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New scenes are on the way for Microsoft Teams Together mode

Microsoft Teams PC
Microsoft Teams PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams Together mode will support more scenes next month.
  • The app will support scenes such as a coffee shop and a conference room.
  • Together mode makes it look like people within a call are in the same room.

Microsoft Teams Together mode will soon feature more scenes. Microsoft recently updated its roadmap for Microsoft Teams, adding that the app will soon support more scenes such as a coffee shop and conference room. The new scenes are currently scheduled to arrive in November 2020, though that can always change.

Together mode allows people within a Teams call to appear as if they're in the same room. For example, it can be used to make a group of students appear as if they were in a classroom together. The NBA also used Together mode to make fans appear on the sidelines of NBA games.

The Microsoft Teams roadmap (opens in new tab) explains how the app will expand its options for scenes:

Together mode helps you and your colleagues feel closer together even when you are apart. With new Together mode scenes coming this calendar year, you can transport your team to a variety of settings that can help set the tone for your meeting, whether it be an auditorium, a conference room, or a coffee shop.

To use Together mode, you need to have a call with five or more people. To enable together mode, you just need to click the "..." icon within Teams and select Together mode.

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