Microsoft's Fluent Design System is coming to Windows 10 Mobile too

Microsoft hasn't really talked much about Windows 10 Mobile at this years Build developer conference, likely because there isn't much to talk about regarding the platform right now. Microsoft continues to say it's committed to the platform, but at Build made no real effort to prove that.

The new Fluent Design System that was announced at Build was shown off on basically every Microsoft platform but Windows 10 Mobile, which led many fans and developers to think that Windows 10 Mobile will be left behind as the new Fluent Design System is introduced to Windows 10 on PC, tablet, Xbox, HoloLens and more.

As it turns out, Microsoft's Fluent Design System will be making its way to Windows 10 Mobile too, all thanks to the Universal Windows Platform. If an app that's available on PC and Mobile has Fluent Design elements on PC, it can also have those same Fluent Design elements on Mobile, too.

There will of course be some slight differences depending on the app developer, but for the most part the Fluent Design System should work on Windows 10 Mobile as well. The only areas where it won't work are where an acrylic material is being used where there's nothing behind it. In that scenario, the blur will not be displayed.

An example of this is with the Calculator app. On PC, the entire app uses acrylic as its background, but on Windows 10 Mobile it does not, as there's no need for it. Some Insiders are already seeing Fluent Design updates on Windows 10 Mobile via some of Microsoft's first party apps, including Groove Music and Movies & TV. On Mobile, we're seeing the same new Fluent Design improvements as we are on PC, including Light, another big Fluent Design feature.

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If you're a Windows 10 Mobile user, you can expect to see more apps get updated with new Fluent Designs over the next few months leading into Redstone 3 and beyond. Until then, what apps are you hoping will be updated with the Fluent Design System? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

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  • Did you actually read the article? Apps might have the design language. There is no indication that it will come to the actual phone UI.
  • Yes, that's correct. But *at least* ours apps will get it. Some more life in our OS. It'll do for now. Once they come out with something big, this will act as a solid base (unlike 10586 at release).
  • Supported indirectly! Woo-hoo!!! Talk about being committed to the platform! =P
  • I'm hoping the Wireless Display Adapter app gets updated with Fluid Design, then perhaps it'll get a bit of indirect support and someone might fix it whilst they're at it so it works, as currently only the desktop version does and the mobile version's been forgotten and not updated to cope with the Creators Update.
  • Fluid Design? Someone fix? Could you use more English?
  • The worst app on both mobile and desktop. Both it and the miracast adapter are repeatedly broken by Microsoft's own updates. At least they have been for me.
  • You're reading into this too much I'm afraid. This is only happening because some UWP apps are getting updated. This has nothing to do with the mobile OS at all. It's not "more life." More life would imply more features and apps... not indirect support through the UWP.   Cannot bring myself to ne exicted about this at all personally.
  • Fact is, while these iDroid haters keep talking about how dead our platform is, we are using it, and still getting updates...... Ok.
  • The movies app looks amazing.
  • Yeah, I read the article.. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
  • @bleached
    Ehm... anything that has a UI is an app! There is no such thing as a "phone UI". If it's not an app it can't have a UI! The dialer is an app, contacts are managed in the people app, settings are set via a collection of settings apps, Calendar is an app... Considering W10oA will likely include all telephony related features, it's likely that even the apps that are currently exclusive to mobile will eventually get a UI makeover.
  • Fanboys are the funniest....I love their comments.   
  • So are the haters
  • Re: rodneyej,
    What are you trying to say?
  • I'm saying that I'm replying to your comment using W10 Mobile, and I'm gonna be doing so for a long time.. That's what I'm saying.
  • Must be some boring.   Considering you can only check your email, text and call.   Might as well buy a motorola rzr.
  • Try a Windows 10 mobile device first. Go buy a 950XL, try it out then come back and comment. Don't worry - you can buy almost three of them for the same price as a G8 or iPhone 7.
