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New Surface Laptop ads aim to show off its beauty and power

Surface Laptop
Surface Laptop

Microsoft has released three new Surface Laptop ads destined for your TV screen. The trio of 30-second ads place a heavy emphasis on the design of the Surface Laptop, including its Alcantara-covered keyboard. Power isn't left out of the equation, however, with one ad combining the two, calling the Surface Laptop "powerfully beautiful." Check all three new ads out in the gallery below:

Notable in the second two ads is Microsoft's choice of two designers to talk about the Surface Laptop's perks. Though we're entering back-to-school season, Microsoft is making clear it is targeting professionals with the Surface Laptop — not just students. Whether the Surface Laptop is the best Surface for professional users is up for debate, but Microsoft is making the case nonetheless.

Surface Laptop is up for grabs now through Microsoft starting at $999 for its base configuration. The various color options are still limited to the Core i5 model, but we're expecting them to become available on the Core i7 model at some point soon.

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  • But they also need to get the "Pure Imagination" adverts playing on UK TV to really get people going WOW!!!
  • If I remember correctly, the pure imagination is for S Studio, isn't it?
  • Yep - they are selling the Studio in the UK now and need those adverts. Will help the Surface brand too
  • Yeah, sure. That ad will hit the right note with the brits.
  • Where do i get the first wallpaper!!!
  • See how shamelessly they feature a furniture guy saying he uses a Surface Laptop for his daily tasks while the Surface Laptop can't freakn render a 3D model. Fake news!
  • First - wow is this Microsoft actually marketing (by that I mean creating product awareness?) That being said - if it follows the tried and testing formula - it will only be in the US and will have limited scale so will fizzle out pretty quickly. I wonder what Apple's and Samsung's budget is in comparison...