New Nokia Lumia 2520, 1520, 1320 forums now open!

We're at Nokia World 2013 in Abu Dhabi today where Nokia has unveiled the new Lumia 2520, a Windows 8 tablet. Alongside the tablet, the Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1320 have also been unveiled as two new "phablets." While we bring you the latest from the floor, there's room for you to comment on our coverage, as well as engage in conversation over on our forum. Say hello to a handful of new forums.

We've added one for each new device, ensuring you're able to communicate with other Windows fans. Check out our new forums over on our Windows Phone community:

We'll have more details, photos and hands-on footage from Nokia World 2013 in the coming hours.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • omg CYAN :P
    ugh why can't the lumia 1520 be cyan!
  • So I take it there was no Lumia 525 announced?
  • I thought their was supposed to be 6 new products?
  • Yeah wtf ripped! Lol
  • Lumia 2520,  1520 and 1320
    Asha 500, 502 and 503
  • Hopefully we still see some phones announces. Tablets and phablets are great, but I need a new phone
  • 3 Asha phones
    2 Lumia Phones
    1 Tablet
  • Was heading to the Microsoft store today to pick up the surface 2 now I will wait.
  • Though Danny and Sam would be pretty busy all over the Lumias (who can blame), please ask them to do atleast a single hands on review of those Ashas. I am drooling over the ice shell design and with Whatsapp onboard I'm looking as replacement of my dumbphone soon.
  • Wpc is for windows product not for Nokia's.
  • ...storyteller will be the one of their best features, just wondering if will it be included in the official change log of the upcoming lumia "black" update? Hopefully it will :)
  • There's no multitasking feature, by the #'s Sony z1 has a better camera and low light might not be that good on the 1520 with its 2.4 aperture, Nokia is giving us the best processor just for a 1080p screen, just a huge Lumia 925 with colors. Oh well.
  • So..I'm about to renew with AT&T, does the 1020 still has best specs of them all?
  • It doesn't have microSD (big fail) and the 1020 screen is smaller than the 1320 and 1520. If you want a ridiculously huge mobile then you should wait...
  • Best camera, best specs is 1520 by a long shot
  • Built in wireless charging on the 1520, now I'm definitely sold
  • I want a 5inch device not a television into,my pocket :/
  • I think that the 1020 is the best one, but i would wait little more, some MS stores are giving them under a contract, i think that soon this will go to all stores, i also think that there will be a 64gb version soon.
  • Choices, Choices and more Choices. That's all I've ever asked of Nokia. So thanks for listening and granting us the Lumia 1520 & 1320. This Christmas its all about the XBOX ONE and Nokia 1520.