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This is Microsoft's new Surface Laptop with Windows 10 S

Microsoft's upcoming new Surface device, being dubbed the "Surface Laptop" has leaked online just a day before its official unveiling. Information, along with the device itself has leaked revealing screen size, Windows 10 edition and more.

How to watch the #MicrosoftEDU event

The Surface Laptop is a 13.5-inch clamshell device. It doesn't detach, as it's designed like your traditional laptop. It's rocking a PixelSense display, and comes bundled with Windows 10 S, Microsoft's upcoming edition of Windows 10 that's locked to the Windows Store. The Surface Laptop will be available in four colors, including Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold.

Judging by the leaked renders, it appears the Surface Laptop is rocking just three or possibly four ports. One USB port, one DisplayPort and a headphone jack. It may also include an SD card slot. It's also rocking Microsoft's own proprietary charging port, that appears to be unchanged from the one found on the likes of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Although the Surface Laptop comes preloaded with Windows 10 S, we expect users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro if they so wish, unlocking the ability to install desktop programs from outside the Windows Store.

Microsoft is expected to officially unveil this device tomorrow at it's education event. It's interesting to see Microsoft tackle the more traditional laptop style class of devices, especially considering Surface has always been a device category to reinvent or innovate on already existing device form-factors. Stay tuned to Windows Central for more on the new Surface Laptop.

How to watch the #MicrosoftEDU event

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Looks good for schools 🏫 🎒
  • Super boring name... But, it definitely gets the message clear.
  • I don't think so, it has a purpose and will most likely serve it very well.
  • Yeah, that's what I said.
  • IMO who cares about the name, it looks gorgeous to me.
  • Reynaldo!!!! Don't you say that! Shame on you, Mr. silly willy pants!.... I've been ******* about marketing for years, and you say it doesn't matter???? Marketing is EVERYTHING!😭😭😭😭
  • S=Store. Works for "s"tudents!!
  • And a 4 letter word when you see the empty app store but hopefully devices like this will help fill it up.
  • The store is not empty. Please stop spreading that BS.
  • The store is a JOKE compaired to IOS and Android.  There is little hope that the Microsoft store will crack the mainstream without Chrome and Google Maps for starters....I am a long term Microsoft user...
  • Google Maps is a joke for me.  As an uber driver google maps is constantly telling me to drive through buildings, forge through 12 backyards to get to a house.  Wrong streets because the customer was in the back of their house even though the address is clear.  It is so unreliable in half my city, i simply use windows maps on my 950xl.  Now it also happens so often that for 80% of the time i know where it 'wants' me to go and i know where i 'should' go. Chrome is meh, i havent used it in years (other than testing html code after testing it in other browsers) and I am the most productive person in the office (day job).  I am sure that someone with 20 extensions etc might be above me...but they are so rare, that they are like a unicorn. Yes the app store is a 'joke' compared to ios/android.  then again no one needs 1.5million apps, and if done right most wont need them either.  Remember when android had 150k apps and the world was on fire because of it? Does that mean windows doesnt need more store apps? nope.  Then again, x32 can be put in a store app with little effort, this will hopefully force that change.
  • You can upgrade Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro and then install Bluetrax and beable to install apps finally. If bluetrax was in the Windows 10 app store and UWP, we wouldn't need Pro I could switch back to an Elite X3 phone.  Wishful thinking...
  • Um, yeah, it pretty much is.
  • No, the store is empty. It's true.
  • S for "slim". Play station started it :D :D :D
  • S for "speed". iPhone started it :D :D :D
  • S for "sex". I started it :D :D :D
  • Picture or it didn't happen....
  • I had to look three times until I found the name: Surface Laptop. Is a description but definately NOT a name for a product. It's like Apple named its Iphone the "big screen telephone". And that would even get the functionality across, while "Surface Laptop" is a Laptop with a surface???. It shows that the folks at Microsoft are isolated from the would. In the real world no one would know what a "Surface" is, but everbody knows an IPAD. And an IPAD Laptop would create some imagination.  It is sad to see a former well doing company being run into the ground by their inapt management. They probably fired the marketing department BEFORE they cancelled WinMobile.
