MyTube update brings true black theme designed for AMOLED displays

MyTube is making a play for AMOLED displays with its latest update. The release, which brings the app up to version 3.3.7, doesn't contain a ton of new features. However, the biggest is a new "black/white" theme that brings a true black background that is designed to look great on AMOLED screens and TVs (via OnMSFT).

Aside from the new theme, this update also adds a 0.75x playback speed, along with the ability to force your selected playback speed to persist between videos. The release also bolsters the app's recently added Windows Timeline support by allowing you to choose what videos you'd like to be added to Timeline.

Here's the official rundown of what's new:

  • Added 'Full Black/White' theme
  • Added 0.75x playback rate
  • Selected playback rate will now persist between videos
  • Videos submitted by the Room owner are now automatically accepted
  • Fixed issue where the player controls constantly reappeared while the pointer was over them
  • Added variable playback rate support to the web player
  • Video lists are no longer refreshed every 45 minutes during the app's routine account access-token refreshes
  • Fixed crash when trying to save a video without an internet connection
  • (PC & Mobile) Fixed issue where using fullscreen comments resulted in a black layer over the video
  • (PC & Mobile) Added 'Copy link' and 'Pin' context menu item to playlist and channel thumbnails
  • (PC) Added setting for what gets added to Timeline
  • (November 2015 Update) Fixed crash when background audio finished while on the video page
  • (November 2015 Update and Xbox) Fixed issue where private playlists didn't work in the background
  • (Xbox) Video details now aligned to the top of the frame rather than the center when too small to fill the space

These features are all available across myTube on all platforms, including Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and HoloLens.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Always the best from myTube. 😇
  • I like the app but it's always been wonky and now I have a weird problem on my SB2: videos won't play when using the Black/White theme. App crashes or video stops after a few seconds and won't resume.
  • Have you messaged the developer via the app (also provide as much detail as possible), once you have done so given him time as the guy is fairly busy.
  • I was this app to port to Android so badly! I miss having my Lumia with MyTube.
  • The official app is way better but requires a subscription.
  • The official app is trash.
  • The official app has all the features of Mytube and more. Picture in picture and a subscription music service are both big features that are missing from Mytube. Also, the official app doesn't look like it was designed by a novice although that is probably Microsoft's fault. All UWP apps look terrible.
  • @Bleached. you know Google reduced the official App from Microsoft into a web wrapper. Don't pretend you don't.
  • Ohh, I mean the official Android app. The OP is taking about the Android app.
  • No official app has not all the features that mytube had like pip,rooms,timeline etc.etc. Man you don't have any clue at all about mytube.
  • That's never stopped him from complaining before.
  • I've never found a better YouTube app, including the official one on other platforms, since mytube came out. The developer is very good and is always updating it.
  • The official app is trash.
  • Mytube is trash. Looks terrible, is missing features, and might stop working tomorrow. It is garbage compared to the official app. The only advantage is the features it pirates.
  • @bleach go out and get some fresh air.
  • Official app is crap compared to mytube. Go troll in android central.
  • Agreed, I was hoping to see it in the Google Play store too.
  • The dev of this app is awesome. They are showing everyone how great UWP can be.
  • MyTube is the single main reason I'm staying on Windows Mobile.
  • MyTube is the best youtube app. ever. period. I've used Tubecast, Metrotube and sadly neither are on par with Mytube! When Metrotube came out it was pretty damn awesome however given Google's tendency to break third party apps therefore eating developers time, money and effort to stay ahead of Google's annoying and diabolical practises. Mytube has come out as a winner, because the developer is very active in terms of support and patching. I recommend people to donate as much as they can to Mytube's developer as his hard work should be rewarded and celebrated.
  • I completely agree.
  • Totally agree, I used to swear by Tubecast but recently it's gone pretty downhill but MyTube is almost perfect
  • Simply the best 👍