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Microsoft's Surface Duo launches in Canada, Germany, and the UK today

Tiktok Surface Duo 2020 Lede
Tiktok Surface Duo 2020 Lede (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo is available in the UK, Canada, and Germany starting today.
  • The Surface Duo is a unique foldable mobile device with two screens.
  • The device initially launched in the U.S. in September 2020.

Microsoft's Surface Duo goes on sale in the UK, Canada, and Germany today. The unique folding device initially launched in the U.S. in September 2020, but is now available in more markets.

The Surface Duo launched in the U.S. with mixed reviews, including our own Surface Duo review. It has since received several updates that improve performance and address bugs and issues. Our executive editor Daniel Rubino even did a Surface Duo re-review after having the device for three months.

Most reviews praise the hardware of the Surface Duo and the innovation illustrated in its design but complain about its software issues.

The device has its strengths, and many love it, but it's worth researching before you purchase one, especially for its price.

Many have expressed frustration regarding the price of the Surface Duo outside of the U.S. The Surface Duo recently got a price drop in the U.S. as part of a sale that brings its price down to $1,000. In contrast, the Surface Duo starts at CAD 1,870, £1,349, or €1,549 depending on where you are. Those prices roughly convert to $1,473, $1,882, and $1,870.

It's normal to see some variance in pricing when it comes to selling electronic devices in different countries, but a difference of over $800 after conversion is steeper than usual.

Microsoft Surface Duo


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  • The Surface Duo will get Android 11 by the time Android 12 launches.
  • Too little, too late and for far too much money...
  • Ridiculous amount of money for a hinge.
  • Was waiting for the UK release but baulked at the price. Went ahead and ordered from in the states. With shipping and handling received in under a week and still only just over £900
  • Clear message from Microsoft: dont buy this!
  • The fact that in the UK it's advertised on MS's website as 'Surface Duo for Business' tells you everything you need to know about who they expect to buy this and who they don't. The price is too high for what it is if you're looking at it from a consumer device perspective (or Surface fans).
    I got an email when it became available advertising a trade in programme... but it sucks. Maximum of £500 for a Galaxy Fold 2, and they don't have many recent phones like the Pixel 5 as trade in options at all.
    Anyway, as much as I've wanted a Duo since it was revealed, I'm waiting and saving up for version 2.
  • What is this mythical Businesses that do not care about cost and are ready to buy first generation gizmos to 50%+ prizes that you are talking about? Newer found on of those to work for but would be happy to try it. It sound fun. I guess they are short lived as they spend all their cash on overpriced toys.