  • <p>I had to look three times until I found the name: Surface Laptop. Is a description but definately NOT a name for a product.</p> <p>It&#39;s like Apple named its Iphone the &quot;big screen telephone&quot;.</p> <p>And that would even get the functionality across, while &quot;Surface Laptop&quot; is a Laptop with a surface???.</p> <p>It shows that the folks at Microsoft are isolated from the world. In the real world no one would know what a &quot;Surface&quot; is, but everbody knows an IPAD. And an IPAD Laptop would create some imagination.&nbsp; It is sad to see a former well doing company being run into the ground by their inapt management. They probably fired the marketing department BEFORE they cancelled WinMobile.</p>
  • I had to look three times until I found the name: Surface Laptop. Is a description but definitely NOT a name for a product. It's like Apple named its Iphone the "big screen telephone". And that would even get the functionality across, while "Surface Laptop" is a Laptop with a surface???. It shows that the folks at Microsoft are isolated from the world. In the real world no one would know what a "Surface" is, but everybody knows an IPAD. And an IPAD Laptop would create some imagination. It is sad to see a former well doing company being run into the ground by their inapt management. They probably fired the marketing department BEFORE they cancelled WinMobile.
  • I had to look three times until I found the name: Surface Laptop. Is a description but definitely NOT a name for a product. It's like Apple named its Iphone the "big screen telephone". And that would even get the functionality across, while "Surface Laptop" is a Laptop with a surface???. It shows that the folks at Microsoft are isolated from the world. In the real world no one would know what a "Surface" is, but everybody knows an IPAD. And an IPAD Laptop would create some imagination. It is sad to see a former well doing company being run into the ground by their inapt management. They probably fired the marketing department BEFORE they cancelled WinMobile.
  • To be honest, this is a not a progressive approach after raising the bar high from surface, this seems to bringing that bar down.
  • Possibly. Now, if this was being released along much needed refreshed Surface Pro devices, it wouldn't feel that way.. But, after such a long hiatus, and only this, the perception is that MS is slacking... Let's wait, and see, what the preliminary hands on review from WC yields. We might be surprised.
  • Yeah, exactly my point MS needed to cover every market with surface be it education market, enterprise market, entertainment industry. They actually let the time slip away and gave time to it's competitors to come out with something "new". It's a time for MS to really move to "surface hardware" in every department. May be even in case of Xbox also.
  • I think the idea is to push other manufacturers to develop and innovate. MS is a software and services company foremost, after all... That being said, this is a new type of Windows device, so it's in line with that strategy, but I, like many others here, would have liked to see something more exciting, something for the consumers, something mobile...
  • Tbh, I am not in favour of branding MS as a stereotyped software and service company. If anybody thinks so including me, we should pull our hopes back from surface phone & surface pro. They do good in hardware too.... Xbox, surface line (hybrid & studio), even wearables and HoloLens are there to be quoted as good products manufactured by MS.
  • I agree... Why should they be limited to being thought of as a one trick pony?.
  • Exactly. MS has limited manufacturing capability. If this device is to be ordered to an extent that is forced by incapable "competitors", MS will be flushed with orders way above its capacity without a new streamline of high-end devices. These high-end devices are already manufactured by Samsung, HP and whathaveyou. MS does not need to ship these devices. Windows 10 alread runs on them. I mean Microsoft had not not shipped new phone devies since when? And the platform still exists.
  • MS has unlimited manufacturing ability... What makes you think that? They do the same as Apple, they outsource the build of Surface devices... They have as much ability as they commission their "ODM" to make, and there's plenty of manufacturers available who would love to take on more work. MS can sell as much as Apple, they just know they won't, so they are more careful about how much stock they produce...look at Band. They weren't always short because they couldn't keep up, rather they were being cautious not to over produce... But, they could've flooded the market if demand was relevant.