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    Well, stay here (at WINDOWS CENTRAL🤔) and your life will be pathetically miserable, because we're ALWAYS gonna wish for more Windows on Phone. We're always gonna have hope, as long as it's still accessible to us, and it still is... I know it eats haters like you up to see us stick with our platform of choice, but I'll never understand why. I'll never understand what you care.. I could care less about what phone you use (honestly, I give a rats ass) but you cry over mine everyday?🤔🤔.. Jesus, man.. Have a little self respect. Save the hating for the teenage girls; it's dumb. Get on with your life. You don't like WP? Fine, who cares, and of course you don't, that's your choice. But, who cares? Really, who cares? Ask yourself this; if we don't care about you, then why do you care about us so much?😟..... Why?
    Man, cheer the f### up. SMDH.
  • Can someone explain the hashtag TIG4WP?
  • This Is Good 4 Windows Phone. I had to look it up...
  • Fact is that this is STILL a WP fan site... The true fans aren't going anywhere, so the new "fans" need to respect that. They don't have to like it, but respect it.
  • So no Fluent design on the OS it self, no cool notification center...bummer
  • This would be such easy fix for MS by simply using the current start screen background when the phone is unlocked and the lock screen background when the phone is locked. Come to think about it. The action center would be logical to have it as it actually runs over everything else anyway.
  • They already confirmed that we aren't going to have a transparent /blurred action center
  • I'm sure its coming in the Redstone 3 release for Mobile... Wait, that's right, nevermind....
  • All the show and tell was all about iphone running Windows app so you would think we would be out of the game.
  • I do not want windows 10 mobile, I want windows 10 S on a smartphone.
  • The pc store has the better quality and more frequently updated apps at the moment, but as bad as the app situation on mobile is; there would be alot of needed apps still from 8.x days that can't make it over to a mobile S version.
  • I had not thought of that. In any case, Microsoft no longer supports WP, and people who still use WP 8x will still be able to use those apps. I'm talking about it from now on.
  • I think what mbrooks78 is talking about are apps like WhatsApp who don't have a windows 10 version i.e. 8.x apps running on windows 10 mobile. That would be completely lost.
  • I like to think of this as a clean slate restart for mobile. There are so many crazy 8.x apps still in store of which the user interface design is a thorn in my eyes that I believe a clean slate restart would actually benifit the ecosystem and not taking more trash with it. As for WhatsApp specifically, they will jump on the band wagon quickly. They can't ignore the potential user base spanning across so many form factors that can use mobile data build in.
  • Yeah, WhatsApp is going to make new app for an irrelevant platform. :D With Microsoft releasing no new phones we should be happy with what we've got, and not demand a clean restart - it would be a lot worse in that case.
  • We are not talking about the bleeding out and dying Windows 10 Mobile but WoA. WhatsApp would be stupid to ignore that.
    They already have win32 app which can run on any PC. They have no motivation to build a UWP application Unless there are more Windows phones that is. It's funny how so many people here at Windows Central look ahead into that WoA, but there are still no words about it.
  • WoA is coming to devices (laptops/2in1s) later this year, it's already been talked about. But there is no mention of phones. So yeah, people will be able to but devices which have a ARM chipset and cellular capabilities, so may be WhatsApp will benefit from getting an app on the store in the future (about 6-8 months down the line). Also, store app would mean support for Windows 10S, which the education sector and even enterprise are interested in. It could happen (though there is no guarantee)
  • Yes, they would benefit from having their app in the Store because of Windows 10 S, and possible of Windows 10 on ARM if it comes. I would expect that too. But they wouldn't bring a UWP app, but they would simply bring their win32 app into the Store, and that's it. Windows 10 on ARM will run these win32 apps just like Windows 10 S, and just like Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 PC's. When there are mobile phones, then they trade non-Windows 10 PC's for phones, if they decide to make a UWP, but - if there are no phones, UWP app would bring little benefits. Just look at Viber. They have stopped making new app versions for Windows 10 (mobile), so UWP Viber even works worse than win32 Viber even on PC. It's more reliable, and it doesn't have issues with some stickers which are present in the UWP version.
  • The Problem of the Win32 app of Whatsapp is, that it's just Whatsapp Web. That means it can only sync with a phone using whatsapp. The Win32 app is not a standalone version...
  • Why do you guys think WM is dying?... Seems more like It's evolving to me... And, for the better.
