New cases for Xbox One games revealed

There’s this thing called the Xbox One and it’s coming out later this fall. Apparently it’s some new console from Microsoft. Maybe you’ve heard of it. We’ve got a fairly good picture of the hardware story for the Xbox One and will learn more about the software and games throughout June during E3 and Build. Now we know what the cases for Xbox One games will look like thanks to Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson.

Above is a little quick comparison of cases throughout the years in the Xbox family. We'll be learning a lot more about games and the Xbox One during E3. We'll be there with Daniel, Paul and myself to bring you guys the latest. What are your thoughts on the new case design?

Source: Major Nelson

Sam Sabri
  • It's a good, clean design.
  • Nice design, looks to be the size of a BD
  • yeah seems like an exact copy of bd movie cases except its in green and instead of bd it has xbox logo, but overall nice modern design, not only if microsoft gave two craps about windows pc gaming
  • That's cause it's using blu ray discs for games
  • Looks good. The Xbox one will be my first Xbox :)
  • It'll be my first NEW one. I bought an original XBOX used, and it was pretty good except it would overheat playing Oblivion. (Maybe that's because my roommates and I would play it in like 8 hour shifts and run it 24/7...) Then my ex-girlfriend broke it and I donated it to the local game store. But I'm excited to buy the new one!
  • You played Oblivion on the original Xbox? Something's wrong here.
  • Maintains the minimalist, clean Metro style. I like.
  • Agreed. +1
  • Yeah right? +1 I love this whole ecosystem unity.
  • Agree
  • EXACTLY... tell me that's not the same shade of green as one of the theme color choices in WP8!  Love it
  • Were going more and more green. :D
  • I believe they should've given more thought into the design. They could've easily made the case resemble the Xbox one, whereas when you look at the Xbox one the design splits the console into "squares".
    I know I'm not alone when I say I keep my cases and love a good looking case. Adds to the wow factor.
  • Since the Xbox One looks like a device form the eighties, perhaps they could've used Atari 2600-style boxes. Right? :-D
  • lol, good one. I thought the design was really good but giving the case a XBOX ONE similar design would further differentiate it from 360 cases. Besides the missing Xbox "swoop" and white color, I thought it was a 360 case.
  • I think I prefer the 360 design better than the ONE... but they're both better than the original Xbox.  The ONE case design is too simple, but they'll probably use the smaller blu-ray case packaging to differentiate it a bit more from the 360.
  • I think alot of ppl are just afraid of change. I'm not bashing you for not liking the design I just know that this time in 8 years time the same things will be said about the successor to the Xbox One..
  • One, in eight years, we probably won't have disc media... at least for games. Two, this is not really much of a design. It's the same font as the 360 on a green background. Even the X icon didn't change much. Three, the Xbox 360 case design was an improvement over the Xbox case, so this is not about being afraid of change. This is about Microsoft sticking to simple squares and colors. I have Windows Phone and Windows 8. I understand what they are trying to do... I just think it's too simple.
  • Well how radical would you like it? Its a game case. And the system itself is of pretty basic design. For me the design of the console would be perfect with my current entertainment setup as my home theatre cable box and subwoofer ore also black and boxy I personally think it looks good and will grow on ppl. As for the game cases, well they are cases what more can you ask for? An outrageous Xbox one logo would just look weird and not fit in everywhere these will look ok anywhere. As for the 8 years from now thing you must understand what I'm saying be its compac disc or any other media form someone will always complain.
  • It seems to me that square minimalistic design is back in style, especially in regards to furniture
  • My thing is this.... I have a Sammie tv. Black. Sammie 5.1 channel surround receiver... big black rectangle. Sammie BD player... black, slim box. Home Theater PC... A black little squarish Shuttle PC. Speakers... all black. Xbox 360... matte white rectangle with concave curves. One of these things does not go with the rest. LOL. (And heck no I'm not buying a replacement Slim 360 just because the white one clashes!). The Xbox One will be right at home with my setup.
