Surface Book with Performance Base: MrMobile's Next Notebook?

This year's Surface Book is much the same as last year's — but only from the waist up. Below the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge on the Surface Book 2016 sits the all-new Performance Base, which packs bigger batteries, a redesigned cooling system and a GPU that Microsoft claims to be twice as powerful as last year's. I got the chance to see the Surface Book 2016 up close at Microsoft's big launch event in New York City last month, and now I've got a top-of-the-line Surface Book review unit in the Boston studio!

With Apple's elimination of the SD card reader and full-size USB ports on its new notebooks still grinding my gears, I'm scouring the market for a MacBook Pro alternative. Could the Surface Book Performance be my next notebook? Click on through to Part 1 of MrMobile's Surface Book 2016 review – and stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week!

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  • The new surface book is a real beast!! Team cook of Apple must be really jealous of Nadella .
  • Or the Team behind the work.
  • Team Cook is cooked.
  • Again, MrMobile's views are on point. Great vid. Can't wait for part 2!
  • Mr. Mobile is awesome. Man crush.
  • Stay mobile my friends
  • Wish he could redo a review of the 950s after his first review
  • His verdict has always been spectacular.
  • I am going to wait for the next version. There are just too many issues with the Gen 6 Intel processors.
  • Boring Review, everyone knows about that. try gaming comparison review, performance review. we all know what inside that what comes with that. 
  • Speak for yourself, not everyone is interested in gaming comparison reviews. Besides, that doesn't even fit with his channel at all. 
  • hey hey, wait a minute nosy, u speak for yourself. go to and see what specs he reviewed. and everyone is interested of what then? battery life or windows 10? or weight?
  • The weight is important, as is the battery life and performance.  I think you might have misinterpreted my response. When I said "not everyone", I'm not saying that no one cares about that. That's not the case at all, but it's not fair to imply that everyone does. However, things he talked about are stuff that people would generally care about to a different extent.
  • yes performance, that is what im asking. thanks for being nice on second comment though. <3
  • Where can I get surface book in Singapore
  • Why not Mr. Smart Phone :)
  • I would encourage the author to do some battery life benchmarking with and without Chrome. That means that you need to completely remove all traces of Chromium including Slack to get an accurate portrayal of battery life for the out of box experience. If you choose to use Chrome, that is fine but people should know that battery life will take a hit because of excessive session state data being cached in the background. This also applies to Firefox, Spotify and it could apply to anything that is using Chromium like Slack. It isn't just anecdotal.