This is Microsoft's canceled Surface Mini (exclusive photos and details)

In 2014, Microsoft planned to announce two new Surface devices. One was the Surface Pro 3, and the other was the now infamous "Surface Mini", which never saw the light of day. At Windows Central, we love finding details on, and seeing, Microsoft's canceled and never before seen products. So we're excited to be able to exclusively show you the never before seen Surface Mini. Let's dig in!

Microsoft Surface Mini images

On the outside, the Surface Mini is essentially a smaller Surface Pro 3 in portrait orientation. It's housed in a case-like material and design that feels soft and felt-like. However, this is actually part of the Surface Mini. It's not a case you can remove, it's the actual physical design of the Surface Mini. It has a built-in kickstand in the landscape orientation and is slightly angled at the edges for easier gripping when using the Pen and taking notes. This gives it a somewhat large bezel, however.

The kickstand works similarly to the kickstand found on the non-Pro Surface 3 introduced a year later. It has three locked positions: one for viewing, one for typing on the screen, and one that's somewhere in between. We wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft used the same kickstand mechanism in the Surface 3 that it had been working on with the Surface Mini. When closed, the kickstand sits flush with the device, just like on any other Surface. The Surface Mini was going to come in a variety of colors, too.

For ports, the Surface Mini had a microSD card slot for expandable storage, a headphone jack, a Micro-USB port for charging, and USB-OTG, which is handy for mini tablets. Micro USB was the norm in 2014, so it's not a surprise to see it. Under the hood, the Surface Mini packed a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 1GB RAM, an Adreno 330, and a screen resolution of 1440 x 1080 at eight inches. It also had 32GB of internal storage and dual-band Wi-Fi.

Surface Mini and Surface Pen

It also had same Pen technology that was first introduced in the Surface Pro 3 and was designed with the Surface Pro 3 Pen in mind. The selling point of the Surface Mini was for it to be a device that was excellent for notetaking. It even has a Pen loop attached to the built-in kickstand that allowed you to store the Pen when it wasn't in use. The case material, along with the shape and design of the Mini, made it feel like a book.

It was powered by Windows RT,and the device benefitted greatly from the Windows 8.1 Start Screen and "Metro apps" that looks gorgeous on tablets. The Surface Mini didn't have a Type Cover accessory and was designed to be used entirely with pen and touch. Windows RT 8.1 made a lot of sense on a device like that, and tapping the button at the top of the Surface Pen instantly opened OneNote, allowing for quick access to your notes.

Unfortunately, Microsoft scrapped the product just weeks before it was scheduled to be announced. The Surface Mini was supposed to launch alongside the Surface Pro 3 back in 2014, but the company made the decision to kill the device because it didn't have enough unique selling points to warrant its existence. Windows RT was basically killed just a few months later, with the unveiling of Windows 10 in September 2014.

I believe there is a market for small, premium eight-inch Windows tablets with pen support, even though they're scarce these days. Maybe Microsoft will one day return to its Surface Mini plans. With Windows 10 coming to ARM later this year, perhaps it will then be the perfect time for a new Surface Mini with updated internals and pen integration.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Wow
  • Right call to cancel.
    Looks horrid and will run even worst. RT and 1GB RAM. This is joke!
  • Agreed looks horrible rly
  • You also have to look at the fact that this device was conceptualized probably late 2012-2013 for the 2014 reveal. If you look at devices back then, they were rather larger than needed and not as beautiful as they are now.
  • Even surface rt looks better than this one
  • It's old, used, and worn out, by what the pictures show. I'm sure a fresh prototype looked fine.
  • I hate to say to but I think Microsoft made the right call to cancel this device. It's is quite obvious that it would have been dead on arrival. That bezel is ridiculously huge and the device is way too thick for its size. All of this added to the fact that it ran windows RT with an extremely limited selection of apps gave it no chance.
  • I agree
  • Bezels really aren't what kills a device. No matter what commenters on Windows Central say. I await your downvotes!
