Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta comes with a bunch of bug fixes

Minecraft Nether Update Java Image
Minecraft Nether Update Java Image (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is an open world creative sandbox game that continuously gets bug fixes and changes in beta updates.
  • The latest beta,, comes with an incremental increase in numbers but comes with a big changelog.
  • A ton of fixes are included in this update, including new creator-focused changes building on the last beta.
  • Beta testers on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android devices can install the new beta now.

Minecraft-related news may be a little on the slow side before Mojang Studios' planned Minecraft Live event, where we expect major announcements for the future of Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. That isn't stopping the studio from pushing out new beta updates for the world's largest game, with beta rolling out to beta testers today. Don't be fooled by the incremental increase in numbers over, this beta includes a massive changelog and builds on the creator-focused changes made in the last beta.

If you're interested in installing this beta, we have a guide on enrolling in Minecraft's betas.

The changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta includes:

Performance and stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if suspended in one of the new achievement screens
  • Made code optimizations to improve chunk loading performance

Beta changes

  • Nether portals no longer break in a ripple pattern
  • Spawn eggs can now be used on an underwater Mob Spawner


  • Fixed an issue with worlds disappearing from the worlds list during crash on world start
  • "The Beaconator" achievement can now be reliably unlocked
  • Fixed a bug where the Archer trophy would not unlock after meeting the criteria
  • End City loot chests now generate correctly
  • Basalt pillars now generate in Soulsand Valley again
  • Fixed player collision box not properly sizing when swimming, gliding, etc.


  • Mob spawn range now scales with simulation distance
  • Villagers from older versions now level up correctly when trading
  • Improved performance of farmer villagers when harvesting or sowing crops
  • Fixed a bug which could prevent farmer villagers from harvesting crops
  • Phantoms wings now make a flapping sound
  • Player-ridden Striders now jump onto magma blocks as well as non-full blocks in front of them when guided by Fungus on a Stick
  • Overworld animals leashed to the player no longer become unleashed when the player returns from the Nether
  • Striders now correctly executes the 'move_to_liquid' goal
  • Baby animals can be tamed once again, before growing up
  • Bees can now only exit Bee Hives and Bee Nests through air blocks


  • Beehives & Bee Nests now show the correct front facing texture
  • Crimson and Warped Stems/Hyphae are now in their correct creative inventory groups


  • Item names now appear correctly
  • Piglin Snout banner pattern can be found in the inventory again
  • Banner patterns can now be crafted in the 2x2 crafting grid
  • Craftable items now appear correctly
  • Written books no longer exist in the creative inventory
  • Fixed an issue that meant item damage was not assigned until a world was reloaded
  • Player can now see item's durability immediately after crafting it
  • Fixed an issue that prevented an empty item from being given back after using a food like soup or stew
  • Fixed a bug where dropped item stacks could become invisible after merging with another item stack
  • Fixed a bug where iron, gold, and diamond horse armor would all show white
  • Mob heads and Bee spawn eggs now appear correctly in the inventory
  • Netherite armour items no longer takes durability loss from player standing on magma
  • Banners using the set_banner_details function no longer throw a content error when a base_color isn't specificed, but rather only when the base_color is invalid
  • Added decrement_count event response for items


  • Pitch written in sound_definitions.json is now correctly played
  • Phantoms wings now make a flapping sound

User interface

  • Beacon container interface no longer shuffles items around the inventory slots when trying to quick-move items from the inventory while the hotbar is full
  • "Ride Exit" hint now clears Actionbar messages
  • Updated the profanity filter list

Character creator

  • Fixed Character Creator navigation problems between Featured Items, Achievement Rewards, Emotes, and the Dressing Room

Crafting screen

  • Various improvements to the Crafting Screen UX when using a controller!
  • Items in the inventory will no longer move into the crafting grid when hovering over recipes
  • The selected recipe will no longer be cleared when changing tabs, even if you don't have all the necessary ingredients for that recipe
  • Picking up items while the cursor is hovering over a recipe now updates to the recipe's new index

Touch controls

  • Pressing the 'Leave Boat' button on touch devices will no longer make the player hit a passenger or destroy the Boat
  • A button icon has been added to the NPC dialog screen to show which gamepad button to press to close the window
  • The hovered slot data is now cleared properly whenever the cursor is moved off of a item slot. This way the gamepad helpers are correct when you are not hovering on an item slot anymore on any container screen
  • The item name text that appears when the player changes the hotbar selection now anchors from the bottom. This way when it grows, it will not overlap with the hotbar
  • Change Gamertag and Manage Account buttons on Settings screen (in the Profile section) now opens URLs correctly on iOS and Android


  • Added ClearSpawnPoint slash command
  • Added a new /event command that can be used to trigger an event on an entity
  • Using /spawnpointcommand will not affect Players that are sleeping

Technical changes

  • Added Item Lock components to allow for items to be locked in the inventory, locked in a slot, or kept on death
  • Added a new loop_delayfield to skeletal animation files that controls how to wait between each iteration of a looping animation
  • Fixed a bug where start_delayfields in skeletal animations were being used for both the initial delay before playing an animation and for inter-loop delays
  • Fixed a crash on Android and included a more descriptive content error to print shader linker problem on screen
  • Added camerashake command to enable a camera shaking effect
  • Villagers/zombie villagers will once again correctly spawn as a baby when using the summon command to summon them with the event minecraft:entity_born
  • Older command versions using /execute will now use the proper position for command selectors when calculating the radius


  • This goal has been removed in favor of the two new child goals that make the behavior more clear. The behavior works the same, but is now separated out properly into the two goals


  • This goal is for Actors that are part of the Village construct
  • The DwellerComponent is necessary for this goal


  • The HomeComponent is necessary for this goal
  • Exposed a new data parameter for the range at which the Actor will stay within in relation to their home: restriction_radius

Send Event Goal

  • minecraft:behavior.send_event no longer uses -1 in max_activation_range as a value to indicate unlimited range, the default has been changed to 32
  • Added content log warnings for when min_activation_range and max_activation_range is less than 0
  • Added content log warnings for when min_activation_range is greater than max_activation_range
  • Added a new json field look_at_target which allows and disallows entities to turn and face their target
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