  • its evolving and dying you can do both as a platform. just ask blackberry, when they moved from bbos to android they were evolving while sales were declining and all indications were blackberry was dieng. 
  • Yeah, but it's not changing to Android, from what it appears.. It's being rebooted to another "system" of Windows, which has happened 3 times already so I don't know what the big deal is... The only difference (and annoyance) is that It's happening under retrenchment... Bad decision on MS's part, in my opinion, but it is what it is.
  • you missed my point the retrenchment is the dieng the windows 10 arm is the evolution. And it remains to be seen if windows phone ends up like blackberry.
  • You don't even know if they are ever going to bring Windows 10 on ARM into phones. Right now all we know is that we haven't seen a single Windows phone globally available released in 14 months.
  • Lol. True.
  • Blackberry as we knew it died. :)
  • Yes.. NOBODY can say WP is at that point right now.
  • Ok, You're gonna have one, that's coming end of this year, 100% Win10S on ARM
  • At least 2 years until that might happen.
  • Link? Evidence?
  • Agreed ;)
  • Me 2
  • Isn't that the same as windows mobile 10? In the sense that you can only install store apps.
  • No. Windows 10 Mobile is a total different branch. WoA would really mean OneCore for all and the boot loader could also be designed differently for ultra mobile PCs
  • Windows 10S is the OS you mention, where only store apps can be installed. The idea is similar to mobile, but 10S can run x86 apps (if they are published in the store). So a big difference
  • Why S?.... Why not full W10 using Cshell?
  • Mobile needs the acrylic. It's BS that they can't...our phones have wallpaper right? So acrylic apps can show the wallpaper behind the desktop apps..not rocket science guys.
  • Although, that's not the way the desktop apps work - if a desktop app goes full screen then the acrylic turns off and goes the same as has been said for mobile. From what I can tell, mobile has full fluent support from these apps....os stuff will come too I think
  • I can't see how would that make sense, seeing as full screen apps on macOS retain their "Vibrancy" properties. For example, Safari still uses a blurred version of the wallpaper on its new tab page.
  • Wow, down votes - only telling how it is!! I was at build, and sat in a number of sessions about the new design language. They very specifically explained that full screen wouldn't have acrylic - try it with something like groove, the desktop background is not visible in full screen. Microsoft believe when the background can't be seen it distracts from the app.
  • Apparently not down votes, I cant read!!
  • I'm a bit annoyed, because I like using my apps full screen (sometimes even in tablet mode), but I also like all those translucency things. Microsoft is going back to the Vista days with this.
  • But why can't full screen have it? I'm curious. The background just doesn't vanish does it? So they can still have it right!!
  • Yeah, I do not get it either. Why would they not just use the desktop's wallpaper, or on mobile the start screen background. It is mindboggling.
  • Re: daveln101:
    Did you intend to say "Microsoft believes when the background CAN be seen, it distracts from the app"?
  • Yes, in full screen, the blurred background doesn't necessarily blend with the app, and therefore becomes distracting. When the background is visible (not full screen) it means the window doesn't look so rough - the blending makes it feel like it is above the background, giving depth to the ui
  • Mobile is in desperate need of some real flair. Drop shadow alone won't cut it. Mimic the arcylic from desktop would be the touch it needs. (I get what you are saying about full screen but mobile only has that one mode...for mobile it should be there)
  • Acrylic will be there within apps, for example, the hamburger menu is a place where it fits. But it is also up to the devs to think about where the concept fits within their app.
  • Look at Samsung music for an idea of how good it would look if the entire app used it. Shouldn't be up to Devs because that's how you lose consistency.
  • Mobile needs a lot more than a new coat of paint, dude.
  • Yes it is BS they CAN'T.....but its not BS they DON'T WANT TO.   They do not want to deal with w10m.  simple.
  • WOOHOO truth downvotes!
  • Yeah they could, couldn't they. All they'd need to do is give the option to turn it off. I think I'll make a feature request for this, though not hoping for much.
  • Nobody is saying nothing is coming to WM. That's not what Zack said.. He's talking about what will most likely happen... For all we know MS could be planning an entire OS overhaul... All the current work done on W10M is TOTALLY usable in future mobile versions of W10, as with W10/Cshell. Current development of WM is not a waste, it's development for whatever MS does in mobile for the future..
