Microsoft's Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID now available for $129.99

Microsoft has just released an updated version of its Surface Keyboard, dubbed the "Microsoft Modern Keyboard," that features a built-in Windows Hello enabled fingerprint reader for PCs that may not have a Windows Hello enabled webcam.

The Modern Keyboard is now available via the Microsoft Store in the US for $129.99, Canada and China, which is $30 more than the standard Surface Keyboard of the same design but without the fingerprint reader. The new Modern Keyboard is Bluetooth, but can also be used with a wire if you prefer.

Microsoft says the keyboard should last 4 months on a single charge, and is in fact rechargeable, so you shouldn't need to dish out for new batteries every so often. The product description is as follows:

Long and complicated passwords are a thing of the past with this beautifully designed keyboard. The fingerprint sensor is subtly hidden in a normal-looking key and uses Windows Hello to let you sign in instantly and more securely with one simple press. It can be used wired or wirelessly with Bluetooth.

Microsoft tells Windows Central that it has nothing to announce regarding availability of the Modern Keyboard outside the US, Canada and China, which is unfortunate for those outside those countries who were interested in this product.

Will you be buying Microsoft's new Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID? Let us know!

See Modern Keyboard at Microsoft

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