MrMobile's Surface Book with Performace Base review: Part two

Two-part reviews are so 2011, but some devices just deserve a little extra soak time. The Surface Book with Performance Base (or "Surface Book 2016" if you're trying to fit it all on a thumbnail) captured my heart when I posted my first review video last week, and that plus a still-simmering outrage with Apple's streamlining of its new MacBook Pros made me seriously consider switching to the Surface Book as my new primary laptop. While I ultimately decided against the jump, that has less to do with the Surface Book 2016 than it does my own inflexibility.

Want the details? Join me for Part Two of MrMobile's review of the Surface Book with Performance Base!

And while you're on YouTube, check out Dan Rubino's official review for Windows Central.

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  • Nice review, this thing really fascinates me.
  • I'm struggling to decide which is better: The Surface Book, or MrMobile's reviews.
  • Por que no los dos?
  • pay no attention to this youtuber MrMobile.  he annoys the hell out of windows phone users because of his bias and ruthless review on windows phone.
  • What the hell are you saying? Is see his WP on Pocketnow, you'll see he's the one that liked WP the most back then. Get your facts straight.
  • I think he's the most honest one out there (while he was a reviewer on PocketNow), and given a fact that Surface Book lasts about 5-8 hours in moderate usage, I think it's fair. I'm using designing apps on my laptop, and it lasts about half (around 2:30 hours) of usual my laptop's battery on a single charge which is 5 hours.
  • I would have to say mr mobile reviews. I'm trying to win the surface book on bing rewards. So far no luck
  • Mr Mobile?   Seriously?!  This guy is a Microsoft hater and you feature his review?! Watch what he had to say about the excellent Alcatel Idol 4S:  
  • No he isn't a Microsoft hater at all. He's been using a 950 XL as one of his primary phones throughout this year. Reviewer having a different opinion to you doesn't make him a hater. MrMobile is one of the best in the game.
  • +1. Surely they did not watch the video where he uses SAID PHONE in it.
  • Pretty sure he was hired by windows central at some point this year as well...
  • He works with Mobile Nations now, yes.
  • I can kinda sympathize. I greatly dislike his opinions of Windows Phone as a platform, and it's a bit annoying that his complaint of something like MS DOS Mobile failing to install on his device resonates further than the silent majority (including myself) of which are able to install that, install and open LiveATC, install NPR One, record 4K without issues as well as perform everything he said he had issues with. That means the peoples uninvolved with the platform looking from the outside in just takes his opinion as fact and spread their message of "So sad to see that Windows 10 Mobile STILL is in this sad, sad state of instability where people who buy Microsoft's BEST effort can't even install NPR One" hurting the platform even more as blind lead the dumb. I was able to perform all this on my 950 and 950XL even when he initially made his review, so even before patches/updates... as I recall, many within the comments section of that very video said the same. I wouldn't go as far as to say he's a hater though, he's critical of the platform, but at the end of the day his opinion is still an opinion, and he's got some damn good production value behind his videos to give him merit. I'd kind of rather have heard it from someone who's profession would've allowed them to appreciate (and detail) how useful stylus input is, but this two-part Surface Book review was really good. I'll still vigourously disagree with his stance on Windows Mobile, but he's earned another subscriber.
  • His opinions are at least based on using the platform.
  • I am so happy when OSX vs Win10 is boiled down to a preference of software, like this guy states. I am sick of the "it's just better" kind of argument I hear all too often. I work on Macs, and do personal work on Windows. There is no "better." They are just incredibly different. I mean...I know what I think is better....
  • Yeah. This is a good place for Microsoft to be. They have fought very hard (and are still fighting) and they have that fighting spirit even with an about 90% desktop OS share.
  • Love the production quality (video, audio, staging, etc.) of this guys reviews. I for one think he did a great job on the surface book, while still allowing me to form my own opinion
  • I spent most of the review thinking why isn't my office at home like that, and why can't I work from the nearest café :-(.
    Although one has opened up near me recently......
  • I appreciate the flow of Mr. Mobile's review. He began by taking each positive aspect one by one from his own use/experience. He was not harsh and dismissive but rather mentioned the things he found a little odd (screechy speakers, the *space*). He also revealed the actual working time-frame (8 hours). He spoke about the past issues with the hinge and revealed that there was a strong following of users for the Surface Book, in spite of other really good Windows laptops. Finally, he explained his heart-choice to stick with what he loves and is used to (Final Cut Pro and MacBook). And then encouraged those that love the idea of the Surface Book to go for it (or for the Surface Book Two next year). It was a respectful appreciation for what he sees that the Surface Book offers and he accepts that many will find it their perfect computing device. And of course his closing statement, "And stay mobile, my friends". I love that. Good work, Mr. Mobile.
  • So where in these comments does anyone talk about the review itself?... mobile's been here for months now and on AC a lot. I'm liking the $400 off deal on the original book coming up. I don't need the performance I have a gaming desktop with a 1070, I'm not out and about all the time where I'd feel compelled to game mobile. I do like the larger touchscreen though. If I could get a 17" I would. Thinking probably will wait to next spring summer for book 2 and see what they come up with? Larger screen hopefully. I've had the pro 2, 3, 4 and am finally tired of the keyboard balancing lap game.