    Since MS continues development for W10M it's quite obvious that they have future plans in mobile... Windows on pocketable mobile devices isn't going anywhere. We're just not sure what "version" MS will offer in the future.
  • It is very obvious that the fall update will be the final Windows 10 Mobile Update. With Windows 10S bolstering the store and Windows 10 on ARM coming this fall Microsoft will be making the transition after this. I love the moves personally.
  • There is so guarantee that we'll get Fall Creators Update on Mobile. If we would get it then Mobile should have come to the RS3 branch long ago (so that timely bug fixing can be done). Why are we still on feature2 when RS3 on PC is half done? The bug bash is also on the way.
  • Lol what? RS3 is in early stages. Bug bash won't start until probably September.
  • Bugbash is starting next week, 15th-21st May. Check out the announcement: Quoting:
    The Bug Bash will start at 12am (Pacific Time) on Monday May 15th and will run a full week ending at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on Sunday May 21st.
  • That's only the first bug bash (there will be several, and I should have specified the "final" bug bash won't happen until probably September). This thing is nowhere near done.
  • That's only the first bug bash (there will be several, and I should have specified the "final" bug bash won't happen until probably September). This thing is nowhere near done.
  • Early stages or not, it's a bugbash nonetheless. And it's starting tomorrow. You're right, should have specified "final" indeed. :P
  • I can GUARANTEE you won't get about that!
  • Re: Steve Adams,
    Real guarantees have legal implications and obligations.
  • Hahahahaha. Amen. Ain't that life?
  • like?  but anyways....i can guarantee AGAIN that windows 10 mobiles that are released in the wild now...are dead....unfeature 2 is the last thing to come to w10m.   after's WINDOWS RT doom for you.
  • That is disappointing if RS3 is almost feature complete. I was hoping they bring the Groove music maker and 3D capture features teased in Creator's Update.
  • They desktop.
  • How about adding it to the Windows Central App.
  • While cool, I'd be happy if the app didn't freeze for 5-10 seconds on launch, and didn't do that weird backscroll thing it does when you start scrolling through stories after it first unfreezes.
  • The Android app works flawlessly btw lol
  • Do we know if there is any hope for the WC app to be updated? Or is it officially abandoned?
  • Dunno, I read a comment awhile back saying that Rubino had mentioned in apostasy that usage of the app was minimal. The irony of WC touting the benefits of UWP and wanting a better mobile experience, then not updating their own mobile app...
  • And didn't crash every time you look at it the wrong way
  • Settings > apps > apps and features > wincentral > advanced > reset app No more freezing.
  • Well, what do you know, much nicer. Thanks! Maybe future versions (I know) could do the equivalent on their own the first time they are run.
  • How about they work on getting notifications to work properly so I know when new articles are posted. That would be even more useful.
  • Beginning to wonder if CU didn't bork up the notification system a little. Since installing CU, the tiles for some of my apps aren't nearly as lively. They do still flip, so there is that.
  • Please let it happen. But I doubt it. Considering they don't seem to be making anything off of the W10 PC/Mobile app (no ads/freemium option), there doesn't seem to be any incentive. Mobile app works fine but PC app is terrible and constantly crashes on cold start.
  • By the time they release it, the only apps that will benefit will be calculator and Groove.
  • You forgot Alarm Clock and File Explorer...
  • LOL
  • 😅
  • Glad to hear that Microsoft still care for us.
  • Assuming they even keep Mobile in the SDK...
  • Seems like a last hoorah before MS push Windows on ARM.
  • Is that really a bad thing? Windows 10 Mobile is dead. Burry it.
  • I reported this yesterday as most core apps have this now.
  • So W10M is getting the design too..... But not exactly directly but more due to a side effect of MS working on PC/Tablet. In other words, nothing new is coming to W10M directly, only certain apps that are updated to suit PC will get the changes.
