Microsoft's Surface Slim Pen vs. regular Surface Pen: What's the difference?

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If you want to enjoy the latest technology Microsoft has available for its stylus, the Slim Pen is what you should get. But if you don't care for wireless charging (with the Surface Pro X) or an integrated rechargeable battery, the Surface Pen will save you some money.

Surface Slim Pen vs. Surface Pen specs

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Header Cell - Column 0 Surface Slim PenSurface Pen
BatteryBuilt-in rechargeableAAAA
Wireless charging-

Out with the old, in with the new

The new Slim Pen is a redesign of the classic Surface stylus, featuring a flat side to help it fit into a cradle, and even includes wireless charging. If you own the new Surface Pro X, you can also place it in the cradle above the keyboard to keep it topped up on the go. A stylus is a must-have accessory for many Surface owners, and the Slim Pen is an excellent companion.

With the Surface Slim Pen, you'll turn your Surface device into a powerful creative tool, allowing you to sketch and interact with various parts of Windows. The rechargeable battery with wireless charging only makes it more user-friendly, not having to bring AAAA batteries with you. If you plan on doing a little notetaking or doodling, the classic Surface Pen may be the better choice with a considerable saving.

Aside from the visual changes to the design, as well as the battery and wireless charging, there's not a great deal that separates the classic to the Slim Pen. Both make use of Microsoft's N-trig tech and are incredibly accurate. Do you really want wireless charging and a built-in rechargeable battery? The Surface Slim Pen is for you. The classic Surface Pen is for anyone who doesn't care for the features above and wishes to save some money.

Surface Slim Pen is the best from Microsoft

Microsoft refreshed the Surface Pen line-up with the addition of the Slim Pen. This new model is pricey, but comes with some exciting features, like wireless charging (Surface Pro X) and a slim design — hence the name.

The classic and more affordable stylus

Microsoft's classic Surface Pen is still a solid stylus for Surface hardware (and other supported devices). You'll lose the built-in battery, wireless charging, and slim design, but do save some money in the process.

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