Microsoft to unify payouts for developers with Windows and Windows Phone apps

The launch of Windows 10 later in 2015 will bring with it a storefront that will support downloading apps for both PCs and smartphones. Today, Microsoft continued to move towards that unified Windows Store with announcements of new payout setups for developers who make both Windows and Windows Phone apps.

Microsoft said that the following changes will be made in June for Windows Dev Center users who publish apps in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store:

  • The 4 tiles will have more detailed information about your payouts
  • Payout summary will add more functionality
  • Payout threshold will be reduced to US$25 for most payouts, based on combined proceeds from Windows and Windows Phone
  • You can expect a single, combined payout for Windows and Windows Phone apps

The payout threshold for app revenues is a big change, as that level is currently set at $200 for the Windows Store and $200 for the Windows Phone Store. Payouts at the new $25 level will be made via SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), ACH (bank direct deposit) and PayPal. Any wire transfer payouts will remain at the $200 level.

Microsoft also notes that app developers who have two payment methods, one for Windows Store apps and one for Windows Phone Store apps, should make sure their Windows Store Payout account is up to date before June 1.

Source: Microsoft

  • See guys? Windows 10 gonna fix everything ;)
  • Fix my life.. I don't think so. But I am still happy.
  • EDIT: Microsoft's gonna fix everything.
  • Hope MS will massively reduce or cancel their fees on any new Windows 10 apps for limited time. Lets say 18-24 months.
    That will make platform even more appealing to developers.
    Common MS, be bold.
  • That will probably just attract the junk app developers. For the apps that windows phone needs to be successful, I doubt the fees are the reason they are not producing the apps. Those are usually larger developers and the fees aren't the issue. The issue is the cost of developing and maintaining the apps. Hopefully, the new ability to port apps from IOS and android will reduce the cost for those developers and they will start porting those apps.
  • So...., two accounts are being merged into one..??
  • Yes, two store accounts. It feels awkward to browse two dashboards even when the apps are universal. This is now going full universal.
  • Kk, nice.
  • Nice?
  • Nice.
  • Nice!
  • Noice!
  • I don't understand this so I have to ask a dev Hey devs around ! , is this good?
  • Of course it is. Specially for indie developers, I guess :)
  • As an exclusive windows phone developer of age 16, zapella will soon reply you :p
  • ZackTheNever not Zapella. Or both.
  • Zack is a kid....
  • He clearly said 16, so yes, Zack.
  • Whatever Dude.
  • Its amazing. It makes it easier to get paid for smaller devs (who before had a hard time of hitting the 200% payout threshold) and we no longer have to look at multiple dev dashboards with completely different levels of layout and information available.
  • I wonder if Windows 10 will really have same core components..
  • Then you don't read much.
  • Old news
  • Did you tip WC..?
  • Great news for developers.
    Most of us got the email Last week.
  • Got the email last week. It's good development. I will start work on my app from next week.
  • Make a 3rd party kik
  • Oh no, I am not that much expert developer. I will start from basic app and develop complex after some experience.
  • I am sure this was expected with Windows 10. but it's good they officially announced it ^_______^ hope this helps developers to make the platform/store better and better.
  • so we will be able to get money when we earn atleast 25 dollers??
  • Yep, except ones who prefer to use wired transfer.
  • Wow, its great to hear that devs to make some sort of money frm MS.
  • so we will be able to get money when we earn atleast 25 dollers??
  • Yes.
  • Good move MS..
  • Guess the book keepers will have alot more work on their hands :P.
  • Cool
  • How do developers earn from ads?
  • From their ad provider, of course.
  • Yeah I know that..i meant how much do they earn..what's scale of measure
  • They (depend on what ad providers, though, I pick Microsoft's one) will get $0.50 CPM, which means 50 cents with each ad clicked if I remembered correctly...
  • Finally I get paid for my niche app on the niche platform. That $200 limit was ridiculous for indie devs :) Windows 10 FTW!
  • Niche? With Windows 10 there ain't be niche anymore. The platform's everywhere!
  • I'm hoping my game will do well :P
  • Since this unification I have not been able to get my payout which is way beyond $200. I got all the payouts before that in time from December 2014 to May 2015. Since May 2015 until today 12th Aug 2015, our payout always falls under payment cancelled. In June 2015, I reported this to windows phone dev center, their support team has been emailing me since then after every 5 days that we are working on the issue and investigating it. They have tried in July and August to pay me but due to their stupid unification, they have not been able to pay me. I have thoroughly checked with my bank and they never received any transaction. I was so happy developing on Windows Phone but this has ended my business and I have shifted onto other revenue streams after this. Still waiting for my payout and hoping to get that in my life.