Microsoft teases new Surface Type Covers ahead of China hardware event

If recent leaks are anything to go by, Microsoft is expected to launch a refreshed Surface Pro at its China event this week. Ahead of that event, Microsoft's Surface head Panos Panay has dropped a big hint on Twitter (via The Verge) by teasing some seemingly new alcantara Type Covers. Check them out below:

This teaser follows a leak from VentureBeat late last week that shows what is purportedly the followup to the Surface Pro 4. According to the report, the device will simply go by the name "Surface Pro," and features a design that looks virtually identical to the Surface Pro 4. That's not unsurprising, as rumors have previously pointed to a relatively minor refresh featuring a move to Intel's Kaby lake processors.

In any case, Microsoft is set to kick off its Shanghai event, tomorrow, May 23. The event won't be livestreamed, but we should learn what Microsoft has up its sleeve as it happens over on Microsoft's dedicated event site (opens in new tab).

What to expect from Microsoft's hardware event in China this week

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • using the new cloth in the type cover from the surface laptop? if yes... TAKE MY MONEY srsly I will buy one cuz I spill everything everywhere
  • Here you go:
  • "Microsoft teases Surface Phone ahead of Seattle event"🤓🤓🤓
    I wish.
  • This just in hell freezes over
  • Ahhh wish they had released these earlier I have already bought the grey Alcantara type cover, would have liked the Red One!!! Nevermind!!! 😜
  • I can take it off your hands for you ;)
  • Lol, I got it quite cheap from BT Business Store in the UK, I created a forum to let people know on Windows Central because they are the cheapest I saw them, but I'm sure those new covers will be expensive, especially the red and Blue!!!
  • it isnt livestreamed? Is it because of China or because the even isn't that big of a deal?
  • I wonder if they will have a keyboard with a battery built in.....that would be cool too
  • yep i like a new touch cover too
  • Yeah, with bluetooth so we can snap-on or use separate as we wish.
  • they did these for surface pro 2.  sadly got discontinued.
  • Only if it actually adds a substantial amount of time to the use. I have the type cover with battery pack for my original Pro. I'm sure advancements may have been made, but my experience has been that it doesn't add enough battery time to warrant the extra money you'd spend and the touchpad would sometimes get jittery, and the battery would not always charge properly. Not to mention, the added weight.
  • Interesting that you can't see the top of any of the keyboards. There was a patent connected to the 3 panel mobile that showed a keyboard dock this size, with a slot at the top. Hmmm....
  • wow new type covers, that's me sold.
  • I love the material, but I'll miss the dark gray color option... Oh well I'm buying one anyways.
  • This thing better has USB-C...
  • It won't. Microsoft doesn't care about USB Type-C, and none of the leaks showed off a Type-C port.
  • No mention of a Surface Book or Studio refresh so far but it seems weird that they would refresh the SP4 & leave their two most expensive devices as the only ones in the range without Kaby Lake.
  • Sad.
  • This teaser photo shows people using the SP on their laps, are we gonna finally see different keyboard configuration options? such as:  A keyboard cover featuring a hinge to hold the SP like a SB? A keyboard touch cover ereader screen like the one featured on the yoga book? Colorful alcantara covers are nice but we need more!
  • No need to wait for that from Microsoft, there's already this attachment for the Surface Pro: But let's see what they unveil tomorrow, maybe it'll be a more elegant way of transforming the Surface Pro 4 into a traditional clamshell Laptop, plus, might also act as a second battery.
  • Where can we watch it live?
  • If these morons don't give us an update on the so called mystery Surface Phone they should announce there shutting down Windows 10 Mobile and just concentrate on Holo Lens and the desktop OS ect... I have been waiting for 3 years to buy a decent Windows phone and now I'm done, I love Microsoft I own the SP4 and SB but only Apple can get away with making people wait this long I think they have missed there chance with mobile they just move to slow, 8 year refresh cycles don't fly with mobile! A company this big rich and powerful should be able to get a phone out faster than this. But let's be honest it will be the usual wait to see what's next then nothing will happen.
  • Why you ask moron to make a phone? lol
  • Why you ask moron to make a phone? lol
  • Check out the live stream here:
  • I'm not racist but I hate these Chinese people commentating the event. I can't hear Panos