Is Microsoft's Surface Pro X available with LTE?

The Surface Pro X
The Surface Pro X (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is Microsoft's Surface Pro X available with LTE?

Best answer: Yes. The Surface Pro X is designed for always-on connectivity in mind and comes with a sim card tray for LTE.X factor (with LTE): Surface Pro X (From $900 at Microsoft Store)

No WiFi? No problem

The Surface Pro X is Microsoft's latest 2-in-1 tablet, following the classic Surface design. Notably, this is what happens when you get a Surface Pro using ARM processing architecture, rather than Intel. The tablet is thin and light, making it ideal for productivity on the go. The Microsoft SQ1 chip, based on ARM architecture, provides the Surface Pro X with solid performance and impressive battery life. But most importantly, it means it also comes with LTE as standard.

The Surface Pro X has a tray for a nano sim, enabling 4G connectivity wherever it is available. Naturally, you'll need some form of sim payment plan (sold separately), but it means you won't be bound to locations with WiFi if you fancy going mobile.

The Surface Pro X is available to preorder right now ahead of its November 5, 2019 general launch date, and it's an ideal option for anyone who wants to get LTE in a Windows PC.

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