Microsoft's HelpBridge Windows Phone app: Connecting friends, family and resources in times of emergency

HelpBridge is a new Windows Phone app from Microsoft that is designed to help you get through times of emergency and find resources to help those in need.

You'll have to create a HelpBridge account based on your Facebook or Microsoft Account. As you create your account, you add emergency contacts that you can contact when you need help or just to let them know you're alright. When you do reach out for help or let everyone know your okay, the app will send a brief message and map of your location via email, sms to your contact group and there's even a way to post the message on Facebook.


If an emergency has occurred in your area and you are looking for a way to help, HelpBridge also lists a ton of resources. HelpBridge has pages listing ways to text donations, donate through your PayPal account, goods donation resources, and volunteer opportunities.

As far as your emergency contacts group is concerned, you can always edit that group or Groups such as work associates or subordinates, family members, friends, or neighbors. Just hit the three dot menu and choose group management.

Why no automated phone calls with HelpBridge? We can't be certain but while the feature would be nice, we've found that in natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) when cell towers survive the voice traffic often weighs the system down tremendously. For whatever technical reason, email and text messages go through much easier even when the network is too busy for voice calls.

HelpBridge is a nice resource app to have on your Windows Phone to bridge yourself in times of emergency when you need help or have help to offer. It's a free app for your Windows Phone that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.  It is currently only available in the U.S. and HelpBridge is also available on iOS and Android devices as well.  For more information on those versions, check out the Microsoft HelpBridge website.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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