  • They did move to xbox
  • I honestly just don't get this move. Sure, cover all the markets but I don't think this is what students want. Store only apps, I just think it's a terrible idea. An education laptop that doesn't run full versions of word and excel? Seems pretty stupid (unless you can download those from the windows store but I don't believe you can). 
  • Well since the press conference hasn't happened yet we don't know if that restriction will be true upon launch.   Personally I think theres a 50-50 chance  the will be announcing the Office 365 suite will be sideloadble in the store at launch of windows 10s... Heck project centenial exists, and once it's out of beta all the pieces will be there to allow schools and enterprises to manage and sideload all thier custom software needs via the win 10 store.   It's only a matter of completing the R&D and enabling the support in the management tools (such as intune, etc). 
  • It's not about what students want at all. It's about what IT departments in the education sector want. They want a secure device with a secure and locked down OS that can be managed easily and this device fills that need completely.
  • Ahh, but this can run the full version of Word and Excel (and any other Win32 program) once it has been converted to a UWP App via the Centennial bridge. And rumor has it that part of today's event will announce Windows Store versions of full Office apps.
  • office apps will be soon in store...yes I know they are just rumors but they are strong enough to be true...and other main stream would eventually be in store...I am saying that because In my side of world it seems people are recognizing(atleast tech enthusiasts) the efforts of ms
  • If full Office is not in Windows Store yet, they might do like they did with Windows RT and preload it.
  • The other side of the fence is, no real big innovations to upgrade to. Yes, I know there are a few things that could be done but MS's partners has that covered. I think Surface is going exactly what they intended to with the brand. Release products when they are ready and makes sense.
    New windows sku for a specifically for a particular market? It makes sense to showcase hardware that takes advantage of the os to it's fullest... What the Surface is about.
  • I think you may be right, but not deserved. If priced Right it could be great. Chromebooks are essentially boring, but a big deal in education. I am intrigued. Think marketing and price. If Microsoft prices the at 350 to 400 that leaves traditional oems the 200 to 300 market.
  • It is most likely priced at $499 and leave $300-$400 range for OEMs.
  • I agree. I understand with the Mobile, home, and wearable failures (complete extinctions) under Nadella, Microsoft has to try to find a way to force itself into the next generations hands. However, saying "Wow! A laptop!" is sort of a let down.
  • You do realize this is meant to be a much cheaper device? Schools aren't going to pay incredibly high prices for technology, so expecting this to rival a Surface Pro or a Surface Book in terms of design or build quality is crazy.
  • I agree, but MS need to have a strategy that need to be followed periodically. A company can't just come out with a "surface" which was successful hoping to follow the success trend. This is not bad but should have come out earlier may be at the time of surface 3. A clear cut strategy with hardware is the urgent requirement for MS whether it's mobile or surface or xbox. Look, they might not come out with a surface pro 5 & surface book 2 this year which is a deviation and that's what is embarrassing. I hope follow ups of surface laptop will come out periodically may be once in two year but periodically.
  • No, thus the complaints before the announcement disregarding what market this device is actually made for... That's like complaining a fork maker about making forks because you decided you want to rake the grass with it even after they told you its for eating. He doesn't realize...
  • It is hard to beat the surface line (book and pro), they already created a movement with it, purpose done, now this jewel is gorgeous. I think it will be used for students. Make sense.
  • Are they going to wind up brand Yu ??
  • Too cool for school 
  • "Although the Surface Laptop comes preloaded with Windows 10 S, we expect users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro if they so wish, unlocking the ability to install desktop programs from outside the Windows Store."   So they work for a long time to create the cheapest education product to compete with other low end devices, and WC expects to install Windows Pro and other applications on this?
  • Zac want talking about the hardware capabilities in that sentence. He was referring to the software's upgrade path. Context!