  • This is correct and it is a shame you were downvoted for stating the truth
  • Oh well, I don't really care what others think of what I post. I still love my 950XL, even after two straight months fiddling with An Android exclusively. Once the app fad wore off and I tried all the launchers, live wallpapers and lock screens, I wasn't impressed and went back to my 950XL. Still I am more than aware of MS leaving W10M in the dust and while this article paints a positive note towards development for W10M, the reality is that beyond bug fixing, they aren't doing anything for Mobile and all of this article's fluff is derived from MS working on stuff for PC, not Mobile.
  • Yes, i commented above regarding this. - There is so guarantee that we'll get Fall Creators Update on Mobile. If we would get it then Mobile should have come to the RS3 branch long ago (so that timely bug fixing can be done). Why are we still on feature2 when RS3 on PC is half done? The bug bash is also on the way.
  • I am with you that. I tried for several weeks a Android and iPhone device but damn are they clunky. I hope that win10 on arm will be released on current Win10 devices; don't care that the emulator might be locked but at least we would not need directly jump on board buying first gen devices. I would even pay a reasonable fee to get the upgrade.
  • Re: Awhispersechho,
    A down vote is just a "I disagree or don't like". No big deal. Just an opinion. I like them better than having to post a comment saying the thought. Some comment strings are too long.
    Best Wishes
  • All signs point towards morphing WM to WoA. They are not stopping developing WM10 altogether just yet. They are tweaking the mobile interface too. When WoA and cshell are ready, then the hardware can be released.
  • I feel a little lossed. I've been hearing a lot about wait until we have full CShell.... Can someone explain to me why this is a big thing??? What is the benefit?
  • You will be running Windows programs in theory.
  • I am not positive about any of this but I think cshell is supposed to be an adaptive environment that would let windows (pc) store apps and win32 apps brought over by centennial run on mobile devices. One major issue would be that mobile users will still be using a app designed for a tablet or pc. If the apps were designed well perhaps they can change adaptively. Of course this would work beautifully on a foldable 9" screen :)
  • Would like to see Fluent Design elements in Windows Central, Accuweather, Readit, Outlook, just to name a few.
  • Sadly, devs dont update their apps on the Windows Store.
  • And this will be Nutella's legacy..."I absolutely decimated Windows 10 Mobile, but I brought Fluent Design to the last two users before killing it!"
  • I swear you have an unhealthy addiction to Nadella. Borderline infatuation. It's weird and sad.
  • Don't know who the this Nadella chap is that you speak of.
  • Exactly, an I luv natelila!!! 😘
  • That's great news and all, but all I want is Night Shift or some way to install f.lux. I'm an insomniac and my 950's uber bright screen makes me want to rip my eyes out..
  • Not fully insomniac, but 4-hour sleep guy here. I feel the same. Even at lowest brightness I can use it as a torch-light.
  • If you go into advanced settings and then color profile, you can slide it all the way to the warm side and that should help a bit.
  • Yep that's exactly what I do, manually, every day.. Honestly I'd be happy if they simply implemented a timer feature into the color profile settings. My settings:  
  • can change the color profile to warm temperature to get out the blues
  • Yep I know, see the post above yours for my color profile settings. Just wish it did it automatically.
  • LOL, like this matters with no modern hardware.
  • Veiw 3d it doesn't work
  • I wish someone would correct people of the notion that windows on arm is for phones Its for tablets/notebooks/servers according to MS themselves , AND its not even ready for those yet, let alone mobile AND what exactly is the benefit of win32 on phones outside of continuum? The platform needs more true UWP apps first.
  • Agreed, MS is not considering phones as primary hardware to bring out WoA, may once it is done experimentng with laptops, tablets etc then it might try out a mobile device.probably all those articles around surface phone by Ward fan this fire where it is depicted that every by move is somehow directed towards surface phone as end result.
  • Good news for windows10 mobile users while they wait to rejoin the main development branch and get their delayed features!
  • I think Richard Devine needs to come here and straighten this post out. He has reminded us several times over the past couple of weeks that windows 10 mobile is DEAD!
  • This article isn't saying W10M is getting the design. It is just saying that apps on W10M might have some Fluent design. Very different things. There are also iPhone designed apps and material designed apps I am sure. This is obvious and not really news.
  • Anybody knows if My People is coming to mobile?
  • these apps deserve a refresh for this new design language like the refresh store had  in fluent design video