Multiple Google calendars in Mango [How to]

Should you have multiple Google calendars set up and used frequently you'll smacking your head against a brick wall when it comes to adding them in Windows Phone 7. Luckily, with Mango, Anthony Chu (lead developer of Wonder Reader for WP7) has posted a tutorial on how to enable multiple Google calendars. It's actually really simple and takes no more than five minutes (unlike attempting to use other Google services (opens in new tab)).

Requirements for this are as follows:

  • WP7 device running Mango
  • More than one Google calendar set up
  • Safari (for Windows/OS X) 

With the above requirements met, what we need to do is get to the section on the Google website where you can select which calendars to synchronise with devices that are connected to your account. By default, this seems only viewable to iOS devices and presumably Android handsets. We need to change our user agent in our browser to fool Google into believing we're Safari on iOS.

In the walkthrough below, Anthony uses Safari as it has built-in ability to manipulate the user agent easily and quickly. Any desktop browser will do so long as you can alter the UA. Head on past the break to view the steps. 

Step 1: Enable Developer Menu

First we need to enable the Develop menu in Safari. Open up the browser preferences window and click on the Advanced tab. Enable the "Show Develop menu in menu bar" setting and close the preferences window.

Step 2: Change User Agent

With the Developer menu now enabled, we can select it at the top of Sarfari and browse to "Develop > User Agents". Change the UA to any of the iOS devices listed.

Step 3: Check the Sync Manager works

If not done so already, log into your Google account. Now navigate to (opens in new tab) in Safari. If this page loads, then you've successfully logged in and changed your UA. You should see your WP7 device listed.

Step 4:  Disable JavaScript

Google disallows multiple calendar selection for WP7 using JavaScript, so we'll now disable Safari from executing the code. Open up preferences again, click on Security tab and disable "JavaScript". Close the preferences window.

Step 5: Choose multiple calendars

Back on the device selection screen for Google calendar synchronising, select your WP7 device and now we should see all of the calendars on the account. Pick and choose which ones you wish to push to your device and hit save.

That's it! All that's left to do is to synchronise the account on your device and the calendars should appear and populate with added events. You may wish to customise the colours and whatnot.

Source & images: Wonder Reader (opens in new tab), via: Windows Phone Secrets (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • Note. you do not need safari. Firefox has a UA change extension that works just as well; i did it w/o issue in Firefox.
  • "Any desktop browser will do so long as you can alter the UA." :)
  • So what does this mean for the prospect of multiple Google calendars on a WP7 device come Mango's release? And what have they changed in Mango to allow this to happen?
  • The real question is will Google close this loophole when the final iteration of Mango is released? They are the ones actively blocking this from happening so obviously they don't want WP7 phones to be able to sync with multiple calendars. What's to stop Google from finding another way to detect a WP7 phone syncing with multiple Goggle calendars and cutting them off at some later point to protect Android?
  • That's an excellent question, but I don't think Google will worry too much about it. Mango by default still won't be able to sync with multiple Google calendars, so the majority of WP7 users will still have to use the default methods for doing so (e.g. setting up multiple accounts). Only those of us who frequent this site will likely have this enabled (and those that we tell about it of course). Since that won't be a very large portion of WP7 users, I don't think Google will really even care.
  • More antitrust evidence piling up against Google. You would think they would have learned by seeing how much the bonehead strategy of intentionally breaking your competitors products backfired on Microsoft. Google is caught red-handed on this one.
  • Don't forget the **** they're still pulling with Microsoft over YouTube integration. There's still a lawsuit going on regarding that.
  • I moved most of my calendars to Windows Live, I see now the google calendar got a facelift but I am happy using Windows Live. Google really need to hire a good interface designer imho.
  • This trick works fine for viewing, but does not work properly if you are updating a calendar that isn't the primary Google calendar. Creating an appointment on a secondary calendar will cause two appointments to be created.
  • I second this comment. Multiple Google calendars is completely useless on Mango for this very reason. Although I'm a huge Google fanboy, I had to give up on Google calendar and go with Windows live to utilize multiple calendars. Shame...
  • Does anyone know how to do this using the Google Chrome browser? Can't seem to work out an equivalent to steps 1 and 2, in particular.
  • To my disappointment, this wouldn't synchronize tasks that I have on Google. Oh well.