  • Just for the fun of it, I downvoted you :-)  But I also agree with your statement! :-) 
  • Back when people didn't talk about bezels. It started less than a year ago.
  • Exactly, if that was the case, the iPhone would've died a few years ago
  • I agree with you!
  • You won't be downvoted.
    Most people will do the opposite.
  • The bezel is only big for one reason; comfort. The mini was design with pen input first and foremost. On a device with no bezel, there's nowhere to hold it while you take notes. The bezel makes it more comfortable to hold when using it with a pen. Also, this thing feels AMAZING to hold.
  • I am sure it doesn't feel amazing to use. Windows RT and those terrible specs can't be a great experience!
  • If it had,2GB of RAM and 64GB storage it would have been fine.
  • It would not have been fine, It MAY have been fine. It is not slick at all
  • I disagree, this had a QUALCOMM processor not NVidia...the NVidia made RT run poorly not the OS😒
  • It had expandable storage.
  • I agree 2GB of ram, even on an ARM would help. Using Win10 on an HP Stream 7 can be a bit sluggish on only 1GB, though the old Atom cores aren't helping too much. 32GB storage has turned out to be fine as long as you utilize the microSD slot.
  • The type/touch cover like material actually does make sense if you consider that. Unfortunately, people.
  • Damn...i hope they make a Surface Mini with Windows 10 ARM or Windows 10 S...I would be all over it...! Of course...they also need to optimise windows 10 for smaller tablets. At this time, it sucks.
  • Does Win 10 for smaller devices suck? I have several 8" devices running it and they seem fine to me. The trick is, don't run Win32 apps. It's not the performance that is the issue, it is that Win 32 developers assumed you had a keyboard and mouse, and tacked on some touchiness if they thought about it. Windows Mobile developers and to some extent UWP devs in general, thought about touch (and pen) interfaces. iOS works because those guys were never allowed to see a keyboard and mouse.  This thing may have fizzled because of RT, with the desert of an app store at the time. Today, you can get a heck of a lot done using just store/UWP apps, which is the goal of Win 10 S. The problem today will be the push towards just wrapping old tired touch averse applications in Centennial and calling it good. Keep that up and there will be no MS presence in mobile, not phones, not tablet sized tablets. Windows will be for laptops and desktops, and those things that masquerade as tablets by pulling the keyboard off a laptop. 
  • Nope, bezels are big mostly because of engineering. The bigger the bezel, the bigger they can make the footprint of the device, which means they can fit more in. The thinner the bezels, the smaller the footprint, which either means a thicker device, or compermised components. Comfort may be a consideration, but it's much more of an after thought. 
  • I agree with Zac, and apart from the low amount of RAM I am sure a Surface Mini would catch on!!
    Seeing I use an 8" tablet and Pen for doodles and notes, and my tablet was never intended to use a Pen. So a Surface mini with the added features like palm reject, one click access, Windows 10 on Arm would be a good addition.
    If you use an 8" tablet to take notes you truly do not mind a Bezel !!!!!!! The only time it comes into play is full screen video or game play, but your eyes adapt after time.
  • Interesting for a 2014 device. In 2017, the criticisms will be 1. bezel is way too large 2. installed RAM way to low 3. not slim enough
  • 4. Running WinRT
  • Today it would launch with W10 on ARM
  • And that today would be perfectly fine.
  • It just wasn't the time for it, but now it is! Great times ahead for MS and us!!! 🤓☺👍🎷😎💵🔪🔫
  • I'd disagree with that statement, I think in 2014 when Dell Venue 8 appeared and showed so much technology like Miracast, Microsoft's tablet with Pen support would have stolen a lot of market to Apple and Samsung, and developers would have been interested in apps for Windows 8.1
  • Exactly. That time period was before Apple's Surface Copy Cat Pro device also.
  • Looks as powerful as a Galaxy Note for note taking and as versatile as a Nexus 7 tablet for being a great tool for navigation, video communication with Skype and as a tool for sys admins in various industries. The question is, did Microsoft planned to sell variants with mobile modem as Appke did with iPad Mini?
