New transparency effects and Cortana integration spotted in unreleased Windows 10 build

The company has altered the way Cortana is integrated with the Start menu and Windows 10 itself. Searching from within the menu (as demonstrated in the above footage) will now bring up Cortana, but once Cortana is active there are a variety of new options available in a hamburger menu on the side. To make everything appear as a seamless experience, Microsoft has made it so Cortana shares the same height values as the Start menu.

Microsoft has added transparent effects in previous Windows 10 preview builds, but the company seems to be looking at past versions of Windows, as well as feedback supplied by the community, to take things further with a blur effect. This new Aero-like effect will be present on the taskbar, as well as the Start Menu. It's a pretty cool mix between Aero and a more modern UI.

We're certain Microsoft will have more details on Windows 10 at the company's Build conference, so be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for all the latest on the PC operating system.

Source: WinBeta 1, 2

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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