Microsoft commits an additional $100 million of technology support to help Ukraine during the ongoing war with Russia

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft President Brad Smith just announced that the company will continue to provide technology support free of charge to Ukraine throughout 2023.
  • The extended commitment roughly equates to an additional $100 million worth of support.
  • The aid will help government agencies, infrastructure, and other sectors within Ukraine.
  • Microsoft has committed or provided a total of $400 million worth of support to Ukraine since the war began in February 2022.

Microsoft extended its commitment to provide technology support free of charge to Ukraine throughout the end of 2023. An additional $100 million worth of support will be provided by the company following today's announcement. In total, the tech giant has shared or committed more than $400 million worth of support to Ukraine since February 2022.

Microsoft Vice Chair and President announced the commitment and explained why the company values it.

"The continued defense of Ukraine depends in part on a critical digital alliance of countries, companies and nonprofits. Since the war began in February, Microsoft and other tech companies have provided unprecedented technology assistance to the government and people of Ukraine," said Smith.

"By disbursing digital infrastructure into the public cloud, Microsoft and others have supported critical Ukrainian services through data centers across Europe."

He continued, "this has played a critical role in protecting the resilience and security of Ukraine’s data and digital services even in the face of Russian cruise missile and other kinetic attacks on Ukraine’s government data center and other physical assets."

Smith also outlined several additional ways that Microsoft continues to help Ukraine:

  • Support the country with critical cybersecurity protection 
  • Support nonprofits and humanitarian organizations operating in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere in the European Union 
  • Provide data and support to international organizations aiding Ukraine and addressing war crimes against civilians 
  • Support and assist employees who are contributing to nonprofits engaged in humanitarian relief efforts 

Smith also highlighted that the war in Ukraine has affected the energy market and food access, both of which are exacerbated in winter.

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