Covering Mango is quite the task. With over 500 new features on board, there's a lot to cover and a lot to miss. Seeing as there is not a single build of the OS that has all of the features, it hard to track 'em all down.

Luckily in this video, though not in English (it's Swedish), you can see for yourself in great detail some new OS features:

  1. 2:32 - 2:50 - "Me tile", Facebook Check In, Set IM Status
  2. 3:04 - Exchange tasks shown in calendar
  3. 4:26 - XBox Avatar dancing to the music being played

More importantly, we see just how much more smooth and fast the OS is--it really zips along and we can't help but be mesmerized by the transitions and little graphic touches throughout. All we know is this 'Mango' thing is gonna be good...

Source: YouTube; Big thanks to Joe S., for the information!