Surface Keyboards

If you are a Surface owner who misses using the function row without having to reach for the “Fn” key every time, don’t worry - Microsoft has you covered.  A new update, coming next week, for Microsoft’s Touch Cover and Type Cover keyboards will allow users to lock the top row of keys into their “F1-F12” states.  Simply hit “Fn + Caps” and the behavior of the top row of keys will be swapped, hit it again to return back to default.

In addition, Microsoft will be adding a collection of new hotkey combinations that will allow users to perform the actions of missing keys such as: Print Screen, Home, End, Page Up/Down, and more. A full list of the updated hotkeys can be seen after the break.

Fn + Caps

Locks F1-F12 into being function keys.

Fn + <Spacebar>

Print Screen

Fn + <Spacebar> + Alt

Print Screen for the in-focus app only

Fn + Del

Brightness Up

Fn + Backspace

Brightness Down

Fn + <left>


Fn + <right>


Fn + <up>

Page Up

Fn + <down>

Page Down

Are you happy to see these latest updates for Microsoft’s Surface keyboards or could you care less about the upcoming functionality? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Surface Blog