  • beautiful! think it'd look a bit sharper with the logo up top right-aligned. either way, major improvement and very nicely done.
  • The Major said FALL?! =D
    For real, though..? =[
  • Huh? I don't understand what you're saying. Did someone say the X1 is coming out in the fall???
  • My bad, I said fall but should have said "in time for the holidays". 
  • A lot of people seem to forget that it's still fall until December 21st or thereabouts. :)
  • I did not forget this... so unless it's coming out a couple days before Christmas... it'll be released in the fall. least in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • I don't like it when people say "fall" in their announcements - primarily because it's called "Autumn" in the rest of the world, but secondly because I'm in the southern hemisphere and Autumn is actually now! Winter starts next week :(
  • Yep it gets totally confusing. Wish they would just say a month in announcements
  • Pretty sure that's when everyone expected it to be released, looking at history and by them saying later this year in the reveal
  • Prefered the cool wave of the x360
    But this is still nice
  • I am a big Microsoft guy. The only thing I own that isn't Microsoft is my ps3. And I know that considering Xbox has fallen in line with blue ray, it makes it kinda hard to design a case that's much different than the ps3, but I feel they could've done a little more to distance themselves other than changing the color. Clean look though.
  • Nah, I want them to fit on Blu-ray shelves. Plus this way all the automated equipment for brs can still be used. Win / win.
  • We don't really need the big amrays anymore.  DVDs originally used amrays so that retailers had something close to the size of VHS tapes to put on their shelves (and more than likely so that consumers also wouldn't confuse CDs with DVDs).
    Even Sega Saturn and Playstation Original used huge fugly cases... then switched to jewel cases.  All Dreamcast games were in jewel cases.  Then everything went backwards when the PS2 and Xbox original came out.
    Not that I have a problem with the cases, I don't.  But I would appreciate a return to jewel cases more.
  • Cases remind me of ps3 ones at first glance.
  • Which are roughly the same as Blu-Ray discs, whereas PS2, Xbox360 and Xbox discs (shipped on DVD media) were roughly the same as DVD cases, and PS1 and Dreamcast games (shipped on CD media) looked a lot like CD cases. See the trend? I'm not in the least surprised, and think this is a good thing. It helps to differentiate from Xbox360 games on the shelf, too.
  • Agreed, makes sense. Did anyone check to make sure apple didn't patent this size and shape of box case? :)
  • That rectangle does look a bit rounded...
  • Yeah, but there's not a single button on it
  • Im liking it
  • I hope those new cases wont damage the center of the disc. I had to replace halo reach, GH smash hits and GH metallica.
  • Wow I've never had one disc damaged or even close to being damaged before
  • You will install the disc and then you will rarely use the disc again. With Xbox One, MS has gone digital. 
  • I approve.
  • I would've prefered to not have the green at the bottom, just the simple green title at the top.
  • One of the rare chance you get a Bluray with a green case. Hulk was another! LOL
  • I love my Hulk bluray case!
  • No "NTSC" icon? I hope it means something...
  • Would be niceeee to have no regions but based on ps3 I think unlikely
  • PS3 is region free when it comes to games
  • It's up to the publisher.
  • It's a decent design but, this generation more than ever I really wouldn't care any more or less if they just stuck the things in unmarked sleeves. Once the game is installed you no longer need the disc therefore wont have to look at the box. I really hope they announce an option to download new titles on same day they release and skip the disc altogether. The One is close to the vision Bill Gates announced for MS long ago and a console with no physical media requirements was a part of that.
  • That could be a lot of bandwidth though and what happens when you delete if you run out of space?
  • Looks great, doesn't push the envelope of case designs, but it's very clean. I'm a fan!
  • I'm only on Microsoft's corner when it comes to WP8 and Windows 8 but I'm not impressed with ONE. I'll stick to my Wii U.