  • meh, looks like a copy of MacBook and the price will be the same  
  • *Graphite gold?
  • Yup, typo.
  • Lol... Someone gave you a thumbs down for agreeing😂😂
  • If it's for education you probably don't want kids detaching it or what not.
  • Exactly
  • If it's for education you probably don't want kids using the tablet section as a baseball bat...
  • Lol
  • Why not? Education has been the place my Surface Pro 3 has felt most at home. Being able to take handwritten notes and interact directly with content on the screen has made learning fun.
  • How old are you?
    Edit: What grade are you in is slightly less creepy of a question
  • I have taken all of my university notes on my SP3. Why do you sound like such a gesture is only done by some second graders?
  • My point is quite the opposite actually! Sp3 is great for those students but when we are talking devices for school districts, we are talking primary and secondary edu.
  • I'm no longer in school. My recent experience is with university and continued learning in my job, as well as learning languages and other things. I did wish for a device like the Surface Pro in school too, something that could reduce the number of text books & notebooks that I had to carry and that I could search through quickly (particularly my notes). I also took subjects like advanced mathematics, technical design, geography, physics and others where we did a lot of drawing and sketching, writing/solving formulas, etc. that better suited some form of inking than using a keyboard and trackpad.
  • I figured as much. You aren't the target market for this. The sp3 is great for the type of student you were. But here, it's about primary and secondary school. Kids lose modular parts of tech sets or break them. We are talking computer carts and locked down sys for it departments in elementary schools selling by sets.
    The sp3 (now 4/book) was for us and our use cases. This is for under that when you don't need THAT much specialized tools that the pro line offers.
    Remember computer classes when learning how to type in primary school? These kids are doing so grades under in comparison to us. This is for things like that.
  • Did you read the rest of my comment? I longed for a device like the Surface Pro at secondary school. And children at primary schools here have iPads and other fancy tech, especially in the private schools but even the public schools. An iPad or MacBook at secondary school these days would not be out of place. And 'specialised tools' of the pro line? I'm talking about handwritten notes, marking up textbooks, drawing, those things aren't specialised, they're core to student life of all ages. The fact that I learnt to type on an electric typewriter in grade 8 but still wanted something like the Surface Pro I think makes my case stronger. I actually have sketches I made in my high school days of something like an iPod hooked up to glasses like the hololens that I could use to read my textbooks instead of having to carry them around.
  • Actually it is not for students, it is for schools that need to buy hundreds of devices and keep them replaced as they are getting worn by their students each year. I am just surprised it's so slim that one can steal in under one's pants. So it is far from replacing SP3.
  • But there are already a heap of devices schools can buy cheaply if that's what they want. I know this new device isn't a Surface Pro, and I don't want it to be, but the Surface line to date has an interaction model that is *great* for education so why wouldn't you give the schools the option? They already have a choice of cheap, traditional laptops, why not give the option of something that adds value to their students and helps them learn?
  • Performance and management vs cost on those devices. Just look at the reason schools are going with chromebooks over the cheap Windows laptops and expensive pro devices that are already available. This addresses that. That's the point!
  • I don't mind them releasing a new device to target a specific market but my point is that this device brings nothing new and really diverges from the Surface paradigm. We now know that this laptop has a touch screen and support for the surface pen, so it's not a cost saving measure, but it has a form factor that really makes those things worthless.   Sure make a cheaper device to take on chromebooks in the EDU space BUT don't throw away the core interaction model that makes the Surface line great for EDU in the first place.
  • What is that form factor?
  • But for education, a TABLET form factor is good actually!!
  • looks good. :) 
  • Hmmm... meh . maybe it's only $200 or something.
  • Down vote? For what? Its got to beat the Asus Transformer Mini for $249 at the Microsoft Store and it can be a tablet, comes with a pen, and has a non-crippled OS.
    Look yourself and compare... what would you pay? Is the laptop really that inspiring?
  • :(
  • I might buy one for $199.
