Motorola A3300 spotted

While the Motorola's A3300 remains a bit of a mystery, we've picked up on reports that the A3300 has landed in China.  We feel confident to say the A3300 is a Windows Mobile phone, is 3G, and is headed to China's Telecom network. is circulating photos of the device that clearly has Microsoft's Windows flag button on the lower left corner.

Granted we haven't seen the phone turned on to see what OS the 3.2" WQVGA screen is displaying but everything still points to Motorola not giving up, entirely, on Windows Mobile.  

Still not much information on the specs on the A3300 or if Motorola plans to release the phone outside of China. It does appear that it's fitted with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Via WMPoweruser

Phil Nickinson

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