Minecraft guide: How to find striders in 'the Nether Update'

Minecraft Nether Update Beta Strider
Minecraft Nether Update Beta Strider (Image credit: Windows Central)

Mojang is hard at work preparing Minecraft for the Nether Update, which adds a staggeringly long list of new features to the epic game, including a bunch of new mobs. Besides hoglins and piglins, another new mob being added is the strider. These weird looking creatures are an interesting addition to the Nether for a number of reasons. What are they, and how do you find them? Read on to find out.

What are striders in the Nether Update?

Minecraft Nether Update Beta Strider

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Striders are, in short, the Nether's version of a horse. In long, it's a lot more complicated than that. These two-legged beasts are the first truly passive mob we've ever seen in the Nether, meaning they won't attack you under any circumstances. In fact, if a strider is attacked it desperately tries to run away for a few seconds, similar to a cow or pig back in the Overworld. It's certainly strange for something to be added to the Nether that doesn't actively seek to kill you, but it's part of Minecraft's effort to make the Nether more alive, colorful, and—most importantly—livable.

Striders live in lava full-time, are able to walk through lava, and are even rideable. That's right, there's now a mob in Minecraft that you can slap a saddle on and ride around. If you're able to find striders, you can potentially have a new steed to carry you safely through the fiery hazards of the Nether.

Here's how you can find striders:

How do I find striders in the Nether Update?

Minecraft Nether Update Beta Strider

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Unlike finding hoglins, you won't be limited to specific biomes like the new crimson forest. Instead, striders can be found almost anywhere you can find their favorite spot to sit: lava seas. This refers to the massive lakes and oceans of lava that you're bound to run into anywhere in the Nether below a certain height. Within these lava seas, striders are pretty common. They rarely leave the lava (they'll actually turn purple and start shivering if they do!), so all you have to do is look to the orange flows to spot one.

If you'd like to entice a strider to come closer to you, try tempting it with some warped fungi. While lava is a strider's favorite resting spot, warped fungi is its favorite food to snack on. Marching across an expanse of molten slag may be a tall order for a lot of us, so luring a strider to the shore is a lot easier to do. You can find warped fungi in warped forests.

A new way to get around

Mojang is definitely having a lot of fun with the Nether Update, adding new mobs, biomes and blocks left and right. The strider is one of the latest to join the lineup, and it's unlike any other. While hoglins provide a reliable source of food, and piglins introduce a gold-based economy, striders make it easier (ideally) to traverse the Nether in safety and comfort. If you can get to them, that is.



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