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Modern Combat 4 is live and ready for duty on Xbox Windows Phone 8

Earlier this week, Windows Phone Central broke the news that Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour would be arriving on Windows Phone 8 today.  The wait has been hard, but now Modern Combat 4 is finally here! Not only is it the first First-Person Shooter in the Xbox Windows Phone lineup, but it’s the next best thing to having Call of Duty on your phone.

Modern Combat 4 packs both a full single-player campaign and a robust online multiplayer mode for up to 12 players. Not surprisingly, that means you’ll need a Windows Phone 8 device with 1 GB of RAM and plenty of storage space in order to play it. Head past the break for more details and the all-essential Windows Phone Store link!

Duty to save the world

Modern Combat 4 features an exciting single-player campaign as well as a robust multiplayer component. The campaign storyline revolves around a series of terrorist attacks as well as the kidnapping of the US president. The story comes to life through fully-voiced cinematics that you’ll only find in mobile games from Gameloft. Players will take on several different roles throughout the campaign, including not only heroic military operatives but even the lead enemy! You’ll even encounter the same battle from both sides’ perspectives – we can’t fault Gameloft for not being ambitious.

Online warfare

As you would expect in a game inspired by the Call of Duty series, multiplayer is a major part of the Modern Combat 4 experience. Multiplayer games support up to 12-player matches via local Wi-Fi or online. While Modern Combat 4 is the second Xbox Windows Phone game with real-time online multiplayer (after Asphalt 7), it’s the first one that allows users to directly invite their Xbox Live friends into online sessions.

Multiplayer allows players to customize their weapons with a dazzling array of parts, all of which can be unlocked at any time with in-game currency. Players can also specialize in various classes. Four classes are available at the outset, while new ones unlock as your multiplayer rank increases. Each specialization offers 8 perks, so it should be fun finding the best class for your playing style.

Hefty download

As I mentioned earlier, Modern Combat 4 requires a device with both ample horsepower and storage space in order to run. It needs 1 GB of RAM, so low-RAM devices like the Lumia 620 can’t play it.

As for storage, the game itself is a massive 1011 MB download. But Windows Phone 8 games require over four times as much space as their download size in order to install. That's 5 gigabytes in this case (though one user has reported it needs about 7.7!), so many gamers will need to clear some room before they can download it. We’ve heard that queuing the download via a web browser reduces the space needed in some measure, though.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Windows Phone 8 costs $6.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here from the Windows Phone Store. Remember, everyone’s store updates at different times, you might need to purchase via web browser or simply check back later in the day before you’re able to find the game.