  • Your not alone. My biggest gripe is additional used game fees. Second is the damn internet part. I don't even have cable, this bites. I can't afford new game prices so I buy used for a reason. I'm giving up on gaming. I'm gonna go more into mtb. At least its healthy for me. And I can ride trails all I want.
  • Additional used game fees are a myth.
  • Yep, they haven't officially announced how it would work yet. We have only been told bits and pieces
  • Well if there's not additional used game fees that would be spectacular. But one more issue stands in the way is that if I have to have it connected to internet for any reason at all it would be a no go. I understand there would be updates and what not but that's not the point. Also the kinnect thing is cool and all but I don't want that so called feature to have to be plugged into the system. I just want a game system with better graphics. That's it. No ifs ands or buts about it.
  • no fees on used games is not spectacular, it's just normal. although many current games, especially from EA, already require buying single use "passes". I see no reason to complain about the new xbox using an internet connection frequently. Is your current xbox disconnected from the internet? why would keep it disconnected? that's just crazy. and why is Kinect bothering you? as far as I know it doesn't get in the way when playing Halo, Forza or whatever. Why are you complaining when you have absolutely no reasonable reason to complain?
  • My comment didn't post to you. Its currently the last on the list.
  • So basically you want to be stuck in the 90´s? You don´t have to be conected to the internet they have made that pretty clear, maybe just when you install a game but unfortunately that is becoming more and more common to combat piracy. To not want the awesome kinect that comes as part of the xbox is simply stupid, because you can gain so much if you just use your imagination for half a second. Even if its just for voice activation, or to change the direction in which the player in racing and shooting games looks by changing where you look. Its going to be awesome and it makes no sense for you to want to be stuck in the past.
  • He's afraid his Kinect is going to watch him masturbate.
  • Go PC man I'm telling you steam had games for 66% off every day! Just got borderlands 2 for $13!!
  • How is the Wii U? If you don't mind me asking. I've been debating getting one to play the new Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart whenever they come out.
  • Its a pretty good system, IMO. The gamepad is a nifty little controller. I'm not a graphic whore. So the fact that its not as powerful as the PS4 or X1 doesn't phase me. The big issue right now is the lack of games.
  • Wii U graphics are equivalent to Xbox 360 / PS3
  • And your point?
  • I think that the point is that was already outdated at lauch... A year from now very few people will be playing wii U except for hardcore Nintendo fans and little kids.
  • That should makes the cases more square, so it looks like a live tile
  • Why can't they make the Xbox logo more idk metro? Have a square "box" as the Xbox logo? Maybe they will change it before launch but I kind of want it to stand out from the 360.
  • It'll stay round. They even refined the current Xbox and Xbox live logos on circa two days ago and the Xbox "balls" are even more ballsy than before.
  • I like i cant wait was saving to get a surface but now ill wait till xbox one is out
  • I love the new 'metro' clean design but I think it would be lovely if they changed to another type of green color
  • It's a green Blu-Ray™ case.
  • Clean & fresh good call Microsoft :)
  • I think the case will be like a Blu Ray case.
  • Anyone else notice how throughout the years, the top of the case gets less and less crowded? Just an observation :P
  • Ha yeah I see what you mean.
  • Any idea how much all the new games on Xbox One are going to cost? I feel like that is a big topic to discuss
  • I would love to see some truly innovative stuff this coming gen and not the umpteenth FPS
  • I like it!
  • Sweeeet...
