Microsoft's Xbox Series S 'Lockhart' console has leaked… again

Xbox Lockhart Concept
Xbox Lockhart Concept (Image credit: /u/jiveduder on Reddit)

The existence of Xbox Series S, a more affordable entry point into Microsoft's next-generation console lineup, is now all-but-confirmed — yet with no reveal set. Talk of a lower-tier, sister console to Xbox Series X continues to circulate, geared toward the budget-conscious buyer, targeting HD gaming. The device has been on our radar since 2019 under its "Lockhart" codename, with references to the unannounced box since sprouting across Xbox-branded accessories.

The Xbox Series S no longer remains a tight secret, following its appearance through official SDK documents and most recently surfacing through packaging for revised Xbox gamepad for Xbox Series X. The latest now comes via updated promotional materials bundled with existing Xbox One controllers, with reports of an included Xbox Game Pass pamphlet referencing the mysterious Xbox Series S.

While the Xbox Series X remains the brand's pinnacle headed into late 2020, Xbox Series S is expected to provide a cheaper alternative balancing the cost with more reserved upgrades. Our previous reporting suggests Xbox Series S targets graphical performance around four teraflops (TF), with some next-gen features, compared to the 12TF of Xbox Series X. Other reported specifications include a GPU with 20 CU running at 1.55 GHz, NVME SSD to cut loading times, and no optical disc drive.

The Xbox Series S acts as a low-cost ticket into the next generation, causing issues when Xbox Series X pricing and availability remain a mystery. While the Lockhart console was expected to make its appearance last June, it remains absent as fall approaches. The unveiling isn't too far out, assuming the device remains on track, likely now eyeing a September appearance.

While there's still a lot unknown about Xbox Series S and its flagship Xbox Series X with just months to go, we know both consoles are real, and not too far away.

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