New to Amazon Prime Day? MrMobile teaches you how to do it (and what to buy!)

When the folks at Thrifter asked me to make a video explaining Amazon Prime Day 2018, I thought "Prime Day? Isn't that the overhyped garage sale where Amazon tries to move unsold junk?" Well, it turns out that while that has indeed been my experience in the past ... it's just because I haven't been doing Prime Day right.

From the timing of Lightning Deals to the various methods of scouring Amazon for discounts, there's a lot to know about Prime Day 2018. I polled the best deal-sniffers at Thrifter to figure out how to make the most out of the "Cyber Monday of the Summer," and they were nice enough to help me out even after I repeatedly used dumb expressions like that.

Brought to you by Thrifter. Get the latest on great deals, including up-to-the-minute buying advice on Amazon Prime Day, at Let's all benefit from their collective wisdom, in the Amazon Prime Day 2018 How-To video above – and be sure to keep it locked to thrifter afterward for up-to-the-minute Amazon deals!

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