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Mixer Loot gives you in-game rewards for watching streams

Mixer (Image credit: Windows Central)

Mixer is becoming quite a popular game streaming platform, and now even has shows in other genres. In an effort to attract more gamers to the service, Microsoft is announcing a program called "Mixer Loot." Just by watching certain streams, you'll be able to earn in-game rewards. For example, let's say that you're viewing Sea of Thieves streamers. If you watch a number of them, you can earn some Sea of Thieves cosmetics like the coveted obsidian items.

Mixer Loot is like MixPot, but it's not limited to major gaming events like E3 or Inside Xbox. The company issued the following statement on its blog today.

Today, we're thrilled to announce Mixer Loot, a brand-new way to earn in-game content for watching fun and electrifying moments from your favorite streams on Mixer. Leveraging the same AI-powered technology behind HypeZone, Mixer Loot scans streams across the platform to determine when cool moments have occurred and rewards you for witnessing them. To ensure you're watching a channel that supports Mixer Loot, look for the Loot icon next to the stream's title. To celebrate the launch of Sea of Thieves' Anniversary Update, Mixer Loot will be available for the first time starting on April 30. To get the legendary Obsidian Six Item Pack, just watch the completion of 30 Sea of Thieves Arena matches on Mixer between April 30... May 5... while supplies last.

It's great to see that Mixer Loot will give away the Obsidian Six Item Pack. It's really hard to come by, and the items are being sold at a ludicrous price on eBay. Make sure you tune into the various streams between April 30 and May 5.

Are you interested in Mixer Loot? Let us know. Hopefully other games like Rage 2 and Gear 5 will be part of this venture.

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  • This is a clever idea.
  • It is, but I like playing games and not watching them. Hopefully this doesn't turn into too much of an advantage in game for people with the want to or actual time to watch streams outside of playing the actual game.
  • You're just getting a few cosmetic items.
  • I understand that, but I'm just speaking of a possible increasing trend. It's kind of like the in game money for streaming FH4, I know it isn't much, but it's still an advantage for doing it that someone may not have the abilitily to do.
  • Yes, I agree. What's really bad for me is that they are wasting the time of devs to try and promote their streaming service.
    And people tell me MS don't interfere in game development and don't tell their devs what to do...
  • Is MS forcing you, a dev, a to support this feature?
    And, if you are playing a single player, why would you care? You just progress your game the same way you always have been.
  • Not if you progress slower than if you didn't do the feature, then even in SP you are effected. Anyway, I don't know about forcing devs to do it, but I'm sure there is a push for their first party studios to put in these features. It isn't necessarily a bad thing (like Groove in FH3), but it can be if they prioritize those over actual game features. Being that they pay the bills, MS can essentially just demand what they want to do, regardless of how it effects the game. Hopefully it isn't to the point of squashing other features just to out these in.
  • And then later on they can make their own version of YouTube