Microsoft's Fluent Design System is coming to Windows 10 Mobile too

Microsoft hasn't really talked much about Windows 10 Mobile at this years Build developer conference, likely because there isn't much to talk about regarding the platform right now. Microsoft continues to say it's committed to the platform, but at Build made no real effort to prove that.

The new Fluent Design System that was announced at Build was shown off on basically every Microsoft platform but Windows 10 Mobile, which led many fans and developers to think that Windows 10 Mobile will be left behind as the new Fluent Design System is introduced to Windows 10 on PC, tablet, Xbox, HoloLens and more.

As it turns out, Microsoft's Fluent Design System will be making its way to Windows 10 Mobile too, all thanks to the Universal Windows Platform. If an app that's available on PC and Mobile has Fluent Design elements on PC, it can also have those same Fluent Design elements on Mobile, too.

There will of course be some slight differences depending on the app developer, but for the most part the Fluent Design System should work on Windows 10 Mobile as well. The only areas where it won't work are where an acrylic material is being used where there's nothing behind it. In that scenario, the blur will not be displayed.

An example of this is with the Calculator app. On PC, the entire app uses acrylic as its background, but on Windows 10 Mobile it does not, as there's no need for it. Some Insiders are already seeing Fluent Design updates on Windows 10 Mobile via some of Microsoft's first party apps, including Groove Music and Movies & TV. On Mobile, we're seeing the same new Fluent Design improvements as we are on PC, including Light, another big Fluent Design feature.

If you're a Windows 10 Mobile user, you can expect to see more apps get updated with new Fluent Designs over the next few months leading into Redstone 3 and beyond. Until then, what apps are you hoping will be updated with the Fluent Design System? Let us know in the comments!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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