Moody Xbox One adventure game 'Below' gets delayed indefinitely

Below, a unique upcoming adventure title for Xbox One and PC, has been delayed indefinitely. While Below was originally intended for release this summer, developer Capybara Games explained that the title isn't quite ready for primetime, and the studio will provide another update when it has a firm release date in mind.

From Capybara Games:

We did a lot of soul searching. We knew we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible. We knew the game was there, and we're super proud of it, but we also knew it needed more time to make sure it lives up to our studio's standards, and the quality that you expect from our games. From the very beginning, BELOW has been our most ambitious undertaking, and we're just not quite done excavating its depths, or polishing all of its facets.Instead of giving you a new, loose release window, we will be going dark while we take the time that we need to complete BELOW without compromise. The next time you see a major BELOW update, that means our game has a firm release date, which we'll share.

If you're unfamiliar with Below, the game features a unique top-down perspective on its dark world and is meant to be as difficult as it is visually appealing. Players will have to explore and survive as a warrior on an island while the threat of permanent death always looms.

You can get a short look at the game, including a bit of its engrossing soundtrack, below.

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  • I straight-up thought this game already came out.
  • I thought it came out several months ago LOL.
  • "indefinitely"....code for "don't hold your breath".
  • Much respect to a developer that pulls a game back when they know it's not ready. They could have released this and tried to patch it later like most companies are doing now days.
  • Absolutely agree. Especially for this kind of game. It attracts the type of gamers who really appreciate quality, and are willing to wait as long as it takes to have that amazing experience. It would be one thing if they had just done a bad job and quit. But based on what we've seen so far (and their statement now) we know they're doing an amazing job. So props to them for allowing themselves the breathing room to spit and polish on rather than just throwing it out to the wild regardless.
  • Capy are known to take care of their products, taking time to polish them
  • I thought we were using the word "retrenchment" for cases like this
  • Bummer.
  • I played Below, and from what I saw it seemed really polished, but I'm guessing they've taken a lot of feedback on the game and decided to add more to it.
  • Damn, this is really bad news. I was eagerly expecting this game. It's sad that there's so little place for innovation.
  • At the same time, well done to them for securing the time to get it right. It will come, we can wait.
  • Of course! I just fear that this might turn into a cancellation
  • Test
  • You passed!
  • Whoops! Thanks!
  • Nnnnnooooooo! Was looking forward to this title. Just like I'm looking forward to Half-life 2 Episode 3. Oh well.
  • Please don't be cancelled!
  • This game looks cute.
  • Damn, was looking forward to this.
  • Good they did this. Though I would have liked to play it in the coming months ... it looks so nice!
  • Glad this developer didn't pull a NMS. Bring it when its ready.
  • If Microsoft had done this people would be screaming bloody murder.