Thanks to KKRLessey for the tip!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • 1012 MO... Be brave 512 kbps network...
  • lol with you brother :D
  • Is possible play with iOS and Android players in multiplayer?
  • Gonna go with no.
  • The answered this earlier in the week, no.
  • Only one Xbox game release this week??
    I was hoping for 2, just like the others since last month...
  • Yep, just one this week. I guess it can't always rain games!
  • Bought..
  • 1012MB....So big!!!! Lumia 820 is dead....
  • Especially with 3gbs in 'other' and no way to clear it.
  • Not to rub it in but Just and FYI for Nokia users... I Used the new Nokia function on my 920 to clear 3 gigs in other and also saw 2 gigs that the app "Fuse" had in cache. The recent Fuse update allowed it to be cleared. Nokia FTW...
  • I downloaded this app for my Lumia 822 called "Shrink Storage" and no lie my "Other" file size went down 3 gigabytes.
  • That makes me a tad green with envy. For the life of me I can't replicate your success. Same application and same phone. The only thing the application does is fill the remainder of the space...why doesn't it release more? This space issue is very annoying...
  • Yes it did the same for me filled up all remaining space on my lumia 920, now i have the storage management program from Nokia and all is well :).
  • I have no idea then. After I fill up the storage, in the app, then release it, it usually takes about 20 minutes for the "Other" file to go down in size. It is VERY annoying though, I pray Nokia/Microsoft fixes the issue in the next update. If it gets too big to handle you might need to reset your phone..
  • Finally got it to work. My other went from 7.2 to 5.6. Still way too large however I was able to download the game after I deleted almost all of my apps/games and turned off autosync of pictures. Glad Nokia has a solution...i guess we can only hope for Verizon to release the next firmware update and soon.
  • It's really very important to allow install apps to sd card both for devellopers and users. hope ms aknowledges this quickly.
  • Well , that method is pain in the a** and brings lot of problems if sd card is currupted by mistake or removed without proper precaution.
  • Still 100 times better than not being able to download games due to a lack of storage space. And most users would probably just buy a card and leave it in the phone permanently IMO.
  • Ofcourse , something is better than nothing :)
  • I Really wanna App2SD!!!
  • #2appsonSD
  • "It's really very important to allow install apps to sd card both for devellopers and users. hope ms aknowledges this quickly."
    _never_  going to happen on windows phone. 
  • This is why I benched my 8X for a 920 on Tmobile USA.
  • Did you unlock an at&t 920?
  • I want to do the same thing. I have an 8x and love it... but am wanting to get a 920 as soon as possible. The biggest thing for me other than Nokia exclusive apps is the wireless charging.  Did you get an unlocked device from abroad?
  • Can't see me buying an FPS until the BT controller is out.
    Well that and 512 optimisation.
  • Controls are extremely good, set the sensitivity to lowest. I had that gripe about fps and touch screens but I'm impressed.
  • I just tried to play the game (grabbed the trial), and it was horrid. The gyroscope's wacky, and I can't play with 3 fingers to aim, move, and shoot.
  • And here comes the complaining about how it's not available for Windows Phone 7.X...
  • I will join them because my 820 can't download it.
  • Me too on my 620. :-(
  • You can download & install modern combact 4 in your Lumia 820 if you follow these steps..
    Now you will loose your data in the phone storage & also it will be double the work for you. so do this only if you really really wanna play this game
    1. Reset your phone
    2.When prompted start a fresh install (No Backups)
    3. After everythings finished go to settings & check your phones storage. it should be around 5.01GB of free space. now just to be on the safe side uninstall Nokia maps, drive, city lens & redbull app(frees up almost 100 to 200MB) as all of it can be downloaded later from store(in nokia exclusive)
    4. go to store& download the game..
    5. After installation you will have almost 2.8GB free space & 1.3GB in your other storage.
    6.Go to store search for Shrink storage(Its free) & install.
    7. Open the app. click on fill phone storage. when it is finished, restart your phone. again open the shrink storage app & click clean phone storage. it will show 2.8GB memory freed but if you check you will findyour free space to be in excess of 3 GB.
    8. Now install all your apps from Windowsphone store over web(easiest way) & also enjoy the game. the graphics are awsome. I just started the game but to the point am very impressed.
  • The game requires 1GB of RAM? The iPad 2 has 512MB, and can play Modern Combat 4. The developers were lazy on this port. Gameloft could have optimized it for 512MB WP8 devices.
  • iOS and Windows Phone 8 allocate RAM differently. On a 512 MB device, games have access to 150 MB of RAM. With 1 GB devices, they can use about 370 MBs. Update: Native Android apps can use an unlimited amount of memory, but there will be conflicts if they use too much. Not sure what the RAM limits on iOS games are. Sorry for getting that wrong earlier.
  • Touché Paul....touché....
  • Wow, I never knew that. I always thought Windows Phone as an "Xbox" enabled mobile platform thinking it was easier to port some games(like XBLA titles) to WP than others.
  • iPod touch 4th gen has 256 mb ram and handles game fine on medium textures and I am sure maximum RAM allowed would be not more than 200 MB.
    Its just gameloft's not having enough time or lazy for developing on WP
