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Microsoft's Surface Duo down to one of its best prices ever

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Microsoft's Surface Duo initially launched at $1,400 in the United States. Since then, it's received regular price cuts and has been on sale quite a few times. The foldable mobile device received a permanent price drop of $400, bringing its starting price down to $1,000. Now, a sale on the Microsoft Store lets you grab the Surface Duo for just $950.

The sale is a bit odd. If you browse Microsoft's website, you'll initially see a price of $1,000 for the Surface Duo, but if you add it to your cart, the price is only $950. I thought that I might have accidentally selected a deal with a SIM activation, which often lowers the price of a device, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Even when I select just the Surface Duo on its own with no add-ons or activation, the price remains $950.

Microsoft Surface Duo (opens in new tab)

Microsoft's Surface Duo is down to one of its lowest prices ever through the Microsoft Store. You can grab the foldable mobile device now for even less than its recently lowered permanent price.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The current sale is only available in the United States, but the Surface Duo for Business recently became available in nine new markets. Between the current sale and the expansion of markets, the Surface Duo is easier to grab than ever.

If you grab a Surface Duo, or if you already have one, you can accessorize it with new original skins from dbrand. Microsoft recently launched a website with original skins for Surface devices that are inspired by celebrities and influencers.

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  • So how come it's priced at £1,350 (UK Pounds) on the Microsoft website in the UK? In a worldwide marketplace that's real dumb.
  • That is a bit north of 1850$. Either Microsoft deams the Brits as rich or stupid. The news i that the Duo will come to my home contry, wonder if it will clock in ubder 2000$.
  • Just another $400 to go and it will be worth purchasing!
  • Are we getting ready for an upgrade and clearing out inventory?
  • Yeah I think so too
  • That's what I'm thinking *fingerscrossed*
  • Still no reason to buy this, maybe the second gen will be better
  • I want this device, but will wait for 2nd generation regardless of price drop
  • I really want one. But it needs a better camera, stereo speakers, micro SD support, and slightly bigger screens. I would love a Duo that is essentially two 1520's side by side. 6 inch 16x9 screens would be perfect. Smaller bezels on the current form would be fine too. Either way, just make the screens a little bigger and add in a few extra features that are currently missing and I'll happily spend 1500 on it.
  • I bought this earlier this week cause of the $550 CAD price drop. Definitely watching the next 60 days for additional drops lol
  • Not even if you gave one to me.