Music Info on Windows 8 updated

We looked at this app a while back and even interviewed the creator Johnny Westlake. Essentially it's a music player with some neat discovery abilities, which makes it a welcome change from the supplied Xbox Music app.

The fast and fluid music app picks up a number of improvements as it reaches version 1.0 including metadata editing and a live tile if you’re a paying customer.

Quite simply, if you love music and have a Microsoft Surface tablet you need to buy this app right away. Unlike Xbox Music, its fast and fun to use and has some great ways to find more music. If you want to know more I did a full review of the last version which you should read.

Updates for paid users:

  • Added: Live Tile for Now Playing Music
  • Added: (BETA) Basic Metadata editor for individual tracks in Album view. Will be expanded in future builds.

Updates for all users:

  • Added: Ability to perform non-indexed collection update, useful if not all your tracks show up
  • Added: Search for artists in collection using the search charm
  • Added: Switchable Album view type (via app bar)
  • Added: Change Tracks grouping in collection view (via app bar)
  • Added: Pop-in context dialog when adding / removing files from the queue
  • Added: Additional shuffle all buttons to now playing home screen
  • Fixed: Pinned tiles wouldn’t load correctly if database refresh period expired
  • Fixed: Search results can now be navigated with keyboard
  • Fixed: Rare occurrences where clicking on semantic zoom header wouldn't go to the correct item
  • Improved: Rewritten track playing code – faster track changes
  • Improved: Higher quality pinned tiles for high DPI devices
  • Improved: Search & Now Playing Home screen snap views
  • Improved: Collection loading moved to background thread - better responsiveness on start up for low powered machines
  • Improved: Improved "Type to search"
  • Improved: General improved responsiveness, notably on low powered tablets
  • Improved: Added some additional error resilience for when music files fail to open properly

The developer has been busy and I’m certainly looking forward to the increased capabilities of the app to handle music organisation. Lots of my music consists of AAC’s m4a files which the app doesn’t seem to recognise but this isn’t proving a huge problem right now.

Official Website here for full change log

Grab the app from the Store here

Robert Brand