Meta Portal in December 2021.

While Microsoft and Meta worked together to integrate Teams and Workplace, the companies look to compete in the metaverse. Microsoft recently announced its Mesh platform for Microsoft Teams.

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