  • Same SD800 as the Note 3.
  • Satya made the right decision regarding that; it doesn't meet the surface standard and I found it hard to believe Paynos designed that!
  • Panos made the decision not to release it.
  • But it is often mentioned how much he personally liked using it, including keeping it by his bed for easy note taking.
  • This actually looks like something the Lumia team designed.. I would not be surprised if they had a hand in it back then.
  • Now, if they could revisit a device like this with the design elegance and technology of today?  Imagine Windows 10 S on a device like this (obviously with beefier specs) and cellular.  Windows on ARM?  CShell?  Bueller...?  I would pick something like this up in a heartbeat, would be a nice companion device to the Surface Laptop.
  • and of course e-sim ;-)
  • Considering that none of those technologies have been released yet, not really the technology of today...
  • Fall creators update will support e-SIM.
  • Which hasn't been released yet...
  • Windows ARM on such small device is great if you plan to use this with Continuum, but in my opinion Continuum would be better on a phone that is 5" and that has the Mobile OS so you can use What's app and win32 apps on same device
  • But then that's a completely different device. 8"-10" makes for a much better note-taking experience than 5", whether that's taking notes or marking up documents.
  • WhatsApp should work on a Windows 10 ARM device having cellular connectivity
  • What a great idea 👍🏼👍🏼😉
  • A notetaking device in that format would be very nice, although I'm skeptical how many people are/will be sold on it. However, the number of people who would buy a dedicated device for notetaking only is going to be much smaller, especially when you can get it as a feature of other devices. With phones getting larger, a quality phone/device with cellular capability with notetaking capability that nails that and other features will have much better chances of success (in other words, more like the rumored Surface "Phone").
  • How many things they have cancelled.
  • If you take this device, the cancelled lumia, the courier. You could have a started a pretty successful company.
  • Companies cancel things all the time, you just usually never hear about it.
  • Yeah, I like the fact that they share so much with us, they don't have to 👀
  • It will be back in full swing next year... WinARM will rule the mobile landscape
  • Agreed, we need phones with Windows ARM to show Android and iOS geeks how to be productive as a Pro with your phone
  • 👍🏼👍🏼
  • Problem is the majority of ios and android users aren't looking to be productive on a phone, that's what a PC is for. So no appeal there.
  • Azeez, lay off the cheap drugs buddy.  Windows will never "RULE THE MOBILE LANDSCAPE".   They had their chance and dropped the ball in spectacular fashion.  
  • U can't predict the future... With new waves of apps coming into the ecosystem lately. It won't be long from now when we all reap the rewards of being loyal
  • Hmmm. I wish you were right, but it feels like the waves of apps are nowhere to be seen.
  • There are no waves of new apps. There are old apps wrapped up in UWP containers. iTunes, IrfanView, Office for that matter, work no better on a touch screen than their win32 sources did. They still work fine with a keyboard and mouse, but on an 8" tablet or phone, they are no better than when we had Windows 7 on 8" tablets. 
  • I am having doubts that WinARM will occur now that Intel has threatened legal action to protect its X86 patents. WInARM is a huge threat to Intel and they will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.
  • This explanation is a rip-off from neowin dot net user Mobius Enigma: Intel said that for investor manipulation, they have nothing to stand on with Microsoft and their implementation.  Intel could always try, but they would also have to kill off a lot of VM technologies that also provide x86 emulation/translation.  Microsoft also holds a few key patents that Intel uses in all their modern processors, even how their GPU integration and core controllers are based on technology that came from Microsoft hardware.  So it seems Microsoft would be the last company to poke for Intel. There is also the fact that the x86 subsystem on ARM doesn't use traditional emulation, and in a way is no different than the HAL of NT itself that uses platform translation, and for Intel to have a case, they would also force Microsoft to stop support x86/x64 with Windows. (Again, not something they would do.) There is also AMD and Microsoft could just work a deal with them for their x86 technologies, if it was really needed. PS Just as a reminder, the Xbox 360 provided x86 translation/emulation on the PowerPC in a similar way, and Intel said NOTHING.  
