Microsoft WPC attendees get discounted Surface RT ($99) and Surface Pro Pricing ($399)

Microsoft has announced that their Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets will be available at a discounted price for WPC attendees. The company’s annual World Partner conference will offer a Surface RT 64 GB with touch cover for $99 and a Surface Pro 128GB for $399.

Don’t get too excited though, a ticket to access all of WPC 2013 will cost you $2,000. The conference this year is hosted at the Toyota Center in Houston Texas from July 7th to July 11th. Over five hundred speakers will be present including Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft is working hard to put their Surface tablet in the hands of their partners – which in, turn should drum up developer interest.

If you can’t get out to WPC 2013 or/and don’t have $2,000 to drop on a ticket, we wouldn’t worry. With Microsoft selling the Surface for $199 to schools and now giving them away for $99 at WPC, it is more likely that a new Surface device is right around the corner with Windows 8.1.

Anyone here going to WDC or at least watching the Live Blog with us?

Source: WPC Blog

Michael Archambault