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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams has a revamped search experience.
  • Searches can now be sorted by tabs and with filters.
  • You can also search through content in Teams with questions phrased in natural language.

Microsoft refreshed the search experience with Teams. Finding content should be significantly easier through the new experience, which supports both tabs and filters. Additionally, Teams can now answer questions that are phrased in natural language.

Search results within Microsoft Teams are now split into four tabs: All, Messages, People, and Files. The app will show the most relevant search results by using AI to determine the best content to show.

As the name suggests, searches shown through the All tab include all relevant content related to your query, including messages, people, and files. Switching to a different tab only shows results within that category. This is similar to the experience of some of Microsoft's other apps and services.

Instead of searching for a word or phrase, you can now pose a question to Teams. Microsoft shares the example of asking, "what does the acronym TEE stand for?" The app then showed relevant results.

Teams Search FiltersSource: Microsoft

In a layout similar to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Teams now supports several filters for all of its search categories. You can filter results by date, mentions, and other parameters.

Microsoft shares some suggestions for how to use Keyword Query Language to enhance searches within Teams in its Tech Community Post.

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Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication platform for work and productivity. A new search experience within the app uses AI to show you the most relevant content.

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