  • I've never paid for any dlc or ea use fees. I never will either. And the internet use is a personal thing. It shouldn't have to be connected for amy reason unless you want to view something or play multi player online. I don't view anything and I don't play multi player online. Only multi player I play is if its two three or four player games on one console. Its the direction the game system is going in. Its not cool. Its forcing things. The only aspect of the system I would use it for is to strictly play games. I don't want to have the need to load things into the cloud or multiple hard drives. That's crazy. If the games needs the space to play smoothly then so be it. But if new games require an internet connection to activate or rent a game technically speaking that's bull. If I buy a game I should be able to put the disk in any Xbox (one) and play it. It shouldn't be forced to have an internet connection to just play a game that was purchased. Period. And the kinnect is another personal thing. Call it paranoia or what have you but I don't want it watching me. I don't want it to know things about me. Its like store discount cards. You don't have to know what I buy. That's what inventory and store sales figures are for. I don't want to be tracked anymore than I already am. Maybe you don't care but there's a ton of people that do. Just look up all the complaints this system has gotten already. True maybe Microsoft didn't give all info yet but if it goes a certain way I'll be out of gaming all together. I'm not a hater on Microsoft as I recommend there products to most everybody I even have a w8 desktop, a surface rt, a Lumia 920 and the Xbox 360. I find my points valid if you don't that's your opinion. These are mine.
  • So, do you also keep your tablet and windows phone offline, cause your are afraid of being tracked by reptillians and illuminati? And wear an aluminum helmet under your hat, to prevent Them from hearing your thoughts? There are meds that can help with your paranoia.
  • Nope I'm not that bad. But seriously why do people like you except being tracked? Are you also against guns? I've got WiFi hotspot I use for my surface and sometimes my desktop. For me there's no need for cable or the likes. What I don't understand is why is it so hard to just have a gaming system for offline play? To just put the disc in and go? I think your the insane brain washed one. I'm done. I don't have to explain myself anymore. You like things your way and like them my way. Its called individuality. Live with it. Goodbye.
  • So you like to think you are enlightened and independent by keeping your Xbox offline, while still using a cellular phone (those are tracked really precisely, don't you know?) and posting on forums? And you call that individuality? You are being delusional, paranoid, inconsistent and just lame. You need help with your mental problems. Or just get laid and learn how to have fun instead of looking up new conspiracy theories.
  • if you need internet for a game its because the game developer wanted it that way... you cant blame xbox one on that since its known EA already does stuff like that in current systems. and for example Steam and all those crappy services dont let do much without internet.
    also you are really cluless if you cant understand what xbox one is meant to be.
    it will use internet for a lot of things, do you think you can just have it offline and have a perfect experience? it doesnt happens in smartphones nor tablets... not even desktop anymore if you for example install windows 8 and you log in with your microsoft account. do you think windows will not let you use windows only because you arent online? YES. it lets you use the windows 8 even if you dont have internet. but start screen would be DEAD, no updates, no nothing. it doesnt even let you get in some apps like mail.
    is that bad? no! but having a good experiences depends on internet for alot of devices. do you think xbox one will have a timer and will check if you got once in 24 hours? no. it will not do anything. but it has features like trending thing that downloads from internet. so it would not work and it would be dead.
    if you believe what Kotaku says, i feel bad for you. if you cant understand these devices have now features that only work with internet, i still feel bad for you. the guy Phil didnt even know the answer he said "I BELIEVE its 24 hours" but that doesnt mean you cant use your xbox. you dont even own an xbox! to know if it will tell "you have to get online to keep using your xbox" but using brain and logic, everything seems to be just like xbox will function limited to what it can do offline.
    I dont understand people like you making all this drama. can you use windows 8 (with a microsoft account) withotu internet? YES; can you use windows phone without internet?? YES!! why would be any different from xbox???  try to use your brain and logic...
    oh and if you feel uncomfortable with kinect, well you can always put a black bag covering and never use it... its supposed to make the experience BETTER, with voice and wave hands and dont use your controller if you DONT WANT. but its not like you have to use it if you dont want, just use your controller and end of story.