  • Wow! It looks quite different from what I think it would look like, and the lack of cover accessory not really for typing but for protection is a omission, especially when it's aimed for on-the-go note taking the device. The bezels indeed look huge even back in the day. I actually would agree that canceling based on what we saw seems warranted. Though because of that too, we have now the dilemma of lack of compelling 8-inch and small Windows tablets that would be good for note-taking, especially that pen technology on Surface is getting better and better. I really hope that when Windows 10 on ARM arrives, Microsoft should re-release a Surface Mini (I want to call it Surface Note) and make inspiration for other OEMs to do the same, thus we will have an ecosystem of small Windows tablets. Especially that Microsoft now got eBooks hosted on Windows Store, which doesn't make much sense at the moment when most Windows tablets are large ones which aren't comfortable for ebook reading.
  • Note talking was intended to be via pen. Do you really want a 7" wide keyboard. They make those for iPad Minis. Try one sometime. The bezels are there so you can hold it while writting on it with the pen. Unless you are an NBA player with a 10" hand span, you would appreciate them.
  • I didn't suggest a keyboard but only a cover, optional one that is meant for added protection and personalization of the device. Keyboard that fits for 8-inch device isn't ideal, though they can if they want to. I understand the needs of the bezel, which is why Wacom Cintiqs have ones, and huge. They also traditionally even have macro buttons, though their latest versions moved to have remote buttons. I was just saying that bezels are huge even at its time of supposed released, understandable design choice that they even got chamfered edges to make it more comfortable to hold. Though these days, having smaller bezels like on Surface Pro would be enough. If they go any smaller than that, then they have to implement a software-based finger-rejection near the edge of the display, which I believe iPad Minis does it.
  • I probably would have bought it at the time. Now I, like so many others, have a 6" phone and I never reach for one of our slightly larger tablets, even for things like reading eBooks.
  • I'm all for having less number of devices but I tried to use a larger phone and I just find it too bulky.
  • The specs make it an 8 inch phone, the only thing different is the OS. Nothing, other than pen support, screams Surface either, it doesn't have the sleek look of the surface tablets.
  • Where are the pics? Can't see them in the app nor a link?
  • Try the web version it shows pics.
  • I guess you were using the phone? Seen a lot of people say using the 6 inch phone is good enough for browsing the internet. No 8 inch tablet required. Seems they are wrong?
  • I wish that I have a chance to buy Surface Mini which I need it the most in these days.
    Like the previous article in here, I want a windows 10 tablet with a support of pen that equivalent to iPad mini size.
  • With snapdragon 835 and a few hardware changes I think it could still be interesting device to need. Some ideas and insights I picked up from the specs: I'm frankly a bit shocked. They come very close to the Lumia 1520 specs. I'm thinking the lumia 1520 should still be able to get current official windows 10 mobile build updates and still run fine if the surface mini can run winRT on the same specs. If the lumia 1520, 930, Icon and 950 series can still get the new continuum with true multitaskng with at least 2 open windows I think the current devices could still have a good second life, make current users and fans a moral boost on the trust in microsoft with the deja vue reboots and expensive overheadcosts for upgrading so quickly, because older high end upgradable devices are not supported anymore. I think with multiwindow continuum makes the windows 10 mobile experience for windows 10 mobile for current devices well rounded and truly deserving this fit and finish, before truly rebooting to the next roadmap. I think microsoft cut many customers and users short with their decision this year to leave out many devices. The gap between the current devices available inclusing the recently cancelled lumia's to the next gen devies in one or two years, with not a least completing the continuum feature and uwp app support for goodwill would be the correct way to complete the service. Otherwise microsoft will keep their roadmap strategy going, and a behavior once learned is difficult to undo in the future, and a similar scenario will very likely happen again, at the disadvantage of the customer or end user. Higher pricing and early support cutoff doesn't sound like a good customer service to me.