  • Try $399.99 because that's what It's gonna cost.
  • Why pay $150 more for it when you can get the Asus Transformer Mini with pen for $249?
  • This is on the higher end of low.... We don't even know what it has to offer yet, so how can we judge?
  • No one can buy it yet, so we'll all wait. That said, it needs something special to be a deal at $400.
  • first of all the price for Transformer Mini orignialy was $400 then drop to $250
  • Ok, but it's $249 today.
  • do you know about special sales ? yes sometimes surface pro is cheeper too, i buy my surface book and they give me a free xbox one / it doesnt mean you always get a xbox one with the purchase of surface book every time 
  • Maybe you were down-voted for missing the point of this device and the OS. If it performs better than the Asus (not hard) or lasts longer for a little more $$ it could be worth it. And a "crippled" OS to you is a secure OS to institutions that need to easily manage hundreds to thousands of devices. Would I prefer an education-focused 2-in-1 with inking? Heck yes! But let's wait and see what this device actually IS before we knock it. Remember how surprised everyone was when the Surface Book screen detached? Maybe there are surprises in store today as well.
  • C'mon!
  • Man, I really hate Microsoft's color schemes. It just looks like an Apple knockoff. That light gray is the epitome of the blandness Microsoft has gotten (sometimes unjustly) associated with. I wish they would take a risk in design and be interesting, like Nokia did with the original Lumias and the Surface Pro keyboards tried for. Something that makes their products look less cheap. They do so little to draw the attention of consumers, and I don't know why. Atleast they're putting SOME cotions into this, but it just sem to be copying what the masses are doing.Then again, my isue with Nokia was never having a arkish-ll look great. Only downside after that is my hatred of keyboards without number pads...and that abhorrent mouse --Still waiting for replies to work on this site in Edge, so if you complain about my comment, I won't say anything back!
  • Use the app
  • App also dont work. Currently using the old app to view and reply to comments
  • I ONLY use the app
  • replying from edge build 16184
  • For the right price ($300 and below) I'll get one.
  • This is nice, but unless it's < $400 they're not gonna be able to compete with Chromebooks. Gotta wait for the price.
  • These colours...God, each one worse than the last. Can't they do a simple, NORMAL black device? I mean, yeah, I know, the Surface line now has gone all in on the Apple-Silver trend, but ffs...would it hurt them to offer a black one? If I were a student, absolutely NONE of these would make me interested in buying it...and that's puting aside the neutered version of Windows (Windows 10 S? Really? in it which would require me to upgrade it to Pro etc so that I could do basic stuff like install a good browser (Windows 10 S? Really?).   (Can't wait for the pitchfork-holding fanboys to downvote this to no end ahahahahah)
  • Get a life
  • Another one? Nah, thanks. I'm happy with the one I have already.
  • Do you ever read what you say? Take some time to re-read your posts, you may just find the bad smell.
  • But Dirk, you live in Europe, the libtard capital of the world.  Come to the United States, we need your sort of grumpiness over here, we're too happy and upbeat.
  • Complain much?
  • You sound like you're talking about about university students. This is not meant for those. Also the only bummer about this thing is the ports and Windows S. But I dont think school kids will mind. There's nothing wrong with the color.
  • You do realize you're complaining about color, right? Was it you that complained about dark mode being to black? These laptops are going to be for kids in the k-12 areas of education. Maybe one of them likes a gold-colored keyboard? Why do you get to judge? Why aren't you judging Chromebooks all-charcoal color?
  • Unless is dirty cheap, this edition of windows is terrible, mainly because Windows store lacks all the apps.
  • No problem with that you can always upgrade.
  • You haven't even used it yet to complain about it. It has enough for schools, which is the target market.
  • So, you don't think most schools have proprietary software that's not in the Windows Store...?
