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Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition grabs heavy price cut to just $10

If you've been itching to jump into Minecraft, a discount on the Windows 10 Edition of the game should prove pretty tempting. Right now, the game is up for grabs for $10 at the Windows Store (opens in new tab). That's a hefty drop from its usual $27 price.

Given the many different versions of the game across platforms, you'd be forgiven for not knowing the differences among them. Aside from being distributed from the Windows Store, the Windows 10 Edition also includes cross-platform play with Pocket Edition, Xbox Live support with achievements, add-ons, and support for Realms.

According to the Store listing, this sale is set to end on May 3, so you've definitely got some time to decide whether to pull the trigger.

Download Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • How does the licensing work on this one? I have 3 Windows 10 devices at home and 4 kids. I am wondering if I can I install it on the main home PC and have the kids can play with their profiles.for instance.
  • You'll need to log into their profile, but then sign into the store with your account.  Download the game from the store, then sign out of the store with your account.  Do this for each profile.  They will then be able to play the game on their profile.  You might have to create family accounts for them first, I'm not sure.  This will show you how to do it though:
  • Thanks! I will get it then. Kids will be so glad.
  • You need to goto settings, accounts and family & other people. click add a family member, and you can send them an invite to join your 'family'. From there on, they have access to your purchased content on any device that you've used prior. If you're adding them as a child, you get other benefits such as monitoring how long they've been using said games, time restrictions etc you can even preload their account with some credit so they can buy their own things without needed to link a credit card.
  • Have my faimily all setup. thanks!
  • have my familly all setup. Thanks!
  • the link to download the game includes pocket edition?
  • It does not include pocket edition, it is considered a separate game and has to be purchased separately.  It also has a separate list of xbox achievements.
  • I think with its age $10 is fair for legitimate versions, mobile would be better priced at $3