  • " Its just gameloft's not having enough time or lazy for developing on WP" What?
  • I don't think that's true. Everything I've seen indicates that both iOS and Android set limits for memory usage, and the limits are about the same as Windows Phone's. There are even discussions where people complain about the memory limits on other devices. It's pretty much essential to any OS, otherwise developers would abuse it and users would experience widespread problems. That said, it's also my understanding that although Windows Phone has a default memory limit it's possible to allocate more. I know that default limit for devices with 1GB or more is 380MB. The problem may be that the app store listing is driven by memory requirements. So you've got WP8 devices with only 512MB that wouldn't be able to run these games and developers don't want to cut off that potential market.
  • My bad. I was misremembering this quote from a developer:
    iOS and Android do have memory usage limits.  iOS can start sending memory warnings to apps when they get close to as little as 60MB depending on what else is in memory at the time and how desperately the OS needs the memory.  An iOS app that does not respond to low memory warnings may get terminated by the OS at any time. Native apps on Android can allocate memory without being restricted by the limits imposed on regular apps (Java apps or other apps built on top of the Java VM are restricted to anywhere between 12 and 24MB), but the JVM limit does not apply to OpenGL resources.  Allocating all available memory on an Android device also makes it difficult or impossible for the many other tasks running at the same time to function correctly.  You still have to be nice to other tasks running on the phone.
  • Like they did with Asphalt 7, I hope they update this and make it compatible for 512 mb ram devices....
  • I hope they do optimise the game for the 512MB ram devices but please don't make it like Asphalt were u lose saved data. Cant they make the app do a backup before the re-install? Housekeeping like Firefox does with updates
  • I didnt lose saved data.
  • Same! If this becomes available for the 620 I will definitely download, have already got it on the 920 :D
  • What's up with Gameloft's website not displaying any of the new WP8 games? There are sections for iPhone games, iPad games and Android games, but no WP games.
  • There ashamed of us ? =)
  • They do.
  • Thanks! Never thought they'd be listed under XBOX games. Kept searching for WP games.
  • this game size is huge! gonna take like an hour to download this bitch
  • You've obviously never downloaded a takes much longer than this.
  • +1
  • Lol downloaded it in less than 5 minutes :P
  • Downloading...
  • I have it on my iPad and iPod touch already.
    I am not going to buy it second time for my 820 (OK not really , Real reason is I don't have enough space to install it)
  • Well as I only have 4GB of free space and have already exhausted every option I have to freeing space (I've already deleted my entire music library, backup my pictures to PC, and there's no way I am deleting my games library along with their save files), I won't be buying this. Which is a shame as I want to support Gameloft.
    Gameloft, you should complain to MS for this and many other missed sales opportunity thanks to this stupid storage requirement.
    Anyone else still insisting that 16GB (12GB after formating) is enough? You can't store games in the cloud.
  • Did you try buying it over the website instead of from your phone? Some people say that helps.
  • You're on a roll today Paul...
  • I do try! :)
  • Let me rephrase that. I would like to buy this to support Gameloft, but I would also like to play this game (seeing as I would be paying for it) which I won't be anytime soon.
    4.8GB free now, and still the Marketplace wouldn't let me download. 
  • Download over the web remotely. I had only 3gigs free before i started, then cleared up some space when it got low. The installation thankfully just continued when it had more space. So far the controls are easy, and assisted.
  • if your "other" is really large, download the "Shrink Storage" app, it really does work compressing and shrinking the "other" folder...
  • I used "Phone Storage Cleanup" as it actually works.  I had to do it while the game was still installing! I initiated the download over the Web to bypass the storage space check and then almost ran into trouble!
  • I am with you. Devs lose out on sales to me. An 8 gig phone with only the basics installed should be able to install a 1 gig game. But no way to do it on an 820.
  • 14 minutes to download and install, and now I'm ready to go...
  • If possible could someone tell us how the battery life is on this one?
  • My battery was at about 40% when I started playing. Played for about twenty minutes, my L920 was blazing hot and I got a critical battery warning. So yeah, probably not one to play too much when you're out!
  • Gonna wait for more Bing Rewards credits first. That and reviews/bugs.
  • Can't go wrong with a trial
  • Hmm, I don't have enough space, and I'm not sure I'm willing to delete a bunch of apps. That's too bad, I'd like to play it. Hopefully MS's "Blue" update allows apps to install to the SD card, or Gameloft releases the game on the Windows 8 store so I can play on the PC or Surface.
  • Nice graphics!
  • Error 805a0194! Damnnnn!!!
  • I'm getting an error message when clicking on the link, and on top of that, it can not be found in the Microsoft Store.
  • That because you have an incompatable device, 512MB or Phone 7.x
  • The HTC 8X is a perfectly compatible handset; besides, it finally decided to download.
  • Can I get a working link please?
  • The link works. You could read the last sentence of the article though. :P
  • This game is awesome!
  • I have this for my iPod touch. Graphics are great and it is a smooth game, but I could never get used to the controls. Totally ruins the game.
  • I don't have enough space and never will unless one day Microsoft allows installing apps to the SD card.
  • Not avaible in my us region, lol
    Patience is key here peoples.
  • That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife.
  • Exactly what I thought when I saw the photo (taken by Daniel)! :D
  • thats not a knife....thats a spoon
  • I see you've played knifey-spoony before.
  • If you constantly get an error code, send it to your phone via the webpage. Did the trick for me :)
  • The engine is superb... The game no so much. FPS games just don't work on touchscreens. I can't wait for the next game that uses Havok
  • Lol does this support bt cause I can't see my self using touch xD please reply back :/
  • So it begins!
  • Bring this on WP7.8 and the audience in multiplayer will be great. Why can't they just do that?
  • I need a way to get rid of that "other" crap in my 820. Couldn't install Real Soccer 2013 aswell for the same reason.
  • In the same boat.  I would really like to try this, but 7.5GB of Other is preventing me from downloading games. 
  • Having problems downloading it for some reason.. Ticking me off.
  • Wow. I think I will pass on this one. The achievement list looks so ridiculous. Especially if the mutliplayer lags and tanks like I presume it will.
  • The controls would be perfect if you could use the camera button for a trigger.
  • You smart fellow! That would be an amazing thing to do!
  • 9.19gb free space was needed to install it on my Lumia 920. Also the Beginner achievement glitched right away. So don't headshot the 1st enemy in the game, or it will not pop the beginner achievement,  just the head shot achievement. Uninstalling now to try to get it to pop the beginner achievement this time around. So far amazing graphic & pretty smooth fps. We have a WINNER!
  • Looks like the only ones who can play this game are those who have 920 and 8X. Even if I should do a full reset I won't have more than 4 - 5 GB free space. Gameloft and MS thank you for making my 820 feel like a low budget entry model. This sucks. I just want some FPS action on my phone :(
  • Why don't you rock a 920??? Aren't you smart enough to deserve one??
  • Download is hung up.....30 min and no progress
  • Downloaded the demo...not paying $7 for a mobile game....hope it goes on sale then I will buy it, if I like it.
  • I cleaned out my cache and had used 13Gb on my L920. After downloading it I had 15Gb of Used Space. The cache now had 1.4Gb in it! Cleared it our, and now I have only 14Gb of "Used" memory.
    So clear your cache before and after and it will take up ~1 to 1.5 Gb :)
  • Got lumia820 ain't happening, apparently i ain't got enough space yet again☹
  • 7 balls? Hey gameloft, Memorial Day sale $.99 Do it.. I know u can..
  • Lumia 820 and other small storage phones: 1. download the game installer manually to your PC from 2. Move the file into your phones sd card and you should get the "SD Card" option in your phones Store menu.
  • Thanks for this...will try later when I get home :)
  • Still didn't work for me due to other space issue. I had more free than file size but I assume it still needs extra room for unpacking - even from SD card method. If my other was freed up there would be plenty! Will try again after I get 1308 or greater firmware update.
  • So the game would be on the SD card then?  Seriously?  Why haven't I heard about this before?
  • It wouldn't be on your SD card. You would install the game FROM the SD card which will put all of the files on your phone storage - the phone would play it from the files on the phone that it installed - it would not be playing from the SD card. Though we would all like that option.
  • This game is mad fun, and good!
  • the phone heats up like an easy bake oven. lord about to cook some eggs on the back of my phone lol
  • Excellent game.. Wow.. Needs some little stability tweaks, but damn. Love the game.. I had to take a break for a little bit.. Wish I could use a controller instead of the on screen controls, but damn, what a fun game. I'm all about FPS, and I did not expect it to look and play this good.. I'm pretty impressed.. COD should come out on Windows phone.. This game is awesome.. 5 stars..
  • +1, exept no crashes so far. L920 and 5 stars.
  • Gave it a spin for about 15 minutes and game is a blast. Will be a learning curve getting used to FPS on a small touch screen. But after 15 min. my 920 was hot.
    We should start up a WP Central group for an online gaming night.
  • the hell can this and Asphalt run so smooth and flawlessly, and Spiderman and the Dark Knight run so rough/horribly that I get an epileptic seizure from it?
  • Should be because of the "-open world". The more distance you can see, the thougher on phone. Also, its 1 world no loading times. The game is simply to large for today phones to be effective.
  • It also required 512 mb ram shit man
  • Hi can you play against ios users and android or is it only windows phone users in mulitplayer
  • Finally... Bought...
  • I am having trouble downloading this game on my lumia 920 as you all know I can't download it on my pc so, I have to download from from the phone store. But I always get error attention required tap here and when I tap I get another error could not connect to the store.
    I have 2mbps connection and I have completed downloading the game for my bros 820 as he can install via sd card.
    What do I do? Plz Help.
  • When will arrive globally?! Also Dark night!! We are witing in Oman
  • The Amazing Spider-Man update to v.1.1.0
     Size reduce from 565MB to 542MB

  • Nice, lets hope the game gets smoother! Thnx
  • I'm still waiting for this Game, but it shows not up on the Swiss Store. 
  • I would looooove to see some of these great grapics on Windows RT. The Tegra 3 should be atleast as powerfull as the Snapedragon in the Lumia 920. But so far the games for my Surface RT aint this quality. :-/
  • Downloading this right now.  Doesn't look like much fun, but it's not like I've got anything better to do.
  • which phone has better frame rate lumia920 vs iphone5 vs s3 for this game ?
  • Every game is gonna run better on the iPhone. They have the best gpu and the lowest resolution meaning better performance. Plus these games are built for IOS and ported to other platforms so they will always run better on IOS. In example most games run better on Xbox then ps3 because of this.
  • oh..thx for info :)
  • Hey, Paul, do you know when/if Jetpack Joyride will come to Windows phone 8!? I sent back my W8 tablet and I miss it+the features+exclusive apps for tabs/W8 PCs
  • What the ****! I just bought 65,000 credits (I even got the microsoft billing confirmation in my inbox) I left the app and later when I reopened the app all my credits were gone! Seriously wtf!?!?!
  • Does multiplayer really work? I'm getting connection lost and yadayada.
  • So what is the needed free storage to download?
  • We provide our estimates in the article.
  • Woops sorry, thanks.
  • working on Lumia 820 yupeeeeeee..... Hey frnds i managed to install it with 3.5 GB free space (approx)  using SD card method (xap on sd card)
    Use Lumia Storage Check and Shrink Space apps to manage your memory storage.
  • I dnt understand why nokia makes lumnia phones of 512 rams....cause they jst limiting us.nw Will have to Watch pple play cool games on their 1gig hate my 720 for having 512 ram