Microsoft's Language Community app taps Insiders to correct Windows 10 translations

Microsoft recently released a new app in the Windows Store meant to help refine translations across Windows 10. Called Language Community (opens in new tab), the app relies on Windows Insiders to help correct and suggest better translations for functions across the operating system (via Aggiornamenti Lumia). And if you don't have a suggestion offhand, the app will offer up suggestions to upvote from other Windows Insiders.

Here's how Microsoft describes the app:

Help us make Windows translations better! Capture screenshots of Windows translations that need improvements. Send us your translation suggestions or vote for translation suggestions submitted by other Windows Insiders. Join the Windows Insider program and help shape Windows in your language.

The app works by asking you to take screen captures of a particular system window whenever you find something deemed to be a bad translation. From there, you can highlight the text on any area to bring up either a list of suggestions from other Insiders or suggest your own translation.

Crowdsourcing translation corrections is certainly an interesting approach, and if there were ever a place to do it, the Insider community would be it. Language Community is labeled as a pre-release version and is available to download now, but it's only up for grabs for Windows Insiders on the Fall Creators Update and up.

Thanks for the tip, Alex!

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  • MSFT should employ group of professional translators to do that, asking Insiders to do it for free is really stingy way, also Insiders aren't so reliable to offer quality of translation.
  • Tay also learnt from the community.
  • So another shameless company with billions in profits can't be bothered to hire proffessional translators but instead abuses its loyal and ignorant fanboys into working for them for free. But I guess for Microsoft under Nadella its not a big jump; after all they already replaced their whole QA department with free fanboy labor.  
  • This is God damn shameless, just like the Insider program. So I paid hard-earned dollars for a Windows 10 license, and I have to offer my unpaid labor to the company who made this ****, to fix bugs and correct crappy machine translation? "Crowdsourcing" this is not. It's shameless exploitation.
  • You don't have to offer anything. For your hard earned dollars you can use the release version of the software and nothing is expected of you. The insider program is an optional program for people who want to help and participate in the development of the product. If you don't want to do that then just use the software you paid for nothing more is required.
  • Wow, I am surprised by all the hate this is getting.  As a developer I think it is a great idea.  Windows is a huge application.  It is a daunting task to try and find and test everything every time a change is made.  By using millions of testers instead of a small group you have a far greater chance of finding the little details that may be missed.  Microsoft never said they are getting rid of their internal testers.  They are just expanding the pool and getting outside help as well.  If you don't want to test for Microsoft then stop being an Insider.  The whole point of the Insider program is to help them test and is entirely OPTIONAL.
  • yeah I have same reaction. Why so much negativity? Infact something related to language should always be dealt in community. I remember even google did the same thing when they were working on Hindi voice translation, they used to come to our college and ask us to record translation of curse words lol... that was always fun to do :P
  • I agree, some people just don't understand
  • Why oh why, when I click the link in the article in the Windows Central App on my Windows 10 PC do I get the menu that asks me to choose an app to perform this task without any further options to choose from? Can't this app just simply link to the proper url or what is it???
  • In Windows settings (not in Windows Central App settings) : Applications> Applications for websites> Disable Windows Central.
  • Finally I can help make Arabic more Arabic!!!! -and less Bing Translated-