  • The 1520 was dropped due to age, not ability. There is no doubt the 1520 is capable of running W10M.
  • I don't consider the Lumia 1520 an aged device yet. I use it as a daily driver, replaced the battery. It still runs well. Can't understand it couldn't run creators update or be able to run multiwondow in continuum, despite the 800 processor.If continuum could at least run two apps snapped side by side in continuum, it would be a well rounded OS for this device and then a good time to call for chapter2 on this device. Is otherwise a fine premium device, but continuum is half baked in terms of experience.
  • In my opinion this wouldn't have justified the Surface name. 1Gb RAM DOA. Glad they cancelled it.
  • 1GB RAM was standard for 8" ARM tablet in 2014. Even today, try finding an iPad "Pro" with more than 4GB RAM.
  • My Nexus 6 was released in 2014 with 3GB. iDevices have never shipped with large amounts of RAM. They aren't a good example.
  • @Zac, is this why you wrote the article earlier about "Where are all the 8 inch tablets?" As I commented there, it's too bad these devices didn't become the ubiquitous tools that restaurants use for menus, or doctor's offices use for form entry, So much potential wasted by MS and their partners' lack of marketing.
  • Seriously!  This is a device that, while maybe not quite a category "creator" like what has been the trend with Surface devices, could have a lot of potential to go toe-to-toe with the iPad mini -- especially with some of the ARM/CShell/Cellular capabilities Microsoft is (hopefully) bringing to bear.  I mentioned earlier, not only would this be a perfect companion device for Laptop/Book/Studio, but like you mentioned for businesses and practices as well as stand-alone devices.  Easy to carry, easy to take notes -- fill out forms, update business documents in near-real time collaboratively.  Microsoft Teams would be pretty sweet on a device like this.  Collaboration on the go in real time!
  • If there was a device with 6 or 7" screen and ran full Windows 10 (on arm) with phone capabilities and pen support I would buy one in a heartbeat.
  • Doesn't meet the high standards of the Surface brand.
  • Make it an inch or so smaller, add LTE connectivity and call it a phone. See what I did there? :D
  • RT, 1 GB and SD800 would've made this dead on arrival. If it was W8.1, Atom Chery Trail with 2 GB, it would've done ok.
  • That depends on your opinion on RT.  I wouldn't mind an ARM surface with decent performance and power consumption but limited application support, over an Atom with poor performance and higher power consumption, but better application compatibility. Personally, I liked RT. As long as a device like this would support some kind of drawing and note taking, plus basic media consumption, it would have suited my needs for a tiny tablet.
  • good thing they've cancel it there is nothing special / impressive about it. windows 10 need huge amount of work to make a device like this shine " if they are planing for a future mini tablet " 
  • I'm glad they cancelled this one. This does not live up to the standards of a Surface product. You would have been better off buying the 8" tablets from OEM's. I do hope they launch a real successor next year. With the advent af Windows 10 on ARM, Cshell, and cellular PC's, hopefully we'll see a lot of small Windows based tablet's based on the Snapdragon 6xx and 8xx series. Now if only MS could prioritize the user experience first, rather than focusing on enterprises.
  • Something tells me the bezel was only for prototype reasons.
  • Release an updated one of these running 10 S with LTE and I'd bite day 1. 
  • Looking forward to the Windows on ARM tsunami.
  • And as expected, "It's the greatest thing EVER! Because Microsoft never released/canceled". 
  • I could live with bezels on sides just fine, they could also house surround speakers like the Glxy tabs had and god knows what else you could cram in there...
  • OMG THIS is the Device I want, add LTE and W10 and I will trade my SP3! Please Panos¡¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!! Take my Moneyz, take my paycheck, for the love of hardware, launch this!!!!!!!
  • RT ? LOL, no thanks. If you really need a RT device, you can get them on ebay for CHEAP now... For the heck of it I looked... A Surface 2 RT with 10.6" 32gb with keyboard $69.99.. And most dont go for much more than that...
  • Good call. Otherwise this ugly device would destroy the image of Surface product lines.
