What does full diagnostic data include? "Browser, app and feature usage, and inking and typing data." That's a broad description and it could entail lots of different kinds of data. But a full 71 percent of all Windows 10 users still choose to share full data, instead of the "basic" data that's "necessary to keep Windows up to date and secure," according to Microsoft.

Microsoft says there are 500 million devices that run Windows 10 today. In late June, Windows ad network AdDuplex reported that more than 35 percent of PCs on its network run the Creators Update. That number has almost certainly increased during the past month, so 125 million or more PC users running the Creators Update choose to share full usage diagnostics, based on those numbers.

Do you share full or basic usage data? Do you even know off-hand? If not, here's how to find out and modify that setting:

  1. Hit your Windows Start button.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Click the Privacy icon. (It looks like a lock.)
  4. On the left side, scroll down to Feedback & diagnostics.
  5. Choose Basic or Full to designate the amount of data you wish to share.