The new ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 and G15 gaming laptops break cover

G15 Gray
G15 Gray (Image credit: ASUS)

What you need to know

  • ASUS Zephyrus is getting a refresh in 2021.
  • The G14 and G15 both sport AMD CPUs with RTX 3000 series graphics options.
  • There's no information on availability yet.

Have you ever looked at the vast laptop market and thought, "man, I wish there were even more options,"? If that's you, then CES 2021 is the perfect event for you. Literal mountains of fresh devices hot off the silicon presses are sliding into news cycles everywhere, and not to be left out, ASUS is getting in on the action in a big way.

Joining various other ASUS laptop announcements is the 2021 refreshes of their popular Zephyrus gaming laptop line, with notable updates to the G14 and G15 models. The Zephyrus models now also have some sort of... virtual pet "Anime Matrix" that I suspect most people will uninstall as soon as they get their hands on it, but hey! Differentiation is important, maybe?

The G14 model sports liquid metal cooling with AMD mobile CPUs, up to 32GB of RAM, and RTX 3000 series GPUs. The display options run between 2K at 120hz, or FHD at 144Hz with FreeSync. The G14 comes in space gray and white color configurations, with a holographic branding logo on the reverse. ASUS boasts that the G14 offers "Ultrabook-like" battery performance, at 90Wh providing a listed 10-hours of battery life. The G14 is, as its name suggests, a 14-inch display at 17.9mm thick, weighing 1.6kg.

G15 Gray

Source: ASUS (Image credit: Source: ASUS)

The G15 model sports a 15-inch display, with a 19.9mm thickness coming in just under 2kg, with a 20 percent larger trackpad over last year's version. The G15 comes with two display flavors. ASUS has a QHD 165Hz option with FreeSync, and a 300hz HD option at 3ms for "competitive" gaming, as ASUS puts it. The G15 sports similar battery life to the G14 at around 10 hours, and is also rocking AMD CPUs with RTX 3000 series graphics options, with up to 32 GB of RAM.

Full-blown detailed tech specs have yet to emerge, but once they do we'll get them up. What we have so far is a fairly promising glimpse at the future of ASUS' gaming laptop lineup. I'm not too sure about that Anime Matrix thing, though.

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