Microsoft: Windows 10 will offer software creators more support for universal apps

Windows 10 promises to fulfill Microsoft's goal of giving app creators support for making universal apps that can run from everything from small smartphone to large 80 inch screens. Indeed, the company has already admitted that Windows 10 will also be the next big version of Windows Phone.

In a blog post directed at app developers, Microsoft said that Windows 10 will continue the company's efforts towards offering true universal apps. It stated:

"Universal Windows apps and the ability to leverage the same code to deliver appropriately tailored experiences to multiple device types were the centerpiece of that announcement. They continue to be the cornerstone of the single Windows application platform announced by Terry (Myserson) and Joe (Belfiore) today. The most important thing you should take from today's announcements is that the best way to prepare for Windows 10 is to keep building universal Windows apps."

The blog added that Windows 10 will give app developers "one consistent API layer with consistent UX design surfaces and flexible tools" in addition to allowing those apps to run in a windowed mode on the desktop, along with one download store that will make "it easier for you to reach customers in consistent and compelling ways no matter what type of device they're using."

When Microsoft launches the Windows 10 Technical Preview on Wedneday, the company recommends that app developers do not use it as their primary OS for work, saying, "The Windows App Certification Kit does not currently work on Windows 10 and there also a few bugs in the tools which mean that this combination can't be used for 'go live' software development." Also, not all of the visual UI that will be put into the final version of Windows 10 will be available in the Technical Preview.

Do you think app developers will embrace Windows 10 more than Windows 8 or Windows Phone?

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham