Monster GO! for Xbox is now available on Windows Phone

Looks like Windows and Windows Phone game developers Game Troopers could not help themselves. Their latest creation, in conjunction with ThinkBox Studios, Monster GO! is now available on the Windows Phone, slightly ahead of schedule.

The monster-themed runner supports 512 MB devices, and it is coming to Windows 8.1 shortly as well. Even better, Monster Go! is available exclusively for Windows Phone before other platforms for a limited time.

The game is described as such, although you can see the trailer above to get an idea of what is in store for you:

"Your goal in the game is very simple: just run as fast as you can, and collect as many coins as possible. These coins allow you to improve your equipment, team and skills, and unlock special upgrades to defeat the final bosses of each level. If you are enjoying infinite runners, and love the golden era of 2D games, "Monster Go!" won't disappoint you."

Thunyut Chienpairoj, CEO and founder of ThinkBox Studios, the original developers behind Monster GO! had the following to say about the game's release:

"We are so excited to launch our title "Monster Go!" on Windows Phone in cooperation with Game Troopers. We think there is a lot of potential & possibilities for game developers on the platform. Their gamers are highly engaged and enthusiastically provide response which is very beneficial to developers. We are looking forward to launching the game and could not be more thrilled!"

Go ahead and grab Monster GO! now for Windows Phone and let us know what you think!

Download Monster GO! for Windows Phone (Free)

QR: monster go

Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks fun and has xbox live.
    I'll give it a go.
  • Just tipped!! Daniel faster! Downloading.
  • Did Memorial Day get renamed to game release day?
  • Xbox live + game troopers = instant download
  • It's raining games on Windows lately!
  • I ❤ Game Troopers!
  • 512mb support yes! Until the L640 launches here..
  • Dope
  • Wow today, this week is games week
  • Will download as soon as am done with lara
  • Will definitely try it out!
  • Well, at least some developers know our platform has potential. Hopefully many, many more will follow.
  • Thanks for the info
  • Trailer seems interesting. Xbox Achievements. Active support from this dev... Installing now.
  • Anyone with W10 preview able to see this in store?
  • No. Normal store doesnt show it as well. UPDATE: Got it by Typing in Game troopers and scroll down a bit in the 8.1 store not the beta one.
  • Thanks alot buddy..... :)
  • Anyone noticed that the game doesnt get past the menu screen on a 512mb phone :D so i uninstalled it, devs should imo only develop for 1gb phones. (620). Works perfect on my 640XL tho.
  • Same here
  • it is working in my Lumia 620 :D
  • Even Windows is able to run on a 512mb phone. And a game is not ??? That's kinda funny..... ;)
  • that's because windows eats up all the memory and leaves very little for the games.
    it's like you and snorlax going on a dinner. you will probably return home hungry.
  • Lol..... Loved the comparison..... :D
  • Yep, my 530 can't past Stage Select screen, quite dissapointed actually. 
  • The trailer made me thrilled.. ;) downloading.... W10..i hope it works..
  • Looks like more games are popping into the windows store recently, keep em coming
  • Nice graphics
  • 512 MB devices may be supported.. But it's too slow.. When I try to jump when an obstacle comes. The jumping action comes after 5 seconds. And I'm dead by just facing to obstacles... Didn't expect such a crap app from Game Troopers.. Failure
  • I have let the creators know about the issues on 512mb phones. See if they reply or come up with some sort of patch. Game is great, so its sad to see it not working for low end users.
  • Fuck off man... First go and buy a decent wimdows phone and then if it doesn't play well then blame it on them... Who the fuck uses 512 mb ram asshole ... They made an exclusive game do you hear exclusive game and that for a platform which doesn't have enough market share.. Despite being knowing the fact that they cannot earn as much as they can by releasing this game for android or iphone.... Throw your crappy phonre first and then reply me if u want to .... Get the fuck out of here now
  • This is not your mom's ass to tell me to fuck off... So behave... If 512MB devices are not supported.. Then they should not release it for 512mb RAM devices... and for your kind information.. 75% of windows phone out there in the market are of 512MB RAM.. Now you fuck off and lick your bloody 1GB Ram phone and keep It inside your ass..
  • motherfucker u go and insert ur creepy asshole 512 mb device in ur mother and sisters ass..... Microsoft has stopped production of 512 mb ram devices an year ago... So u should be having an old asshole mobile like you .... So kindly fuck off now ..
  • Behave! Both of u. I talked with GT. And tested the game with other low end phones. Problem is simply windows 10 preview. Some low end with win10 the game works and some just dont or are slow on respons. It works perfectly on low end without windows 10. Even my L620. I have multiple phones to test apps/games on.
  • but just because this game is not working well in his phine he will call it a crappy game ... The developers are doing so much hard work and he wasted all that by saying the game"crappy"
  • Your language is the problem here. If you want to say something be polite to others or go and blast your anger off in reddit.
  • okk sorry for that but i cant see someone wasting someone's hard work... Though m sorry for my misbehave and bad language..
  • Apology accepted..
  • Is that the CEO's real name or did you sneeze as you were typing?
  • Others may ha e something to say about your name too
  • Game troopers is getting awesome!
  • I have received a notification, I get some daily gift (or whatever its called). But when I opened it, I don't see any gift?
  • Same thing for me, I think the daily login bonus is bugged didn't show up when the game is open.
  • It's more addictive than my Valiums
  • Hey ppl u scared me it runs smooth on 520. 8.1. Here
  • Lol so I am downloading it on my 520 now. Ppl with 1gb ram phones clown games for 512ram phones when its not available but 512ram phones run the wp market lol
  • yay? another infinite runner.
  • Yeah -_-
  • It's not infinite though.
  • Out of the box question. When will clash of clans launch in windows.
  • Tuesday.
  • Works nice on L520 8.1. No lag.
  • I want game my Lumia mobile
  • Runs smooth on my 630. No lags, no hassles, just a bit tough!
  • Downloaded and uninstalled it.
  • Try playing it after downloading - it's a lot more interesting!
  • Go get em guys!!!
  • Can't download it some problem
  • I'm level 31 and I'm only on level 3, the game is quite tough, those frigging dogs.