New Lenovo ThinkBook, Legion, and Yoga mice arrive in 2022

Legion M600s Gaming Mouse Adapter
Legion M600s Gaming Mouse Adapter (Image credit: Lenovo)

What you need to know

  • Lenovo has a sextet of mice releasing across its Legion, Yoga, and ThinkBook lines.
  • The mice are all set to release between April and June of 2022, starting at $30 and going up to a ceiling of $85.
  • The six mice are the Legion M600s Wireless and M300s RGB, ThinkBook Wireless Mobile and Wireless Performance, and Yoga Wireless Mobile and Wireless Performance.

No matter what your clicking needs are, Lenovo's got something on the release docket for 2022 built to fit your needs, with six new releases covering gamers, professionals, and recreationists.

First up, there's the Legion M600s Wireless Mouse and its wired sibling, the Lenovo Legion M300s RGB Mouse. The M600s clocks in under at 75g. It's RGB equipped and can be used either via Bluetooth, 2.4GHz, or wired, and promises up to 70 hours of battery life per charge. It's arriving in May for $85.

Meanwhile, the wired M300s weighs only 61g and can handle up to 10 million clicks (the M600s can take up to 80 million, for comparison). It arrives in May with a price tag of $30.

The ThinkBook Rechargeable Performance and Wireless Mice allow Bluetooth pairing to two different devices and feature adjustable DPIs. Expect them to release in April for $40. The near-identical Yoga Wireless Mobile and Performance Mice will also be launching for $40, though they're arriving in June and will come in the color "Dark Teal" as well as Cloud Grey, for those of you who want a bit of flair in your clicking endeavors. And if teal wasn't enough to differentiate the Yogas from their ThinkBook brethren, notice that each device is labeled with its respective line name so you can't possibly mistake one mouse for its doppelganger across the aisle.

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