  • in the end people like you try to rationilze more than what it actually is. the xbox is suppose to be a game machine. dont force the whole one experience onto those who do not wish to use it. i dont even own one ea game because i dont support there buisness model. for a gaming machine i could care less about updates if i can just put the game in and play. point blank. i dont care what its meant to be. if it forces everything on to the person like me then the system has become instantly useless. how am i being inconsistent? ive only stated i want a gaming machine for games nothing else. internet is internet in one hand yes its become part of peoples lives but do i personally need it on my gaming console? ansolutly not. these big developers get away with everything because people buy into it willingly. im not one to buy into it so sue me. its why i only buy used games because i dont care nor need the dlc contents or the high price of games which is rediculously over priced. theres so much more to do on computers than to be constantly online all the time. my opinions make me an individual. just yours and others. everyone is entitled to there thoughts. tracking tracking tracking thats all this world is. whatever. but i dont need it on my gaming machine. just let me play games, its as simple as that. you people that keep pushing stuff onto others in your manners is whats wrong in this world. whos to say my experience wouldnt be better if i could just switch off certain aspects of the machine? ya know to just play games and not worry about stupid updates and internet and tv shows and crap? my point is is that its not a better experience for everyone and if you pay attention to stock prices you would see im not alone on my opinions. i like that there trying to inovate but seriously dont push everything down peoples throats. not everyone wants everything everywhere. a smartphone is that a smartphone. a computer is a computer. but guess what even with those items i can chose to turn features off or even not update things if i so choose. but whatever. im not the one whos blinded. i know what i want. and if certain things come to pass ill simply just stick with my 360 or not play games at all. pretty simple.
  • Xbox hasn't been a "gaming only" device for many years now. And nobody is preventing you from using it for only playing offline games lonely if you wish to.
    Your emotional arguments are invalid.
  • it is if want it to be that way. i dont have my 360 connected to the net because i again personally have no need for it to be. so yea there valid.
  • Every sane person knows that gaming is better with achievements, leaderboards and multiplayer. But you need to have friends to appreciate that. Lonely paranoid people, who would like to get some attention but are not getting any, create those delusions of being watched and tracked to make up for it. They believe someone is spying on them because they wish someone actually took interest in their miserable sad life. When in reality even their discount card provider doesn't give a rat about them.
  • so if you dont play for virtual achievments and virtual leader board crap then your not sane? ha thats laughable. as far as multiplayer yea i dont go online to multi player by choice. it could be fun but that feature doesnt draw me in. heres the kicker though, see i do have real non virtual friends that we play offline multiplayer games and beers and what have you. thats what gaming is about. having fun is it not? but go ahead in your little world i dont care. and yea tracking or not not one sole in the world needs everything little bit of info on everyone. why do you think google got in trouble for privacy acts? i wpuldnt put it past any company or gov for what all they do. i also dont want the kinnect because i use a controler for games not my voice, hell i dont even use voice commands on my phone. you keep talking about friends and sad life, im beginning to think your life is the sad one. take a breather and go get some fresh air. said before im done.
  • Okay I can see people not caring abuot achievements or leaderboards and there is a ton of people that only play single player games, but the only issue I have is even myself I have it plugged into xbox live for updates for some games look at assasins creed 3 so far they fixed close to 300 bugs in single player after launch that you wouldn't get without having the console plug into live, arcade titles *some of the best games are downloadable only*  and quite a few other reasons
  • I wouldn't go that far in saying gaming is better with achievements and leaderboards.
  • Cool story bro.
  • I like it.
  • can some awnswer this for me? once we install the game disc into the xbox one, will the disc ever have to be in the console again?
  • Right now they are saying no unless you uninstall the game and need to reinstall it, this is why people are saying there will be a license fee if say I loan you my game to install it to your harddrive to play.
    But from what I hear the ps4 will do the same thing as its being pushed by 3rd party companys to help cut out used game sales
  • Can Microsoft do anything wrong at this point? I think not. There definitely on a streak! Can't freaking wait.
  • Save some money, MS: be like Steam; digital only.
  • There was talks of this awhile ago but the thing is people like going to pick a game up they could save quite a bit not including the blu ray drive but to go the all in one box they want they need a drive
  • You're missing one for x360, the 360 got 2 designs
  • Uhh, Green-Ray...
  • I cant FUCKING wait for E3 ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fun I am surprised at how excited I am getting.  I have never gotten a console since the glory days of 2 dimension graphics.  I think I might actually get this one :o