  • Bezels were fine for 2014, RAM was fine for Win8RT, if they update this with more RAM, LTE, and W10 (not mobile), I'm all in! And if it would come in graphite gold, forget about it!!!!! Please give me a daily W10 device that I want to use more than my Android!!
    Heck make it a Surface running Android with the Arrow launcher, and I will trade my phone, my SP3 and make tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for you!
  • Totally agree!
  • I'm sorry but I am SO OVER that awful felt material that MS seems intent on gluing to its Surface designs.   Whether its felt, Alcatara or whatever, it is NOT a premium look or feel.  It's cheap feeling, satins, scuffs, wears down, and generally looks completely out of place on a sleek, industrial design aesthetic which the Surface line otherwise exudes.  You can even see in the pictures how badly it wears.  
  • Two things: 1. The really bad scuffing on the device is on metal edges. The fabric on the device back seems to be fine for the most part. 2. The fabric on the back on this device is not Alcantara. It's likely the same material that was used on the older surface keyboards. Alcantara is a premium material. There's a reason it's showing up in the most luxurious items (cars, space craft, designer clothing, etc.) You may not personally like it, but it is most certainly a premium material that's widely considered to be complimentary with modern design.
  • Give me that with a phone please
  • I want it! Let me put a sim card in and it's perfect!
  • People are hating on this device without realizing it was Panos Panoy who designed it! What could be said for the Surface Phone if it is also designed by him?
  • i wonder they they get these designers?
  • I feel it was an excellent decision to cancel the device if it wasn't running proper Windows 8
  • WinCentral journalists are good at uncovering lost stuff!
  • Even though it didn't take a magnetically connected keyboard, I'm pretty sure one could have used it with something like the Microsoft folding Bluetooth keyboard.
  • I'm still thinks that this is only prototype look. Microsoft can't released such beautiful 10 inch tablet and ugly 8 inch. And if you spoken about RAM. This device should comes at the beginning of Windows 8 life, the same like Surface RT so it isn't surprise that they put there only 1GB of RAM and Windows RT. If they will try to release similar device now, probably it gets at least 2GB of RAM and 4GB of RAM in "Pro" version. I'm really waiting for this to happened because I'm really like 8 inch devices. they are perfect to me.
  • we would probably have a decent tablet mode on w10 if they had released this mini surface
  • it didnt make sense.  they already knew windows 10 was coming out.  Surface brand is luxury.  This looks like any other Android Phablet out ther.e
  • Yeah, that thing is ugly! Near miss, good decision Microsoft!
  • Reminds me of the HP7 Stream.  Which I still use. Awesome!
  • If a Surface Mini comes out that is small enough (7" preferred, but 8" max), and available with cellular connection from Verizon, plus the Always Connected feature they are talking about *actually* works, I could go for this to replace a phone. I *rarely* talk on the phone, so Skype would be sufficient for me and that'd work with a data plan from Verizon. Bluetooth headphones to easily answer it when its in my bag. I could see this working.
  • DEAR FRIENDS , Is anyone else having a feeling that we are seeing the 1st prototype of the " Surface Phone/ Telephony Device" ??? Let's put on our " Technical Positive Hats" and toss the "Trolling Cap". ( Smile).. I believe that this is a very rough version of what Panay, Cap Natty and the Windows Gang are referring to when stating that they are still in the game . Their goal is to push the public in a new direction .
    1) Let Android and Apples have the 'Candy Bar ' Phone Crowd.
    2) Let them have the Apps( This was nothing more than a Marketing Ploy by Steve Jobs ) '' There's an App for That"...