  • Umm.. schools and enterprises have the ability to sideload thier custom/proprietary software needs into a custom "store"... Theres no requirement thier proprietary software has to exist in the "retail" windows store...   The better question is, is Project Centenial ready or good enough for the education and enterprise customers to fully package and sideload thier legacy x86 based apps into the store...    Will they announce Office 365 is sideloadable into the store now and thus also able to run on Win10s.       And how far away is the x86 emulator from ARM they previewed last year so we can start seeing machines based on ARM running win 10s/pro.  And if they announce anything regarding fininish Project Centenial to make win10s a compelling offering... My biggest question will be, can IT managers actually use it to sideload Chrome if Google continues to refuse to publish it themselves for those web applications they are using that work only in chrome?
  • Please read the first sentence in ArtieMcD's reply to you.
    Keep in mind that we are talking in the context of ms securing a future for Windows as well.
  • Don't need to use it. Just have to enable a feature that block installation of non store apps on creators update. With this enabled my pc would be useless for me since most apps I use are not on windows store.
  • Not the important ones...
  • It looks nice, but I'll pass. I was hoping for something more portable than my SP3. Guess I'll have to see what the OEMs come out with
  • More portable than a Surface Pro? There's not a laptop anywhere like that, try an 8" tablet I guess.
  • I'm guessing he was looking for a smaller/lighter 2-in-1, not a laptop.
  • I don't get how this is for education. It is certainly not for STEM education. We are always faced with the need to install one or two x86 programs for classes and research. Even apple people end up installing Windows on their hardware for that :)
  • I wonder if it's ARM or x86, because "classic" Windows programs can be put on the store.
  • this is compettition device against chromebooks, so no x86 programms just like chromebooks 
  • You can upgrade it to a normal version of Windows, so yeah, x86 programms can be run. You'll just have to pay for the good version of Windows first.
  • yes, but they want to use it without x86, you have the option to upgrade it but the goal is without x86
  • Well, I bet most people will not do that. The simple absence of Chrome will ensure people will upgrade to the good version of Windows ('cause Google certainly ain't putting Chrome in the Windows Store, that's for sure).
  • we talk about high school and maybe college, some people even don't know the name of browsers
  •, teenagers and young adults aren't stupid. They might look like they are, they might act like they are...but they're not. Underestimating them is a major mistake. You can be sure they are perfectly aware of what Google Chrome is. They have it on their phones. And on their home computers.
  • Also if they're not aware of Chrome, Google will nag them to install it whenever they go to their Gmail account, YouTube and just going to Google.
  • We have 10 years olds writing (bad) OS kernels, they are indeed, definitely not stupid.
  • But why are we assuming it's not coming.. Heck we might be pleasantly surprised and see them announce not only Windows 10s today but them nearing completion of Project Centenial, and a soon to be offered ARM Win10s with x86 emulation... Both those technologies have already been previewed/demoed so we know they exists and are coming.. We just don't know when.    This morning would be a perfect time to announce all three are ready and if so Win10s is a compelling offering especially for the managed education market.   Though I suspect they are not ready yet... just coming soon. If we do get Win10s + ProjectCentenial + ARM+x86 emulation.. then the absence of Chrome and Office 365 in the store is a non-issue.  The IT admins can package it up and sideload it right into the store themselves.
  • Hi, Welcome to having a network and users, your network admin will be able to setup a resonable network for you that supports key features, such as remote destop and remoteapp for those all important x86 applications across the network.* * features include in server and enterprise copies of windows since terminal services in nt 3.51. Enjoy.
  • Looks pretty decent to me. Will it include pen support? That is my question.
  • I'm not sure that pen support on a standard laptop is all that essential as writing on a screen is pretty awkward if you're not using a tablet. Also, that's going to increase the price which makes competing with Chromebooks, which is the end game, that much more difficult.
  • I love the colours! I think they aren't gaudy but add a playful touch. Can't wait to see these. Great job MS!!!
  • Bland colors, neutered Windows, only 3 ports, and a standard laptop design. What is the advantage here over a Chromebook? Just UWP Office instead of Google Docs?
  • How about full Offi