    Microsoft will make money and influence by providing apps ( Skype , Cortana , Office Suite , Garage Apps etc... )
    But with the " Surface, mini, phone/ Telephony Device" there is no need for APPs ( though there may be a version that utilizes Apps) . This device will be so cool , new and innovative that people will not just replace there phones but add this Device along with their smartphone.. ( keep your Galaxy and IPhone) How many of you have a..... 1) Phone 2 )Laptop and Surface or Desktop ??? Well Microsoft is making sure you will replace or add this new Thing -a- ma- Jig to your Technical arsenal ... Ex, How many people added a IPad / Tablet ( even though there is NO NEED FOR A TABLET ( if you have a Laptop ) .. smile Please give me credit when this becomes a reality ?? Yours Truly, That Crazy Dude who came up with the"Ridiculous Concept" that I thought was dumb ,but turned out to be Spot on!!!!!ha ha ha ha ha ( AKA JESTAR/*)
  • So you don't read Jason Ward's articles, huh
  • This with Edge ebooks would be great.
  • seeing more cancelled products than produced!! , although this one looks to be worthy of the cancelling, at least if no new products, we aren't in need of suff giving even more bad experience for some users, giving even more hoax about windows/ms stuff, pushing our stystem to die from all poratble future! - Surface Phone is the one and only hope and MS must deilver it at the best possible way!! or it is will game over for a long period of time!
  • There definitely needs to be more small tablets for Windows. Would like to replace my toddler's Stream 7 but there's just no good options atm, not below $350
  • So cool how the app doesn't show any pictures
  • I think this would've been a good product to launch. Maybe they could've launched a version with Windows 10 Mobile. Maybe they will if they improve it with the Surface Phone, if they make one.
  • ***** ugly yo
  • I wanted a mini, but not this mini. More closer to the big guys.
  • It looks nice at first glance but the specs are woefully bad. The USB ports are very limited. The Surface Mini would be welcome in the future with updated specs. I think that there is a market for a high quality tablet that is small. I would buy one.  Should it offer Windows 10 S, Home or Pro?
  • Yeah that was the right call. It needed to be windows 10, and the quality of the new surface range, with a killer pen, and really thin. Should be a windows on arm device ideally, with cshell.
  • Remember the 2013 Nexus 7? I continue to use that as my primary tablet, and still works like a charm. 
  • Design almost looked like a big Nokia Lumia 700-920 series. Not good enough for a Surface. Good thing they hit the pause button. Win RT failed anyway. Reboot this with Surface level premium build, design, add LTE, telephony, WOA, CShell, killer camera and battery life if it is a foldable device. A tablet is not a good camera to use, but if it is foldable, it should have a great camera like pureview once set the bar.
  • I'm sure they will announce an 8 inch device and I guess it will be released along with the new even smaller surface devices (aka phones). Windows ink is so nice and so much effort has been given to it, would be crazy not to have it in their list. It would be the perfect pocket sketch-notebook. Unless of course the new "phone" will be foldable and capable of becoming a medium sized tablet witch I doubt at least for now.
  • I can't say how much I like this device 😌😍
  • OMG - so THIS was it. And it would never have gotten Windows 10 as it was. Maybe the upcoming W10 on ARM would be the perfect chance to revive it.
  • Well thank you for this article as when I heard it ran Windows RT, I'm glad they scrapped this. Hopefully in the future they'll release one with ARM or m3/i3 as a nice portable device. 
  • I look at this design from the stand point of when it was first developed. 2012-2014 time frame. Also, I can see a good market for this in one area people keep ignoring in pushing for a "Surface" design scheme. The 18 and under age group. Sure, a "Surface" design, all smooth aluminum and pretty glass is nice to look at, but is it something you would give an 8 year old to use every day at home or at school? If MS wants to push into Education, here is what would work to compete with Apple: Take this design, actually add some rubber/plastic armor around the edges so it can survive a school year, give it a Dragontrail glass display instead of Gorilla Glass (kids devices need more flex in the display than scratch resistence), and setup a Win10 on ARM install that can be locked down hard by the parent or teacher. And stop trying to make devices thinner every new. You are giving up too much battery life for just a few ounces saved and compromising design strength in the process. Eat some Wheaties or hit the gym if you can't handle a device of more than a pound or two.
  • Surface mini, should have been turned into a 6" phablet. This should have been Microsoft's entry back to the Smartphone world.